You can add unresponsive screen edges toward directory of Pixel 2 XL issues

It's maybe not been the best of launches for Bing plus the Pixel 2 XL, with widespread reports of display screen burn-in dilemmas on brand new devices and users complaining about muted colors, both issues that Google is investigating. Now there's a new bug to enhance record: unresponsive spots close to the side of the display.

According to a Pixel User Community post, some Pixel 2 XL owners have now been noticing dead spots near to the bezels, particularly regarding right-hand edge of the display. There's also a movie of issue doing the rounds.

Just by the fact an official Bing Community Manager has taken care of immediately say a fix is within the works, this appears like a real issue that Google is acknowledging. Evidently it's going to be "addressed in a future OTA [over-the-air] update", though we're unsure precisely when that will be.

Approaching 99 issues

This is certainly only some times after sound issues were reported with the certain devices, the place where a high-pitched and tinny noise could possibly be heard while recording movie. It's not yet determined exactly how many phones are impacted, but again, Bing has recognized the issue, and says a fix is rolling out within the next couple of weeks.

At this time we'd course these as small pests – particularly as Bing appears together with fixing most of them – and we're still suggesting the Pixel 2 XL as one of the best phones of the year if you're looking for a fresh device.

The iPhone X hasn't been without its dilemmas either, but neither Google nor Apple will want the list of irritating bugs and glitches getting anymore, even if the number of individuals affected is fairly little inside grand scheme of millions of phones delivered.

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