A fresh patent appears showing Apple’s smart AR/VR glasses

Rumors of some Google Glass-style AR/VR specs in development at Apple were swirling for some time now, but we’ve got a much better concept of just what this device could actually appear to be, due to a fresh Apple patent that's simply arrived in the public domain.

As spotted by PatentlyApple, the patent shows an "Optical System for Head-mounted Display", a few contacts built to aim images in to the wearer's eyes, covered with a device that's designed to be less cumbersome and less hefty than a number of the other headsets we've already seen in action.

The technical term because of it actually catadioptric optical system: borrowed from telescopes, it concentrates light really compact way, along with getting rid of that chromatic aberration effect, in which you receive fringes of colors beyond your things you're evaluating in VR or AR.

Apple AR patent

Apple AR patent

As per the patent application filed by Apple, the unit could have both head-tracking in 3D area (so you don’t need to put sensors around your living space) plus eye-tracking to get where your gaze is pointing (useful for including level and realism up to a scene).

Apple is keeping its options wide open with regards to input-output options for the eyeglasses – sets from ambient light sensors to track pad control gets a mention – however it feels like the company's primary focus is on maintaining this device light and comfortable to wear for extended intervals.

Now as with any patent it's important to remember that these applications don't constantly make it to promote, but AR and VR is obviously important to Apple, and it looks very much like they'll be establishing some smart specs sooner or later, if its engineers can come with a design that works.

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