The best Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-order deals in Australia

UPDATED: Plans and prices have now been updated and nowadays there are direct links giving every single of the discounts. Keep reading to find out more!

So that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally been announced by Samsung, so when anticipated the prices are costly. Incredibly costly. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have cost of $1,199 if you would like purchase it outright.

Having said that, the cost seems significantly justified for just what might be a stunning phone – with an amazing brand new display and also the Bixby smart assistant, it seems like a real step forward from last year’s Samsung Galaxy S7.

If you’d like to read more concerning the brand new device itself, you should check away our hands-on summary of the phone the following. Within story, we’re planning to check your very best alternatives for buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Australia either outright or for a contract.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are formally open – below you’ll see the greatest S8 deals thus far – we have included a table that will automatically upgrade using the cheapest discounts as they feed right through to us from the different sites and networks, but we’ve also included an overview of every provider’s current plan offerings. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will officially be released in Australia on Friday, April 28 and comes in three colours: Midnight Black, Maple Gold and Orchid Grey.

Telstra deals

Although Telstra’s plans are more costly versus competition, frequently offering less data per month, the S8 plans from Australia’s biggest telco are in fact quite competitive. Additionally it is difficult to argue with the quality associated with the Telstra’s service plus the substantial protection it gives both in rural and metro areas. 

The entry level plan at Telstra will net that you Samsung Galaxy S8 for $90 monthly (in the $55 Go Cellphone Plus plan with $35 device repayments) with a measly 1GB of monthly data on a 24-month contract. That’s a total cost of $2,160 over two years. 

For just $25 more per month regarding $95 Go mobile phone Plus plan (plus ten dollars month-to-month handset repayments, bringing the full total to $105 each month), you will get a handset with 12GB of monthly data. Total expense is $2,520 over couple of years.

If that still isn’t enough month-to-month information to satiate your download requirements, the $135 Go mobile phone Plus plan (plus $5 month-to-month device repayments, bringing the sum total to $140 per month) are certain to get you 25GB for $135 per month, for a total cost of $3,360 over 24 months.

Optus discounts

Interestingly, Optus has revealed Samsung Galaxy S8 plans being slightly more expensive than Telstra’s plans, usually with comparable and/or less included data. 

Optus’ entry-level plan is $82 monthly (the $40 My Arrange Plus with $42 device payment) with 1GB of data for a 24-month contract. Total cost is $1,968.

For $94 per month over a couple of years (one the $85 My Arrange Plus agreement with $9 device repayments), you can get a device with 7GB of month-to-month information. In contrast, Telstra provides 12GB of information for $1 more per month. 

Within high-end of Optus’ plans, you will get a truly staggering 100GB of month-to-month information regarding the $160 My Arrange Plus plan over two years. Total price is $3,840.

Virgin Mobile deals

Providing a few of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 plans around, Virgin mobile phone’s entry level plan will bag that you handset and 500MB for $70 monthly (with $40 handset repayments on the $30 mobile Plan) for a 24-month agreement. Total cost is $1,680 over two years. 

For $77 monthly (regarding $50 Phone Plan), you may get the hands on Samsung’s latest flagship with 4GB of monthly data for a 24-month contract. Total price is $1,848 over 2 yrs.

In the event that you really want affordability though, you’ll want to glance at Virgin mobile phone’s top tier $100 mobile Plan, that offers a huge 20GB of monthly information for $105 each month over 24-months. Total expense there’s $2,640.  

Vodafone discounts

Vodafone has announced its plans for the Samsung Galaxy S8, and even though they are competitively priced, there are cheaper solutions offering more information. Still, if you’re interested in Qantas Frequent Flyer points and international moments, Vodafone is a great option. 

Its entry level plan provides the phone for $37 a month for a $40 Red Arrange ($77 total per month) with 1GB of information. Total cost is $1,848 over 24 months.

You’ll probably require a extra information than that, therefore we recommend the $60 plan with $28 mobile repayments ($88 total per month) with 6GB of data. Total pricing is $2,112 over 24 months.

Finally, Vodafone’s top tier plan will net you 22GB of information monthly regarding the $120 plan with $5 device repayments ($125 total monthly). Total cost over a couple of years is $3,000.

Woolworths discounts

Supermarket giant Woolworths has jumped foot first into the world of flagship smart phones with some surprisingly good deals being offered. 

Its most useful deal are certain to get that you Samsung Galaxy S8 with 4GB of month-to-month information for only $80 per month (on its moderate $50 cell phone Arrange). That’s a total cost of $1,920 over a couple of years. 

Though it originally offered only 8GB of information each month, Woolworth’s $92 monthly plan (on its big $70 cellular phone Arrange) has gotten an update, now offering 12GB of month-to-month data – that’s $3 cheaper than Telstra’s 12GB plan.  

Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-order discounts: freebies

If you want some additional sweetening on these Samsung Galaxy S8 deals, right here its: all pre-orders made before Thursday, April 27 through either Samsung or among its operator or retail lovers comes because of the new Samsung Gear VR headset at no extra expense. 

Not just that, clients will also be given a $50 voucher to be used within the Oculus Store. 

These are the greatest plans now available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Australia. Make sure you check straight back here on the coming days to see if more discounts be available. 

Google updates Daydream app with battery indicator, more

The Daydream application in the Google Play Store has just received a new update that adds a couple of useful features and improvements. If you own the Google’s Daydream VR, then you probably know that there’s no way to know how much battery your phone has while using the headset.

Well, not anymore, as the latest update brings a controller battery indicator, which allows you to see the level of your battery when you’re in Daydream Home, Quick Settings or Play Store in VR.

Furthermore, Google added a new option for those who want to stay up to date with the latest news, offers and more. You can now sign up for the “Daydream Newsletter” from the Settings menu to receive important news.

Also, there’s a new feature that allows users to choose whether to show notifications in VR by toggling the option in Quick Settings, so you’ll benefit from full immersion. Lastly, Google claims the latest update to the Daydream app should improve performance and reliability.

In the same piece of news, the Daydream Keyboard app has been updated as well, and now includes four additional languages: Korean, French, Spanish and Italian. A new Korean language word autosuggest bar is available too.

source: Google Play (1, 2)

Google’s Android platform distribution for April 2017 shows Nougat is nearly at 5%

Android Nougat doesn’t seem to be able to become Google’s dominant mobile platform almost six months after its official launch. But that’s no wonder considering Android Lollipop still has the largest market share on the market.

According to the data collected during a 7-day period ending on April 3, Android Nougat accounts for 4.9% market share. The smaller market share listed by Google, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich have as low as 0.9% market share each.

Even Jelly Bean, an Android version launched five years ago is used more often than Nougat, as the OS sits at 10.1%. Android KitKat and Marshmallow come next with 20% and 31.2% market share, respectively.

As mentioned earlier, Android Lollipop is still in the lead with 32% of active devices. Although Nougat market share continues to increase each month, it gains seem to be lower than expected. For example, the number of devices running Android Nougat rose 2.1 % from last month.

Hopefully, things will improve significantly in the coming months, especially that Google had already released a preview version of Android O.

BlackBerry is the first non-Google OEM to push April security patch

While companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei or Motorola are pushing March security updates to its Android smartphones, BlackBerry has already started to roll out April security patch.

Considering the update has just been made available by Google for its Nexus and Pixel devices, alongside Android 7.1.2 Nougat, it looks like a great achievement on BlackBerry’s part.

However, it’s not the first time that it happens because BlackBerry has much fewer Android smartphones that must receive security updates on a monthly basis.

Besides starting to push the update to its smartphones, BlackBerry published the Android Security Bulletin that contains all the vulnerabilities fixed in this update. Apparently, there are quite a lot of security issues that have been addressed in this patch.

Keep in mind that the update is rolled out OTA, so if you own the BlackBerry PRIV, DTEK50 or DTEK60 smartphones, then you should be notified when April security patch becomes available for download.

There’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 with 6GB of RAM – but no you can’t have it

Although guts inside Samsung’s finally unveiled Galaxy S8 are nothing to sniff at, people eager for an even more powerful version of the handset could be in luck…if they book an airplane ticket first.

Samsung is issuing a particular version of the Galaxy S8 that updates the memory from 4GB to 6GB and doubles the space for storage from 64GB to a roomy 128GB, in accordance with a report from ETNews.

The catch? The beefed-up smartphone looks like it’ll be an exclusive, prepared to market just in Asia and Southern Korea.

It also seems the special version Samsung Galaxy S8 is element of a promotional bundle aided by the Samsung Dex — Samsung’s S8-compatible dock for blowing your smartphone onto some type of computer monitor, desktop-style.

Preorders of this 128GB Samsung Galaxy S8 will include a free of charge Dex, allowing owners to make better use of the smartphone-as-a-computer function as a result of all that juicy extra RAM. 

The special version Galaxy S8 utilizing the bundled Samsung Dex reportedly costs 1,155,000 won (about $1,020, £820, AU$1,355). No information on a global release have already been mentioned but we can not imagine individuals beyond Asia scoffing during the additional gigs of memory and storage, so think about our fingers crossed.

Via The Verge

Leaked Apple iMac specs point to up to 64GB RAM, and Thunderbolt 3 at last

Hot off of Apple reminding the planet that yes, it nevertheless makes iMacs and yes, there will be a brand new one this present year, it appears the refreshed all-in-one computer is likely to be getting decidedly more than just a metaphorical new coating of paint.

The 2017 iMac is expected to feature AMD layouts, Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6  processors, and 16GB to 64GB of ECC RAM, based on a post on the weblog Pike’s Universum.

Furthermore, support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C connection had been additionally teased, along with a 2TB SSD. 

Intriguingly, the foundation mentions too that the new iMac’s AMD visuals can “help VR and professional apps,” which may be huge if taken as being a sign that Apple is stepping into virtual reality. 

(your blog’s supply additionally teased an 8K display meant to pair using the overhauled Mac Pro, as well as a not-so-miniature Mac mini model in the future.)

iMac is iBack

The report also mentions a brand new keyboard visiting the brand new iMac, which fuels previous reports that Apple could possibly just take the Touch Bar from this past year’s MacBook Pro and augment future keyboards along with it.

Now, even the leaked source adds a disclaimer that light doubt must be utilized when it comes to speculating on Apple rumors, and now we eventually concur – especially given that the report refers to its tipster as “little bird” who is “usually pretty accurate.”

Nevertheless, we do know for sure Apple is arranging a significant modification to its iMac lineup very soon, along with competitors stepping into once-undisputed Apple turf with all-in-ones such as the Microsoft Surface Studio, it’s in iPhone maker’s most readily useful interest to come away moving.

  • Apple fan? They’re the most effective Macs for the buck

Today is your last chance to get unlimited streaming HD video from T-Mobile One for no extra cost

Back in February, Verizon announced its long awaited return to unlimited data. With unlimited video streaming at 720p (HD), Big Red had topped the 480p (DVD quality) resolution that T-Mobile One was streaming unlimited video at. In order to match Verizon, T-Mobile One was upgraded to include T-Mobile One Plus for free. That meant that video on T-Mobile One was now streaming unlimited at 720p (like Verizon), and users could have 10GB of 4G LTE hot spot connectivity.

But T-Mobile’s promotion is coming to an end at the close of business today. Starting April 7th (that’s tomorrow), if you want to view unlimited streaming video at HD resolution with your T-Mobile One plan, and keep the 10GB of 4G LTE tethering, you will have to shell out the extra $5 a month for T-Mobile One Plus. If you can get to a T-Mobile location before closing time tonight (which is 9pm local time), you can still sign up for the updated version of T-Mobile One.
Your best bet right now is to try to sign up to T-Mobile One before the end of business. That will give you the premium features without having to pay extra. And if you agree to auto pay, you can get T-Mobile One with all taxes and fees baked into the price.

source: T-Mobile, BGR

Apple’s brand new Clips iPhone software makes videos for Instagram, Twitter and more

Update April 6: Rejoice, for Clips has gone out now! It is possible to download Apple’s exclusive video clip application 100% free in the App Store today.  Happy snapping!

Original essay below…

A fresh Apple-exclusive movie app called Clips has launched today alongside the business’s refreshed iPad. 

It’ll enable users to edit pictures and videos regarding the fly in order to be shared directly to your myspace and facebook of choice. Clips is designed to share your movie and shots with other social support systems, in the place of Apple needing to introduce a unique version of Google+ or Facebook.

Videos will share files straight to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and much more. It will enable you to edit your photos and videos with filters and captions that look just like Prisma as well as other picture modifying apps.

For your favorite internet sites

Apple has created this to be as easy to use as possible by having an easy to use program that allows one to shoot and just take video clip or photos in the app itself.

It appears to be half method between your iPhone Photos app feature Memories and professional video modifying computer software iMovies.

After you have taken a clip, you can then pick from many different modifying tools like filters, animated name cards and symbols.

At launch it’ll only include eight filter options, a few of that have formerly been seen inside the Apple Photos software, however the business may decide to introduce more as time goes on.

There’s also the option of ‘real time Titles’ that create a caption over the top of the image from that which you state directly to the device. Why you’d use your sound over quickly writing down a caption is ambiguous though.

The application is supposed to be landing on Apple App shop the following month, but an exact launch date for Clips is not yet confirmed. 

There isn’t any word which particular iPhone models are appropriate for, but if your phone is running iOS 10 you likely will have the ability to download the Clips software.

Remember that, being an iOS exclusive, you may not have the ability to down load Clips on Android os any time soon.

Sony Pictures outs mobile game Smurfs Bubble Story on Android and iOS

Inspired by the Smurfs: The Lost Village animated movie, the new mobile game launched by Sony Pictures today, Smurfs Bubble Story is a match-3 puzzle featuring your most beloved Smurf creatures.

Smurfs Bubble Story is available as a free download on iOS and Android but includes in-app purchases. Since it’s a match-3 puzzle type of game, players will have to strategically pop matching bubbles and complete missions to create their own Smurfs collection.

Your Smurf collection can include but is not limited to iconic characters like Smurfette, …

Hyperloop One pushes its ultra-fast train ahead with potential test sites

The future of transportation could possibly be arrived at a city in your area, as experimental startup Hyperloop One announces which areas of the united states are in the pipeline to get a style of its high-speed Hyperloop technology.

11 future Hyperloop One roads were proposed today, spanning across the whole continental US to add tracks running along popular, high-traffic paths including l . a . to San Diego, Seattle to Portland, and Miami to Orlando.

Specific route names and proposed development team can be seen below:

  • Boston – Somerset – Providence (Hyperloop Massachusetts)
  • Cheyenne – Houston (Rocky Hill Hyperloop Consortium)
  • Chicago – Columbus – Pittsburgh (Hyperloop Midwest)
  • Colorado Front Range/Mtn. Network (Rocky Hill Hyperloop)
  • Colorado Front Side Range (Colorado Hyperloop)
  • Kansas City – St. Louis (Hyperloop Missouri)
  • Los Angeles – North Park (Hyperloop Western)
  • Miami – Orlando (Hyperloop Florida)
  • Reno – Las Vegas (Hyperloop Nevada)
  • Seattle – Portland (PNW Hyperloop)
  • Texas Triangle (Hyperloop Texas)

The path proposals come within the Hyperloop One worldwide Challenge, in which the startup tasked other companies, universities, and governments to develop detail by detail plans for how best to use Hyperloop’s infrastructure with regards to their area. 

Baby steps

Also, Hyperloop One announced that it has finished construction of a 1,640-foot-long DevLoop test track inside Las Vegas desert — the planet’s very first full-system test track of its type, based on a pr release.

Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd claims that 500 experts, engineers, builders, as well as other workers can assist the business in developing Hyperloop technology by the finish of year.

“Hyperloop One may be the only company on the planet building an functional commercial Hyperloop system,” said Lloyd. “This disruptive technology […] will move passengers and cargo faster, cleaner and much more effectively. It’ll transform transportation even as we understand it and create a more connected world.”

While still into the really early stages of real-deal evaluation, Hyperloop a person’s next phase of development may well provide us with a glimpse at our future road journey — provided that they throw because proposed AR window technology to help keep things from getting boring.