HTC 11 release date, news and rumors

Improve: The HTC 11 will likely be called the HTC U, while the full specs list has leaked and proof a futuristic function referred to as Sense Touch or Edge Sense is growing. Could this function as the HTC 11’s USP?

The HTC 10 ended up being something of a reinvention the brand, displaying a fresh design, brand new features and upgraded specifications. But in some means it was still not enough of the change, but still lacking.

The HTC U Ultra wasn’t quite the flagship HTC needed either, nevertheless the great news is another high-end phone is considered in route. It appears increasingly unlikely it is likely to be called the HTC 11, with all the HTC U being the existing front runner, but whatever it’s called it is probably going become HTC’s primary 2017 flagship.

We have heard plenty about it too, that you’ll read below, plus a want selection of that which we want from it.

Cut towards the chase

  • The facts? HTC’s next flagship, successor towards HTC 10
  • Whenever’s it down? Possibly April or May
  • What’s going to it cost? It will have a high-end cost

HTC 11 release date

Hottest leaks:

  • Could be established in mid to late April
  • Could hit shops in early might

HTC ordinarily launches its flagships at the beginning of the season and 2016 was no exception, though it skipped MWC (Mobile World Congress – an important exhibition for the mobile industry).

And it’s missed MWC in 2010 too, because of the company suggesting a brand new flagship is in route, yet not until after the event.

That is evidently down seriously to the availability – or lack thereof – of the next flagship chip, which we have now know is the Snapdragon 835. But waiting until after MWC could make feeling regardless, as otherwise the HTC 11 would be contending with all the recently announced HTC U Ultra.

Our most useful guess the statement date is mid to belated April, as dependable leaker Evan Blass claims that is whenever we’ll see it, with all the phone hitting stores globally in early might.

In addition seems like the HTC 11 may introduce under an alternate name, as HTC’s President of Smartphone and Connected Devices company, Chialin Chang, confirmed there defintely won’t be a phone called the HTC 11, but would not state what it’ll in fact be called. Present rumors recommend the newest name could be the HTC U.

TechRadar’s take: Our most useful guess for the HTC U’s launch is the first 1 / 2 of 2017, therefore an April launch is believable, however with the HTC U Ultra already filling a flagship-shaped opening a later on launch is possible.

HTC 11 design

Hottest leakages:

  • A steel shell or possibly a cup right back rather
  • An edge-to-edge display screen

And what have actually we here? Is this the HTC U in all its glory? Considering the way to obtain the image was serial tipster Evan Blass, it is likely that is indeed our first genuine examine HTC’s 2017 flagship, by having a cup straight back and a fingerprint sensor regarding the front side, aided by the house button.

Previously our most useful consider a phone that could be the HTC U revealed an edge-to-edge screen with sizeable black bezels above and below it, among which houses an oblong home button. It looks as being similar to the HTC U Ultra in fact.

We can’t begin to see the back here, but previously a Chinese supply on Weibo shared a graphic which shows both the front and right back. 

The social media account hasn’t been clear in the precise source of the leaked design, but it is an appealing concept, using elements from HTC Bolt/10 Evo.

As you care able to see, the back appears to be metal, the sides slope down sharply additionally the front comes with an edge-to-edge display screen. It is a striking appearance and a leaked video clip shows a similar design.

Notably it does not have the shiny glass right back for the HTC U Ultra, and nor is there the front-facing home button of this phone and more recent leakages, so it’s not clear which – if either – of the are accurate.

And now we’ve also seen leaked shots of a phone believed to be the HTC One X10 – so probably not the HTC U then, but it is feasible that the HTC 11 has a similar design, then you definitely can anticipate a steel unibody having fingerprint scanner on the back.

TechRadar’s simply take: HTC’s stuck with steel on its primary flagship line in recent years also to generally impressive impact, so we would imagine steel are rear for the HTC 11, though if it switches to ‘U’ branding a cup straight back is possible.

HTC 11 display

Hottest leakages:

  • It appears like a 5.5-inch QHD display, which might additionally be curved
  • An unusual quality

Several rumors recommend the HTC U will include a 5.5-inch 1440 x 2560 display – an update on the 5.2-inch HTC 10 display screen – which means this is likely likely to be a somewhat bigger phone.

One Weibo leaker also recommended the telephone comes by having a curved display. If that heard this before it’s because the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a similar setup.

However, only a few sources agree with that resolution, having a recent drip suggesting it will have a 1556 x 2550 screen – that’s an odd resolution and would suggest a unique aspect ratio if it’s right, although we’ve seen odd aspect ratios rolled out on the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, so it is feasible.

Gleam opportunity your HTC 11 may have a little additional display over the main one, like we’ve seen regarding LG V20, because the HTC U Ultra happens to be launched with exactly that feature.

However again HTC will probably wish to distinguish both ranges, and so a jump in display size to 5.5 inches also might not take place, as that would leave it only slightly smaller than the 5.7-inch HTC U Ultra.

TechRadar’s simply take: an appartment 5.5-inch QHD display is searching almost certainly. Never rely on an additional display screen as withn’t especially been connected to the HTC 11, but we’dn’t count it out either.

HTC 11 OS and power

Hottest leaks:

  • Fresh Snapdragon 835 chipset, the most recent from Qualcomm
  • A huge 8GB of RAM onboard
  • Often see a lot of storage with one rumor suggesting 256GB

HTC it self has hinted at use of the Snapdragon 835 in the HTC 11, while one Chinese source has revealed some additional obvious HTC 11 details. The drip indicates the device should come having Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset underneath the hood along with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of interior storage.

Those would likely be flagship specifications, once the Snapdragon 835 is going to be the top-end chip of preference in 2017, and 8GB of RAM is almost uncommon in just about any current handsets.

We’ve heard comparable but somewhat more muted specs from another supply, having Snapdragon 835 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space put forward.

Meanwhile another supply claims either 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 64 or 128GB of storage space combined with Snapdragon 835.

When it comes to operating system, we would expect the HTC 11 to come with the latest form of Android os Nougat and HTC’s very own overlay on top. Indeed, both Android os Nougat 7.1 and HTC Sense 9.0 happen attached to the phone in leaks.

TechRadar’s take: A Snapdragon 835 chip is likely, but 8GB of RAM could be a huge upgrade offered the HTC 10 and HTC U Ultra only have actually 4GB. We would expect either 4 or 6GB of RAM and a optimum of 128GB of storage.

HTC 11 camera and battery

Hottest leaks:

  • A back 12MP shooter, 16MP selfie camera
  • HDR+ to show you the effects of HDR immediately
  • 3,700mAh battery pack, that is bigger than the HTC 10

The newest camera rumors result from Evan Blass – a leaker with a strong background. He claims that the HTC U need a 12MP back camera and a 16MP front-facing one.

But formerly a Weibo supply reported that the HTC 11 need a 12MP back camera and an 8MP front-facing one. In any event it generally does not appear to be we are going to be obtaining a dual-lens camera.

If the rear camera is 12MP it is equivalent basic spec since the HTC 10’s, but it is apt to be improved in some methods. Like, one rumor points to an ‘HDR+ Scene Detection’ feature, that could demonstrate the results of HDR instantly, before you decide to take a image.

When it comes to battery, one supply claims a 3,700mAh battery are powering the handset. That is up from simply 3,000mAh in HTC 10, so the HTC 11 might be a lasting phone, though more recently we have heard you will see a return for the 3,000mAh juice pack.

The exact same source claims it will charge via USB Type-C and help fast recharging.

TechRadar’s simply take: HTC frequently does its own thing with digital cameras, so it is no surprise it’s apparently perhaps not leaping regarding the dual-lens bandwagon. We’re less yes towards battery jump rumors, as even the 5.7-inch HTC U Ultra just features a 3,000mAh product.

HTC 11 other features

Hottest leakages:

  • A futuristic ‘Sense Touch’ function
  • Severe sound skills
  • No headphone slot, such as the iPhone 7

The solitary biggest feature of HTC U is going to be a pressure-sensitive frame, which will introduce apps and features – as an example Google Assistant and/or camera – having a quick or long squeeze regarding the phone.

You can observe the setup screens for the feature – which can be called Edge Sense or Sense Touch – inside released image below.

That image fits a recently available description of this function from leaker Evan Blass, that’s additionally provided videos from it doing his thing.

As unlikely due to the fact function might nevertheless appear, evidence of it continues to roll in, including a screenshot tweeted by @evleaks, showing an HTC phone settings display screen with an ‘Edge Sense’ toggle. 

Therefore it seems like it is probably the genuine deal, though it absolutely was first shown off as being a concept phone referred to as HTC Ocean, seemingly dreamt up by among HTC’s concept designers.

The HTC U may additionally involve some interesting sound abilities, having leaked image suggesting it has 4 microphones, allowing you to either record sound in 3D, for the surround sound impact, or in Hi-Res, for lossless quality.

Equivalent supply claims the phone may have BoomSound audio through two speakers, which there will be an HTC USonic feature that’ll tailor the noise to your hearing plus the model of your ear canal. But the phone supposedly will not have a 3.5mm headphone slot.

It’s also rumored that – unsurprisingly – the HTC U may have a fingerprint scanner.

But more surprisingly a leaked movie shows an HTC phone with Vive branding. Could this end up being the HTC 11/HTC U? We Are skeptical, but it’s possible that HTC is re-branding the device, and perhaps also making a major mobile VR push, similar to Samsung is doing with Gear VR. 

TechRadar’s simply take: feeling Touch/Edge Sense is looking increasingly most likely, while BoomSound combined with 4 mics and 2 speakers is believable, since may be the lack of a 3.5mm headphone port, because the HTC U Ultra doesn’t always have one. A relocate to Vive branding appears to be only a little not likely though – if it absolutely was going to take place we’d have a much heard more about this chances are.

HTC 11 cost

Hottest leaks:

  • We think it might cost around £570 or $699 (about AU$960)
  • No solid rumors the HTC 11 price to date though

We don’t understand precise prices details the HTC U yet, but anticipate that it is a pricey phone having cost that competitors another flagship phones out there.

TechRadar’s simply take: Our best guess is to continue the pricing of HTC 10, which cost £570 or $699 (about AU$960) at launch.