How to live flow Mark Zuckerberg at his European Parliament meeting online

whenever Mark Zuckerberg comes for questioning in European Parliament later on today, he'll do so facing more than just a panel of MEPs.

You will see a live stream of the ending up in the founder and CEO of Facebook that one can view anywhere you’re in the world.

Zuckerberg was called to go to the Conference of Presidents associated with Political categories of the European Parliament to respond to questions concerning the scandal round the so-called abuse of individual data of European Facebook users and, more particularly, its prospective affect the European elections next year.

The conference is a result of start at around 6.20pm regional time. So that's 12.20pm ET and 9.20am PT in the usa, 5.20pm British time, and 2.20am AEST inside early hours of the Australian early morning.

You’ll live stream Zuckerberg's meeting on the internet site of the European Parliament or – somewhat ironically – on Facebook itself.

Just how to live flow Zuckerberg around the globe

We realize that the broadcast ought to be available through the above stations worldwide, but if you listen in and then find out that the real time stream isn't available where you are then there is another method to watch.

By using a VPN, you are able to effortlessly fool your computer or other streaming device into thinking it's in another country.

Therefore change your ip to somewhere that definitely will get the real time stream, like Belgium or the UK, and visit the European Parliament site.

And because our favourite VPN – Express VPN – features a one month money back guarantee, you may get the VPN while the Zuckerberg live stream for free.

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