HTC Exodus: all you need to know about the blockchain phone

Blockchain is every where at this time, utilizing the technology making headlines around the world having its possibly game-changing applications (including regular valuing fluctuations)

HTC is apparently the latest business to jump on the blockchain bandwagon, announcing the Exodus – what it calls the very first major blockchain-powered smartphone.

The Taiwanese firm hasn’t had the smoothest ride in the smartphone market in recent months, having made a raft of recent job cuts, unit shipments dwindling around the world as well as its newest U12 Plus flagship receiving notably blended reviews.

The HTC Exodus could be the brainchild of Phil Chen, who was simply the driving force behind the Vive virtual reality headset, and types the start of an important blockchain push once the business looks to return to winning methods.

HTC says it really wants to "make decentralization a reality", expanding the blockchain ecosystem via a connected network of mobile phones – so could the HTC Exodus be the start of the new generation? Here's every thing we know thus far…

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The main element details:

  • What exactly is it? HTC's brand new blockchain-boosted smartphone
  • When is it down? Q3 2018 – therefore prior to the end of September
  • What will it cost? Most likely around $1000 (around £600, AU$1300)

Considering the fact that HTC only recently released the U12 Plus, it could sound right your business would check out spread out its launches. 

Up to now, HTC has only stated your Exodus will introduce inside third quarter, meaning a while between July and September.

Given that many big manufacturers often perform major launches in September, it could sound right for HTC to introduce the Exodus eventually – however in terms of particular times, it's nevertheless TBC at the moment.

There's no indicator on price yet either, although HTC Exodus mind Phil Chen recently told The Verge your unit could be "comparable" to your $1000 (around £600, AU$1300) Finney blockchain-powered phone released by Sirin laboratories a year ago.

Chen additionally said that the HTC Exodus will launch "definitely everywhere outside of China" – with that exclusion being down seriously to China's strict regulations on technology. But at the time of yet, there's still no certain details.

So how will a blockchain phone work?

Blockchain technology might flavor of the thirty days, but it's perhaps not at first a great fit for smartphones – as high-stakes trading and cryptocurrency mining often requires hugely effective hardware.

HTC is looking to begin one thing new aided by the Exodus, claiming that the device could be the launchpad because of its brand new indigenous blockchain system ecosystem, because of the specific Exodus devices acting as nodes for trading amongst users.

For people all-important trades, the device will include a cool storage wallet that’ll support all major cryptocurrencies, such as the loves of Bitcoin and Ethereum, also decentralised apps.

The cold storage space hardware is essential as it means the Exodus will be able to keep the user's cryptocurrency offline, often for a split internet host or other equipment, including a supplementary layer of security 

Blockchain technology should guarantee extra safety due to high-level encryption tools, along with the ability to connect to superfast sites to make sure speedy deals – Chen notes that the device is supposed to be "the most dependable hardware wallet online."

Finally, it's additionally well worth noting that Exodus is already the name of the well-known on the web cryptocurrency wallet service, offering an "all-in-one wallet to secure, manage and trade blockchain assets" – that could very well be the backbone of HTC's new approach.

Overall though, you may still find some concerns to be answered, so now it's up to HTC to prove it offers what it takes to really make the Exodus profitable.

What else do we all know?

HTC has already said that the device will run Android os pc software, and thus all Google's typical familiar solutions are present and proper – most likely with a few HTC-flavoured additions and skins at the top.

In terms of equipment though, we're nevertheless none the wiser – and HTC is got providing such a thing away at this time. 

However it will need to be fairly effective to cope with cryptocurrency mining, that will mean most likely an octa-core processor plus hefty level of RAM, along with a sizeable battery to power this.

And despite HTC may claim, the Exodus is not the world's very first blockchain phone. That title belongs to the little-know Finney phone, that was revealed early in the day this year. 

Produced by Sirin laboratories, the $1,000 unit permitted users to keep and invest electronic currencies without incurring transaction charges.

We’ve contacted HTC to learn more information about the Exodus and exactly how it’s going to work, and we'll be upgrading this informative article as soon as additional information is manufactured available.

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