Meet the TechTalk 22: presenting the innovators to view in 2018

To highlight the brilliant innovation happening in the Uk technology industry right now, regular radio programme The TechTalk Show has known as the 22 many exciting tech businesses in the united states, as chosen with a panel of top industry judges.

Show creator and innovation champion Sue Nelson was joined by Rich Walker, managing manager of known Shadow Robot business; Holly Brockwell, award-winning tech journalist and creator of; and Sarah Luxford, co-founder of Tech London Advocates’ Women in Tech working group.

Centering on innovation, creativity and possibility future development, the judges were looking for fabulous some ideas that are taking technology to places it offers never been before. So, in no particular order, here you will find the 1st TechTalk 22…

Animal Dynamics is just a spinout business from the Department of Zoology at Oxford University. They use deep technology to understand natural movement within the animal globe to produce services.

What the judges stated: “We’re very excited by the group’s method of understanding evolutionary adaptations in flight, swimming and walking. Businesses developing robots and high performance machines would be looking more to nature to encourage their design decisions.”

CheckRecipient use synthetic intelligence and device learning to analyse historic email data to be used in cyber security applications. 

Just what the judges stated: “This next generation email protection technology prevents users from inadvertently committing one of the key information safety breaches. Employee behavior happens to be the poor spot for business security and solutions that will anticipate or spot realtime irregular behavior patterns are popular.” 

The Smartplug software from Smart Driver Club checks out your car’s on-board information and features to monitor and improve your driving and always check performance.

Exactly what the judges stated: “A textbook exemplory case of just how to develop a huge range of features and guarantee they’re totally integrated, while making an individual experience deceptively simple. An organization that understands how to attain lucrative longevity, by having a set of must-have features being cleverly monetised.”  

Slick Revolution’s mission is to create top electric street transportation at a cost point accessible to everyone.

What the judges stated: “The group has created a sleek, lightweight electric skateboard having a high top rate and long-range ability. This team is designing ever more features and gizmos to a target this growing market sector.”

Machines With Vision develops innovative technology that covers every point of a road area so that it may be calculated and mapped.

Exactly what the judges said: “Clever new technology that allows organizations to boost the road placement of the driverless cars and autonomous cars. This soon-to-be booming sector will need manufacturers of connected technology to help make self-driving practical and safe.” 

The PASSsystem eliminates time-consuming paperwork and significantly reduces the possibility of medications mismanagement.

What the judges stated: “Healthcare delivery in the home is set to explode, by having an aging populace needing wellness checks and medications management in a domestic environment. The PASSsystem is driving up quality of care and service compliance.”

Robotical is just a fully programmable, WiFi-enabled, customisable and upgradable low-cost walking robot.

Just what the judges said: “Allows kiddies, manufacturers and educators to communicate and programme their very own robotic solutions and make sure the next generation can capitalise on robotic technology… certainly over a toy.”

Streetbees utilizes the effectiveness of AI and geolocation functionality – its in which general market trends fulfills technology.

What the judges stated: “We were impressed by Streetbees’ capability to literally gather data from anyone, around the globe. Understanding tradition, preferences and purchasing behaviour at a worldwide degree could be the key to success for most businesses.”

Elvie is the globe’s smallest and smartest pelvic floor exerciser, created from medical-grade silicone.

Exactly what the judges stated: “A taboo-fighting wearable that goes in the human anatomy, to monitor pelvic floor health and encourage the in-patient to steadfastly keep up their exercises. Wearables becomes increasingly invisible and certainly will start to be ‘worn’ within the human anatomy, not merely outside.”

SAM Labs are innovation kits for families to instruct them coding, engineering and DIY.  

Just what the judges said: “The team is rolling out a smart chatbot solution and impressive Do It Yourself kits for families, making technology easily obtainable in a fun means. Games that include all the family but can show programming and technical abilities certainly are a win-win.”

Action Artificial Intelligence is an off-the-shelf commercial intelligent chatbot that comprehend users’ needs allow humanlike reactions.

Exactly what the judges said: “Companies that deal straight with customers should embrace chatbot technology to remain competitive. This solution provides functionality at a fraction of the price of in-house development and enables them to respond using everyday natural language.”

Reach Robotics are utilizing monster robots controlled by mobile phones for use with game titles.

Just what the judges said: “Gaming is being embraced by an ever-widening demographic which is really a actually exciting business in the gaming sector – a good UK rising star.”

MadeWithGlove is a wearable technology business designing heated gloves for women.  

Exactly what the judges stated: “A really beneficial wearable, created and developed for women (for once!) with an obvious concentrate on practicality. Females will undoubtedly be looking for really female-centric services and products, not those adapted from designs for men as well as have the customer capacity to contour brand new markets.”

Roto VR allow us a digital reality experience seat made for all head mounted displays.

What the judges said: “Consumers are searching for a level better immersive experience which takes the experience of digital reality far beyond the house headset.”

Consequential Robotics is developing the following generation customer robot, focussing on companionship and enhancing the grade of human being life.

Exactly what the judges said: “We all wanted to simply take one of these home! A programmable dog-like robot being developed especially for therapeutic purposes. An underdeveloped but much-needed item area.”

Active Needle Technology is an ultrasound-guided needle device make it possible for accuracy injection targeting for clinicians.

Exactly what the judges said: “It’s great to see a thing that assists medical professionals to boost medical results and patient safety, that will be an actual focus in the coming years. It’s additionally reassuring prospective needlephobes!”

The Blaze technology company is on a mission to create urban cycling safer, by combining a white light and laser image to beam from blind spots and junctions.

What the judges said: “The Laserlight projection item has completely changed the way in which cyclists are seen by other road users. We come across the merchandise everywhere and despite imitations, it’s nevertheless leading its field so we anticipate them to lead the category for years ahead.”

Generic Robotics is an revolutionary company developing interactive computer-based simulation combining digital truth and haptics.

Exactly what the judges stated: “They are experts in the field of haptics, that will be still fairly young but has exciting potential. They’re enhancing the quality of touch relationship with machines, especially in the medical and dental globe.”

Metail offers e-commerce model photography enabling the capture of human anatomy decoration and 3D garment digitisation. 

What the judges stated: “A clever patented technology enabling the user to get clothes that suit and fit them. The system normally tackling dilemmas about human anatomy perception and size. Both retailers and consumers would be looking at technologies that may reduce steadily the wide range of product comes back.” 

Armour Communications is just a government-grade encryption for protected communications, including sound, messaging, video clip and information.

Exactly what the judges said: “Cyber protection is big. This development allows organizations to attend the following degree of safety through everyday products such as for example smart phones and tablets. Armour not only protect the content of communications but can hide the fact you’re interacting at all.”

The Q-Bot actually tiny four-wheeled robot that experiences air ports armed by having a 3D scanner, to survey the lower of floorboards and apply insulating foam as needed.

Just what the judges said: “Not really glamorous however a much-needed utilization of robotics within the construction sector. A is ripe for interruption and you will be taking a look at solutions that help house-building or renovation work become faster, more cost-effective and safe.”

Ai Build are employing AI and robotic technologies to produce large scale one-off manufacturing easier.

What the judges said: “This group is moving the focus from tiny scale 3D printing to major affordable 3D manufacture, with huge potential.”