Giffgaff just changed its SIM only tariffs that will be the deals you should know about

Giffgaff has established that it's made some modifications to its tariff choices that mean you could save yourself some money on a brand new SIM or obtain a data update in your current registration.

The primary reason this has caught our keen eye could be the deal that gives 2GB of data for £7.50 each month. That's among the best SIMO deals around now. Simply take a look at our listing of the most effective SIM just deals to observe your competition stacks up. Impressive, right?

Listed here are most of the Giffgaff deals you need to know about that were changed:

The least expensive SIM with 500MB of data expenses merely a fiver per month, whilst the 3GB, 4GB and 8GB tariffs are priced at £10, £12 and £15 monthly correspondingly.

While many of those discounts are excellent and represent a bump in data allowance for the price, there is that loss at the top end. Yup, the old favourite "Always On" unlimited information arrange for £20 has become gone having new 20GB limitation. Instead you have to spend more at £25 each month for really unlimited information. Observe this stacks facing the best limitless information SIM only deals available on the market.