Huawei P20 appears become losing the microSD slot

the largest flagship phone launch regarding the month is practically specific to be the unveiling of this Huawei P20 as well as its Lite and Pro variants. 

The top reveal is scheduled for March 27 plus fresh round of leaks on colors and specifications simply dripped out on the web.

We've already reported on quite funky-looking new shades that the new phones is possibly showing up in, but there's more towards the leakages from WinFuture, that has been poking around in leaked user manuals the phones and.

It might seem the microSD slot is getting fallen on the P20 and P20 Pro, as an example, as it's not mentioned inside manual. It will stick around on the P20 Lite.

There's news on battery too, using the Huawei P20 manual listing a 3,400mAh battery power (the Huawei P10 was included with a 3,200mAh one), while the Huawei P20 professional apparently coming having a 4,000mAh battery pack to hit parity aided by the Huawei Mate range.

More digital cameras

An individual manuals also expose your rear cameras are once again likely to make use of laser autofocus system of some kind, while having an infrared color temperature sensor fitted aswell, likely to make your pictures look better.

Considering leakages we've seen previously, we're anticipating two cameras on straight back regarding the P20 Lite and P20, and three regarding the P20 professional.

This is conjecture obviously – albeit extremely informed speculation – and we'll have to wait another couple of weeks to see what Huawei is taking care of entirely. In the meantime, read the black colored, blue, pink, pink-gold and "twilight" colors it is possible to look forward to seeing.

The Huawei P20 phones will certainly include Huawei's brand new AI-optimized Kirin 970 processor, and center one within the range is anticipated to begin at $840/£605/AU$1,080. 

And yes, the leading shows are tipped to come with distinctive notches.

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