Warcraft 3’s latest area allows you to fully enjoy the game on your own widescreen monitor

a brand new Warcraft 3 spot (version 1.29) has landed, plus it’s a huge one which does one thing impressive regarding the artistic front side, updating the veteran game with support for widescreen monitors.

So yes, we’ve native support for widescreen shows. Previously you can force the game into 16:9 ratio (widescreen), nevertheless the image will be extended (from 4:3), whereas now you can get a genuine widescreen picture that will be sharp and undistorted, plus it enables you to see a lot more associated with the battlefield.

Remember that Blizzard has made some tweaks to your UI to make it fit with the widescreen view, including introducing black pillars in menus, and bookends the in-game program.

Another interesting move could be the expansion of game lobbies to aid around 24 players, with the addition of 12 brand new group colors.

Competitive play

Alongside this move, the ladder standings are reset, with automatic tournaments beginning once again in a few days, and undoubtedly a raft of stability changes for the game’s different heroes, together with expected typical bug fixes.

Interestingly, Blizzard additionally clarifies this would be the final form of the overall game to support Windows XP, which implies that more (hopefully) major updates (further versions) come in the pipeline.

For the complete selection of tweaks and alterations to Warcraft 3, check out the official list here.

If you’re thinking about StarCraft, don’t forget that a year ago, Blizzard made this classic RTS a free down load, along with the exceptional sequel, StarCraft II.

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