LinkedIn Messenger now allows you to deliver pet GIFs to prospective employers

LinkedIn Messenger – something that lets you contact peers, company partners and other experts – now enables you to display your business acumen through the medium of animated GIFs.

Half LinkedIn users can begin delivering Minions clips for their bosses today, as well as the rest should be able to join the enjoyable in the coming months.

The animations are offered though GIF tool Tenor , which Bing purchased in March to boost its image search.

"Most people now use Bing graphics discover more info of a topic, also to assist them communicate and go to town – case in point, we see countless pursuit of GIFs everyday," the organization said in a press release.

Despite this, Tenor still works being a split brand and Bing does not have any problem with it using rival tech leaders, including Twitter, Baidu, Apple and now (through LinkedIn) Microsoft.

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Including GIFs to LinkedIn may appear strange move – they're hugely popular in messaging apps, but their value in a small business environment seems pretty limited.

But there is a sensible description. Tenor analyzes the sort of images its users are sharing on social networking platforms, and uses that information to display 'sponsored' GIFs from advertisers. Tenor charges the advertisers when their GIFs are provided, and splits the bucks aided by the news business – in this situation, Microsoft.

Whether individuals will actually want to send Spongebob videos with their bosses continues to be to be seen. If you're considering attempting it at this time, be mindful – once you've selected a contact, tapping a GIF will be sending it to that individual immediately, without any substitute for cancel, verify, and on occasion even explain it. Maybe not that HR will think you.

Via TechCrunch

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