Pokemon Go mind states augmented reality’s potential goes beyond the visual

John Hanke, CEO of Pokemon Go creator Niantic, has said augmented reality features a broad future that goes beyond the artistic, and that games would be the right medium for tinkering with it.

During the GamesBeat Summit in Ca (via VentureBeat), Hanke explained his vision for AR having an Arthur C Clarke estimate: “Any sufficiently higher level technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

To achieve that vision, but he stated experimentation is vital, and that games will be the perfect medium for pushing new technologies.

The reason behind this? According to Hanke, gamers are far more “willing to hold with problems plus some imperfections in tech”. 

Room to experiment

Now, anyone who’s visited a forum or responses section after the launch of a particularly glitchy game will maybe join united states in looking at the digital camera disbelievingly right here. But Hanke isn’t entirely wrong – with games becoming more online and solution based its true that users are far more used to bugs inside their purchases and ready to watch for them become ironed out. 

With all the AR hit Pokemon Go, which is still going strong, Hanke did show that there’s space for new experiences in video gaming which the pests and glitches which arise undergoing experimentation don’t mean the conclusion. 

However, Hanke said that he’s perhaps not completed with experimenting in the area of AR, saying that “the prospect of AR is much larger than” the visuals. At this time, he revealed, he and their company are searching into just how to improve the social aspect of AR game play: “Next we’re looking at how do we make that more immersive, and exactly how do we enable more and more people to enjoy a shared experience together in a general public room.”

This can, apparently, include sound and voice-based AR including an AR Cloud. Though Hanke didn’t go into any more information with regards to audio and voice-based VR experiences, the fact that Niantic happens to be taking care of a Harry Potter AR game makes us wonder whenever we could soon learn. Incantations and wizarding duels may be the perfect solution to bring vocals controls and augmented reality closer together. 

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