Bing Pixel 2 launch occasion: what to expect on October 4

We could take for the bumper crop of announcements at Google's launch event today.

Last year’s occasion saw the reveal of Bing Pixel, Bing Pixel XL and Bing Daydream View. In addition to that though, as Bing Wifi and Bing Chromecast Ultra additionally saw a launch that time. Simply put, it in fact was a big deal. 

While simply the Bing Pixel 2 happens to be teased for today's event, present leaks have clued united states into a potential boatload of the latest products, including the larger Google Pixel 2 XL, Bing Home Mini, Bing Pixelbook, plus refreshed Google Daydream View 2 headset. Obviously, there may be more, too.

Therefore, without further ado, here’s everything that we expect to be announced at Google’s October 4 event in bay area.

Credit: VentureBeat

Bing Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL

This one’s confirmed. Google’s 2016 smartphones had been – whilst still being are – a bold swing of engineering prowess for a fruitful collaboration with HTC (Google now has its smartphone unit) combined with stock Android. 

Based on present rumors, this season’s phones turn to up the ante in only about every method.

But for folks who had been longing for a massive trimming of front bezels, incomparable frustration. We’ve been hearing that 12 months’s phones will fall in line with a front-facing design regarding the past. But a tour around some leaked pictures reveal that Bing has streamlined the look of its phones’ backsides.

For fans whom like a fat stack of features and energy, these brand new Pixel phones will definitely please. Besides apparent improvements to its already-stellar digital camera and inclusion of this Snapdragon 835, anticipate a brand new “Active Edge” function that allows you to fit the phone to activate choose commands. Rumor even offers it that Google might have snipped away the fan-favorite 3.5mm headphone jack, though waterproofing might just replace it.

Like the majority of flagships, the Bing Pixel phones for 2017 won’t be inexpensive. But you can find truly more costly phones nowadays. Small Google Pixel 2 is set to cost $649 (about £599, AU$1,079), while the XL is rumored to start at $849 (about £630, AU$1079).

It’s soon now until Bing lifts the wraps from its elusive 2017 flagship smart phones.

Credit: Droid Life

Bing Pixelbook

After Google launched two awe-inspiring, but egregiously costly Chromebook Pixel models, some wondered if Bing would – or should – again launch unique Chrome OS item.

Recently, a leak surfaced a mysterious product that will supposedly be called Google Pixelbook. Now coming across aligned because of the business’s smartphone lineup in both title and design language, this maybe-Chromebook, maybe-Fuchsia (formerly called Andromeda) 2-in-1 laptop is interesting, to state the very least.

The best leak that we’ve seen shows the Pixelbook running Chrome OS and sitting next to an intelligent stylus, which can be considered called the Pixelbook Pen. Also lodged inside group of info may be the rumored pricing and storage designs, both of which raise some eyebrows.

According the rumors, the Pixelbook will begin at $1,199 (about £887, AU$1,496) and top down at $1,749 (about £1,294, AU$2,183). This places Google’s purported 2-in-1 more good Microsoft Surface Book versus more affordable Microsoft Surface Pro. 

Finally, it is stated to be for sale in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations, which has us asking ourselves, “just what could we truly need all that storage for?” Typically, Chromebooks feature no more than 64GB of storage, which means this rumor is puzzling, but nevertheless exciting.

Bing Residence Mini

Credit: Droid Lifetime

As Amazon showed first, your smart speaker lineup isn’t complete with no miniature, cheaper variation. The rumored Google Residence Mini appears a lot like the Amazon Echo Dot, for the reason that it’s a smaller, condensed form of the full-fat product.

Our very first go through the unannounced project shows a small presenter that features exactly the same mesh-like design on the larger Bing Home, though unlike your home, it cann’t appear to be you’ll be able to modify the look of the Home Mini with optional add-ons.

Although it’s smaller in stature compared to the Residence, it nevertheless appears like this system may turn out to be stronger than its similarly-sized Echo Dot. How? The leaked shot seems to flaunt a power cable, indicating your energy draw would be rather high, which may signify sound quality will undoubtedly be quite nice.

The Bing Residence is detailed at $129 (£129 / about AU$170), though if rumors are real, the house Mini will launch in many different fresh colors as well as a small fraction regarding the cost at $49 (about £40 / AU$60).

Google Daydream View 2

Credit: Droid Life

Last, however least, Google’s first-party digital reality headset is rumored become refreshed precisely twelve months after it debuted.

As our Michelle Fitzsimmons noted, the new headset appears primed for the next generation of Daydream-ready phones, which includes already blossomed to add over 10 smartphones.

The headsets shown in image above from Droid lifestyle appear to have closed the gap between the articulated flap and the front side for the headset, which should nix light leakage – certainly one of our biggest complaints about the initial.

It’s tough to share with what is various in regards to the design, but if Bing has them to exhibit down on October 4, we’ll truly be among the first to strap them to our heads to see just what’s new.

The past little bit of information given by this leak puts the Bing Daydream View 2 at $99 (about £75 / AU$125), that is $20 above the existing variation coming in at $79 (£69 / AU$119).

To our knowledge, the above products are what we believe is going to be announced today. We’ll be reporting real time through the San Francisco because of the latest, including hands-on reviews of each and every one of them.