The date December 2 is crashing plenty of iPhones and iPads, but Apple includes a fix

If you've woken on Saturday, December 2 to find your iPhone or iPad arbitrarily crashing, you're not by yourself, as posts on Twitter and Reddit confirm. The issue focuses on apps that use daily or duplicate reminder settings, which apparently cause CPU used to spike before forcing a reset.

Not perfect if perhaps you were likely to make use of your phone for something similar to making calls or idly browsing cyberspace today, but the very good news is the fact that Apple has recently rolled out a fix – install iOS 11.2 in your unit and also the problem should magically fade away.

If you're still looking forward to the update to look in your device, turning down notifications in the apps delivering you reminders, or switching down notifications completely, can fix the problem until your copy of iOS 11.2 appears. Apple hasn't stated any such thing towards bug, but has put up a new support page on line.

It's a buggy life

It's not really a great start to December for Apple's pc software team, which is nevertheless reeling from major macOS High Sierra safety flaw that has been revealed final month: it managed to get all too simple for somebody else to log into your Mac device, but the problem has apparently been patched in latest update of OS.

And let's remember that bizarre autocorrect bug which also surfaced last thirty days, replacing the amount lowercase "i" with a strange symbol. Once again, that problem had been handled via an over-the-air up-date, so your iOS keyboard is working fine once again.

Now Apple has received to manage another random bug due to reminder apps as well as an obvious dislike the date December 2. at the least we know Apple's computer software engineers are earning their cash with the rate of the bug fixes, though it might be preferable in the event that problems wouldn't come in the first place.

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Via MacRumors