Download of the day: Corpse Box Racers

“let’s say, whenever people die, they do go to paradise… just they truly are nevertheless dead and their health are now actually utilized as competitors in challenges?”

That’s the question posed by Kabi Jedhagen, the developer of distinctly strange indie racing/platform game Corpse Box Racers. 

You control a cardboard package containing a limp rag doll, that you simply must guide through a group of increasingly tricky courses that just take their inspiration from circuses, fairgrounds and skate parks.

Boxing clever

Corpse Box Racers features a single-player mode, which can be ideal for mastering its settings, nevertheless the genuine enjoyable begins when you challenge up to three friends in split-screen multiplayer.

The overall game supports Xbox controllers, or perhaps you can all huddle around a keyboard, each utilizing a various group of four keys to guide your package as well as its late occupant to triumph.

The game is liberated to download and play, but you can also create a donation to Jedhagen to invest in the growth of this extremely strange but addictive small game.

Download right here: Corpse Box Racers