Microsoft shop to allow Windows 10 apps become remotely set up across your devices

Microsoft is apparently implementing a nifty modification which will allow users to from another location install apps across almost all their Windows 10 products through the Microsoft Store internet site.

The idea the following is when you go to the web page for an app you have currently set up using one of the devices, you’ll be offered an ‘Install on my products’ key. Pressing this may mention a summary of all of the devices related to your Microsoft account, and you will simply pick some of these that you want the software installed on, right there then.

Or at least some users can perform this, aided by the feature seemingly still in assessment, in accordance with a study from Bleeping Computer, whom could pull off this remote install trick successfully.

Microsoft shop

Streamlining work

Hopefully the power will move away more commonly eventually, however it certainly appears there may be more tweaking doing, as when from another location installing Netflix to a different Computer, Bleeping Computer stated it took around 15 minutes the procedure to be completely carried out. Nearly super-swift.

Google’s Play store provides a similar power to be able to from another location install applications across your various Android products, and Microsoft did implement this for Windows mobile in the past, too.

So that it’s not a specially surprising development, and undoubtedly a welcome little shortcut for many who have a variety of pieces of Windows 10 equipment. Apparently the function went into screening the other day, based on relevant support documents perused by Bleeping Computer.

Something else that’s visiting the Microsoft shop is better company thanks to a new Departments drop-down menu, making clear distinctions between item categories, and features deals – functionality which will be additionally presently in evaluating.

Image Credit: Bleeping Computer

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