Twitter updates its look — here’s what’s new

Twitter is freshening up its appearance, announcing a new interface at this time rolling down to iOS, Android and internet users associated with the social media platform.

The revision, that is mostly aesthetic, streamlines the Twitter timeline by switching square profile pictures into groups and lowering the toolbar regarding bottom to four easy icons. 

The profile tab, at the same time, has become relegated to a sidebar which is often accessed within an Android-style “hamburger” menu which will be a primary for iOS Twitter users.

As noticed by yours truly along with other Twitter-ers, the new appearance is strikingly much like Instagram’s big black-and-white enhance from last year, cutting out a amount of Twitter’s trademark blue-and-white design for something more monochromatic and icon-centric.

(Image: © Twitter)

Additionally, the upgrade changes the appearance of discussion buttons on tweets — even swapping the ‘reply’ arrow for the message bubble, as Twitter claims some newcomers previously confused the arrow for backspace or delete function.

The brand new design additionally also updates the ‘like’, ‘reply’, and ‘retweet’ counts of each and every post instantly for mobile apps, enabling you to view those numbers rise appropriate before your eyes the next time you tweet out a genuine zinger.

Tweet it or leave it

Though some enjoy Twitter’s rounded brand new profile icons and trendier layout, others took to your #NewTwitter hashtag to alternatively express their distaste the new-look timeline.

Some simply take umbrage with all the looks, claiming the circular icons are aesthetically unappealing for a schedule, in addition to restrictive for profiles that utilize text, logos, or QR codes for the avatar. 

A Twitter representative informs TechRadar that the modification would be to help to make the site simpler to understand. Formerly, the picture of the individual posting a picture while the image it self had been rectangular, leading Twitter to improve the profile pictures circular to aid distinguish them on a individuals feed.

Other riled-up users appear to care less about circles versus squares, but instead criticize Twitter for maybe not emphasizing technical complaints lobbed up against the solution, including problems loading up .GIF and videos on some devices, better tools for combating harassment and spam, plus the insufficient an editing function for misspelled or inaccurate tweets.

In accordance with Twitter’s Dan Jackson, the changes to the solution’s layout had been led by both research and direct feedback from users. Jackson noted the solution remains exploring new ways to improve. As Twitter continues its present brand refresh, we imagine much more modifications are yet in the future.