iPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 schematics leaked

It appears impractical to keep a handset as high-profile since the iPhone XI a secret, now we’ve another drip, this time in the shape of schematics for the largest, many premium regarding the three rumored devices, which we’ll phone the iPhone XI Plus for the present time, combined with least expensive choice, which we’re presently talking about whilst the iPhone 9.

The schematics were acquired by Forbes from accessory maker Ghostek, so that they’re definitely not Apple’s very own schematics, but there’s a good possibility Ghostek comes with access to design information, because it will be needing that to be able to have situations prepared the launch of the iPhone XI range.

Additionally the same source has supplied Forbes with accurate Samsung Galaxy S9 information in the past.

Starting with the iPhone XI Plus, it apparently includes a 6.5-inch screen, that will be consistent with previous rumors. Its dimensions at the same time are reported to be 157.2 x 77.1mm, which may ensure it is slightly smaller compared to the 158.4 x 78.1mm iPhone 8 Plus. 

But the XI Plus is thought to have metal chassis, rather than an aluminum one, probably making it heavier compared to 202g iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone XI Plus looks like a more impressive iPhone X. Credit: Forbes / Ghostek

When it comes to design of the iPhone XI Plus, it looks more or less identical to the iPhone X, detailed with a notch towards the top.

The Forbes article spends a lot of time speaking about a triple-lens camera, but we’re not convinced this will be accurate – the schematic does certainly have three groups that could be camera contacts, but one of them is probable a flash, particularly once the iPhone X has a similar setup, and Apple is rumored to be switching to triple-lens cameras not until next year.

This might be the shape regarding the more affordable iPhone 9. Credit: Forbes / Ghostek

Smaller phone, bigger bezels

Moving forward towards the iPhone 9, (which Forbes thinks only will be called the ‘iPhone’), the device is drawn having notch but it’s seemingly bigger than regarding iPhone XI Plus, as will be the bezels, as well as on the rear there’s only a single-lens digital camera.

It’s believed to have a 6.1-inch display screen, as we’ve heard before, and dimensions of 147.12 x 71.52mm. Forbes adds that apparently the iPhone 9 need first generation Face ID technology, as the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus will receive a second-generation form of it, but these records evidently arises from an unproven source, therefore go on it with a pinch of salt.

The schematics though is possibly accurate, but even when they have been it’s possible that things can change in front of launch, that may probably take place in September.

  • Apple may also have clever camera into the works