OnePlus 6 is likely imminent now the OnePlus 5T comes down in Europe

The OnePlus 6 is so greatly teased now that it’s undoubtedly in route soon, however, if more evidence for which were needed OnePlus has revealed your OnePlus 5T is now rented out already on its web site in the united kingdom and throughout the sleep of European countries.

This follows the telephone also attempting to sell away in the US a couple of weeks ago, which implies your OnePlus 5T might now be tricky to obtain hold of generally in most areas of the world.

Should you choose nevertheless want one there clearly was nevertheless stock at certain other retailers, including O2 within the UK, however now is really perhaps not enough time buying, since the OnePlus 6 will surely be out quickly, as OnePlus will probably want to begin offering phones again as soon as possible.

Before schedule

Though it’s well worth noting that inside announcement of the OnePlus 5T selling out across Europe, OnePlus said this was ahead of schedule, so there may nevertheless be a bit of a wait for OnePlus 6.

Regardless, present rumors indicate an announcement in April, so the new phone could be within a matter of days. And we know quite a bit about this, including that it need a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage space, a notch and a headphone jack, suggesting it will be a flagship complement 2018.

Because the 5T has sold-out we should discover everything else concerning the OnePlus 6 quickly.

  • This could be the textured back of OnePlus 6