Surface Laptop banishes storage space woes as 1TB SSD model goes on sale

There’s what’s promising for people who have been thinking about purchasing a Surface Laptop but wanted to max from storage, as you are able to now specify a 1TB SSD with all the notebook.

Previously, this program was unavailable, and maximum ability SSD that could be plumped for was 512GB.

However, remember that the 1TB drive is only for sale in one particular setup right now.

You’ll need to be purchasing the platinum color Surface computer, while’ll also need to max the remainder spec out – meaning you need to pick the Core i7 processor alongside 16GB of system memory.

Shades of gray

Any setup means the option for the 1TB SSD it’s still grayed down, although presumably this can improvement in the long term, and maximum storage may also become available in various color models. Although Microsoft hasn’t stated any such thing in the matter now.

So, simply how much will the platinum Surface computer Core i7, 16GB with 1TB SSD be? The selling price on Microsoft’s online store is a instead eye-watering £2,699, or $2,699 in america (AU$3,999 over in Australia).

  • Buy the Surface Laptop Core i7 (16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) from Microsoft’s online store

The same model having 512GB SSD will set you back £2,149 in britain ($2,199 inside US), and that means you’re spending an additional £550 (or $500) to increase the dimensions of the drive – ouch indeed.

Still, for people who absolutely need the storage area in their notebook, it’s certainly good to have the option to move things up.

Via: Windows Central

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