Xiaomi to market Redmi Note 5 solely on Flipkart from 14 February

within the run up to the launch of Redmi Note 5 in India on 14 February, Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has suggested that Xiaomi is selling the device exclusively on Flipkart.com this Valentine’s Day. 

Into the teaser, Flipkart has also hinted that the phone could be named Redmi Note 5. This tweet employs a study that recommended we could understand Redmi Note 5 in Asia rather than Redmi 5.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 specs

All of the rumours suggest that the Redmi Note 5 might be a rebranded Redmi 5 Plus which was launched in China in December a year ago. But some present reports have actually suggested that Xiaomi could introduce the phone having somewhat stronger chipset in India. These reports additionally declare that Xiaomi could carry on with all the Redmi Note branding offered its success in Asia.

With Flipkart all but confirming the Redmi Note branding, there’s very little left independent of the chipset option. 

The device could feature a 5.99-inch Full HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, with either the Snapdragon 625 or Snapdragon 630/636 chipset powering it.

Other specifications associated with Redmi Note 5 include a double digital camera setup on the straight back and also a fingerprint sensor, dual SIM and 4G VoLTE support as well as other standard connectivity choices.

Xiaomi and Flipkart come together once again

Xiaomi’s entry in Asia was enabled by Flipkart back in 2014 as well as for this, the 2 businesses utilized a flash sales model. This model, together with affordability phones launched by Xiaomi helped popularise online product sales of smart phones. Using the Redmi Note 5, we will see the companies get together once more for just what could possibly be another best-selling Xiaomi smartphone in India.