Google Pay now allows you to travel ticket-free with electronic boarding passes

Google Pay (the application formerly referred to as Android Pay, previously referred to as Google Wallet) now supports boarding passes, cutting out the hassle of fumbling for paper tickets within airport and holding up a line of impatient holidaymakers.

Google announced the newest function at Google I/O 2018, and it has invested two months testing it before releasing it on the phones of the public. The application at this time supports simply two carriers – Southwest Airlines and Vueling – but Singapore Airlines is coming agreeable quickly, and hopefully more will follow.

You will find the option beneath the brand new Bookings tab, combined with capability to keep event seats from Ticketmaster. Eventbrite support is along the way aswell.

Spend your path

The updated Bing Pay additionally enables you to send cash towards contacts – an attribute that was previously only available in the split Google Pay forward software, for reasons that have been never ever completely clear.

It's a relief that Google is finally streamlining its money apps, though the updated Google Pay is currently only obtainable in the usa. Users in other countries will need to keep juggling paper boarding passes on vacation, and splitting the tab at airport bar by tossing their leftover travel money on individual least likely to object.

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Via Ars Technica