Asus Zenfone 4 Pro benchmark confirms Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB RAM

At least four new Asus smartphones will be announced on August 17, all part of the ZenFone series: ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro and ZenFone 4 Max.

But there’s a fifth smartphone that Asus may unveil along with the other four, the ZenFone 4 Pro, which may actually be the company’s flagship for the rest of the year.

Unlike the standard ZenFone 4, the Pro version comes with a much better SoC (system-on-chip) and more RAM inside. Luckily, the phone appeared recently on GFXBench, your go to benchmarking portal, so we’ve been able to learn a couple of things about its …

Essential phone company valued at $1.2B before shipping anything

Andy Rubin deserves a lot of faith in the mobile world given his record being the creator of Android and before that, the Danger Hiptop (aka Sidekick). However, it may seem odd to some that his new company, Essential, has been valued at $1.2 billion despite having not shipped a final product yet.

Rubin announced the Essential Phone, along with a home assistant, at the end of May and at the time it was made clear that the company was not taking preorders for the device, but rather just “reservations”. As of a few weeks ago, Rubin sent out an update claiming the first devices would …

Get ready: Nintendo Switch has returned in stock at GameStop on Tuesday

Having difficulty obtaining the Nintendo change? You may possibly have another shot at getting one of the console/handheld video gaming hybrids before it sells down once again — provided you never mind getting up a little very early to stake your claim.

GameStop has Nintendo Switches in stock at all its US shopping areas starting Tuesday, August 15, according to The Verge.

The restocked Switch systems will sell the standard suggested retail price of $299.99. Each brick-and-mortar GameStop is anticipated to enjoy a the least five units available, in both the grey and neon blue-and-red variants.

Although the arrival of fresh devices should come as a relief to potential Switch owners, it may nevertheless be tricky getting one. Offered the high demand the system, GameStop could offer from units in the very first couple of hours of opening, depending on the location.

Switch search

If you’d rather remain in sleep, GameStop has Nintendo’s latest system online — but only as part of unique packages that start at $399.99.

At the same time, Amazon has unbundled Switches available, however these tend to offer away at an immediate pace (during the time of writing, just 6 units stay!) and sometimes grant concern to its premium Amazon Prime users. 

As a result, if you’re looking to get your Splatoon 2 on asap, it might be within most readily useful interest to create an alarm for the morning expedition to your neighborhood GameStop tomorrow. Don’t forget your coffee! 

In the event that you pass up, make sure you bookmark our Nintendo Switch deals web page to keep a watch on the latest stock listings.

New iOS 11 icons surface for Apple Maps, App Store and Clock; iOS 11 beta 6 is released

A tweet from iCulture reveals some new icons discovered on the latest beta version of iOS 11, released today. The new Apple Maps icon has something of an inside joke to it as it shows an automobile heading past Apple Park. In the top right, part of the circular building can be seen on the icon. This replaces the current icon which shows a car driving on the I-280 overpass about to make a left turn.

The App Store icon has been made less complex as the paint brush, pencil and ruler that help form the letter “A” (for App) have been replaced by popsicle sticks? Lastly, the font on the clock …

Facebook Messenger now shows Spotify recommendations

Facebook Messenger can perform so much more than deliver texts. In addition to video chats, conducting polls and also playing games, the messaging application’s next trick is knowing when to suggest tunes from the little service known as Spotify.

Mentioning music on Twitter Messenger now prompts music guidelines from Spotify, permitting users to browse a truncated form of the mega-popular streaming service to find the ideal jams for his or her talk.

The function seemingly comes due to M, Twitter’s built-in associate for Messenger, which accumulates on specific expressions like “get a ride” to summon an automobile, “pay you back” to offer repayment services or, in cases like this, “play/recommend some music” to bring up Spotify.

While Spotify users experienced the capacity to share links on Messenger for more than a 12 months, the software now generally seems to just understand to create up the streaming application if you chat about the most recent playlist you made or that sweet new Kesha release.

We could individually make sure M’s Spotify suggestion function works regarding the latest version of Facebook Messsenger on iOS, but may nevertheless take the time to move down to all or any products and platforms. In the meantime, we weren’t kidding about that Kesha record — it’s so worth checking out.

Via VentureBeat

Angry Birds developer Rovio seeks to raise $400 million in IPO that values the firm at $2 billion?

The Angry Birds are reportedly getting ready to invade Wall Street. The company that developed the Angry Bird games and owns the rights to the characters, Rovio, is believed to be filing for an Initial Public Offering that could launch as soon as next month. Speculation has Rovio raising $400 million from the IPO, which would value the game developer at a total of $2 billion. Those in the know suggest that these are not final figures. However, at a $2 billion valuation, Rovio board director Kaj Hed’s 69% stake in the company would be valued at more than $1 billion.

Angry Birds made its …

40 best PC games: the must-play titles you can’t afford to miss

Improvement: at first slated for the mid-August release date on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, Sonic Mania happens to be delayed regarding the latter platform. Continue reading to another location slip to discover why we’re excited for it nonetheless!

Computer gaming is perhaps in its golden age right now. Though it willn’t, nor does it ever, have Nintendo games on its leash, it is hard for system manufacturers to get up. Featuring extremely popular exclusives, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PC video gaming is unyielding atlanta divorce attorneys means.

Nowadays, just about any gamepad that you can buy works with with PC. What’s more, you don’t also desire a long HDMI cable any longer to play PC games within living room – if you have a Samsung Smart TV, all that’s necessary is really a robust web connection.

But how can you know that are the best Computer games to get? Well, we’ve made a list detailing all of the top Computer games in the marketplace – through the massive and gorgeous The Witcher 3 to tactical and competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Gabe Carey has additionally contributed for this article

ZTE Blade Z Max supplies a dual-lens digital camera and 4,080mAh battery pack just for $130

ZTE Blade Z Max is yet another Android os phone touting a dual-lens camera in 2017, but that one happens to be well underneath the $200 mark.

It costs simply $130, making it probably the most affordable smartphone with two cameras regarding the back. It may shoot photos with blur-rich bokeh or monochrome with its combination 16MP and 2MP rear digital cameras. It also includes a 8-megapixel front-facing camera.

The ZTE Blade Z Max normally widening its display real estate and its own battery pack life. It has a 6-inch Full HD display plus big 4,080mAh battery. Its fingerprint sensor,  as soon as a basic of flagship phones, normally part of this budget device. It may become a shortcut button with numerous presses or gestures.

Where does it restrain with this types of cash? It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 chipset, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of interior storage. The good news is, the past point is fixable if you’re like more area: as much as 128GB of storage can be added via the microSD card slot. 

Accepting the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

The ZTE Blade Z Max isn’t away to impress you if you’re looking to buy the iPhone 8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This… is not that.

Rather, ZTE is dealing with the Galaxy J7 Prime and ticking off the boxes on where it is much better than Samsung’s top budget phone.

Its 6-inch display screen is bigger than Samsung’s 5.5-inch display, the 4,080mAh battery life outlasts the J7’s 3,300mAh capability, and also the 16MP+2MP cameras outnumber Samsung’s lonely 8MP rear digital camera.

The Blade Z Max also has a fingerprint sensor, double the interior storage space and also the latest version of Android os Nougat. It is cheaper, too. Samsung charges $209 for the unit.

Needless to say, to use the ZTE Blade Z Max, you’re going to have to be on MetroPCS. The affordable US carrier pairs nicely with this particular best cheap phone in america contender.

More: ZTE’s top performer could be the Axon 7

Apple and Aetna secretly meet to work out Apple Watch subsidies for millions of Aetna customers

Apple and insurance company Aetna have been secretly getting together to discuss how the two companies might be able to deliver discounted Apple Watch units to 23 million customers belonging to the health insurer. While Aetna currently offers 50,000 employees a discount on the Apple Watch, the plan is to extend this to the company’s customers who would use the fitness and health tracking features of the timepiece in order to get into better shape.

The meetings between Apple and Aetna took place last Thursday and Friday in Southern California. In addition to the executives from both companies …

Top PS4 and Xbox One headsets for console gaming

Within the modern age of console gaming, gaming headsets have grown to be important items. Nowadays, a lot of the biggest games around consist of at the least some co-operative or competitive on line play. If you’re keen to relax and play any game involving teaming up from another location with other people, then it’s very easy: you’ll need certainly to buy a gaming headset which combines headphones with a microphone.

When buying a headset, it is worthwhile considering several facets. Certainly one of which will be the kinds of games you perform: if, state, you’re predominantly a fan of massively multiplayer online flash games, convenience must be your number 1 concern, because you will typically be putting on your headset for very long periods. In this situation a wireless headset, with finite battery life, is unsuitable. 

If you’re a serious fast-twitch ninja with pro-gaming aspirations, you can gain a benefit having a high-end headset that boasts surround sound

At the same time if you’re a critical fast-twitch ninja with pro-gaming aspirations, you could gain a benefit with a high-end headset that boasts surround noise which could, like, improve the noise made by the footsteps of approaching competing players.

Your playing environment is important, too: should you want to remain aware of what exactly is going around you while you’re playing, you need to go for an open-backed gaming headset, or you like to play co-operatively in a noisy environment, a headset having a noise-cancelling microphone is essential.

To help you choose the most useful console gaming headset, we’ve compiled this guide spanning the best cordless, wired, high-end and spending plan examples presently on sale. Because it is targeted on system as opposed to Computer games, we’ve assumed that you’re more likely to make use of your headset for playing mainstream co-operative and competitive action games, instead of massively multiplayer games.

it is also worth considering that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have actually design quirks which could complicate the entire process of setting up video gaming headsets to do business with them. The Xbox One forces one to connect a video gaming headset to its controller, plus the older Xbox One controllers, annoyingly, don’t have 3.5mm headphone jacks, forcing you to purchase a supplementary Stereo Headset Adapter (that your headset manufacturers rarely bundle using their items). As well as on the PS4, headsets can at first seem peaceful, whilst the headset output degree is set to half its full amount by default, which necessitates delving around in its system settings.

But when you get any of the following video gaming headsets arranged to your satisfaction, you’ll discover that they truly are great items of kit which, whenever you eliminate their boom-microphones, additionally make great headphones for listening to music on the road, or TV and films once you don’t want to disturb other members of your household.

Most useful overall PlayStation 4 headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

Great performance at a reasonable price

Fabulous noise

Dolby 7.1 Surround Noise

An easy task to put up

Not as robustly made as other people

A little big on small heads

HyperX has developed a sizeable following among the pro-gaming community over the years, as well as its newest headset, the Cloud Revolver S, adds Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound to the blueprint made available from the hugely popular Cloud Revolver without requiring you to sign up for an additional home loan.

Simply, the Cloud Revolver S seems astonishingly good, particularly on price. You will marvel in particular at the characteristics of its noise: deep, rumbling bass and crisp, never ever shrieky treble that enables you to hear every sound impact and totally immerses you in the ambience produced by in-game music.

it is pretty well made, comfortable and classily completed, and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound could be the cherry over the top, letting you identify incoming enemies in first-person shooters – particularly if you explore the preset equalisation modes into which pro-gamers had many input. Really a high-end-sounding headset at a mid-range price.

Most Useful overall Xbox One headset 

Turtle Beach Elite Professional with Tactical Audio Adapter

Built just like a tank with noise to match

Superb sound

Exemplary convenience

Incredible build quality

Pricey aided by the Tactical Audio Adapter

No surround-sound in its base state

Turtle Beach is the longest established expert video gaming headset maker, and possesses a fanatical following among pro-gamers. Whenever you unbox its top-of-the-range Elite Pro, you can view why. It just oozes no-expense-spared design, and sports all method of neat touches created from years of pro-gaming experience.

But more to the point than that, it sounds spectacular, with huge bass and crystal-clear treble accumulated to a sound which will allow you to get profoundly immersed into whatever game you are playing. Comfort-wise, it’s exemplary, with big, dense earpads that prevent all ambient sound, and that can be effortlessly modified to suit all head-sizes. A neat function allows you to include spacing to the earpads to accommodate a couple of glasses.

On the Xbox One, we’d recommend teaming it up with bit of kit called the Tactical Audio Adapter, which clips into the Xbox One controller and operates as an amplifier, adding a few of the extra sound-control features which come in another graphic equaliser-style field called the Tactical sound Controller (which is pricey but adds Dolby 7.1 Surround noise). 

Those features consist of Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing, which improves the noise of incoming players’ footsteps and it is great for hardcore first-person shooter fans, and Dynamic Chat Boost, which keeps chat-levels audible even if background sound rises. And yes it lets you on their own adjust game and chat volumes.

Include tank-like build-quality toward equation and you have a headset that has become something of the status-symbol for individuals who simply take their gaming really.

Best wireless Xbox One headset

LucidSound LS40

An invisible headset without the compromises

Great sound

Perfectly completed

Long battery life

Fiddly amount

Fiddly chat modification

LucidSound is really a newcomer towards world of video gaming headsets, however it has truly produced splash, thanks mainly to its LS40 headset, that includes a specification to perish for, and build-quality and audio fidelity to match. And undoubtedly looks: the LS40 is really well completed, with a good amount of red stitching, that you’d happily put it on in public areas.

Wireless headsets usually suffer with sound-quality that is inferior to that of wired headsets, nevertheless the LS40 does not have any such dilemmas, with a big, bold noise which should satisfy any gamer. Its wireless appears unburstable, too. And it boasts DTS Headphone: X 7.1 surround-sound that provides startlingly precise identifying of incoming sounds – a huge advantage if you’re a hardcore gamer.

Comfort-wise, it is spot-on, too, and a USB wireless dongle causes it to be as easy to set up as any wireless headset (inevitably a trickier process compared to a wired headset). 15-hour battery pack life is as good as you will see. Its chat and general amount controls, hidden in each earcup, do have a little used to, though. And as along with wireless headsets, you still have to install one cable to your Xbox One controller. But the LucidSound LS40 may be the headset which has it all.

Best wireless PlayStation 4 headset

PlayStation Platinum Cordless Headset

An easy task to arranged having an excellent noise

Amazing sound performance

Ultra-plushy earpads

Great value

Obtrusive design

Surround sound does not have panache

Vinyl parts feel fragile

They may maybe not seem like much, but the PlayStation Platinum Wireless is really a really solid headset with an excellent level of sound quality. 

As well as being ludicrously easy to setup, the headset sounds great and is comfortable to wear as well. 

The sound quality is balanced, supplying a decent mix of low and high frequencies, and individuals on other end regarding the line reported that its microphone delivered a good degree of audio quality. 

Our one booking is concerning the headset’s “3D Audio” which dropped straight down somewhat versus what’s provided by your competition, but this might be made up the headset’s very affordable price tag. 

Read the full review: PlayStation Platinum Wireless headset

Most readily useful spending plan PlayStation 4 headset

Turtle Beach EarForce PX24

A budget price for appropriate compromises

exceptional noise

Impressively configurable

Finish betrays the reduced cost

Being strapped for money doesn’t suggest being forced to settle for a substandard video gaming headset, and Turtle Beach’s EarForce PX24 does a pretty decent task of embarrassing many its more costly rivals. Certain, it makes more substantial utilization of synthetic than headsets which are twice the cost, however it still looks and seems sufficiently robust, as well as its general lightness renders it pretty comfortable for prolonged usage.

And in the areas that basically matter – sound and configurability – the Ear Force PX24 is means much better than it has any right to be within cost. Although it does not have the bass expansion you will find in an even more premium headset, as well as its treble is really a bit dry in comparison to such expensive beasts, it nevertheless sounds remarkably good, and as a result of an amplifier which clips between your headset and also the PS4 controller, it is possible to raise the bass, engage Superhuman Hearing mode for first-person shooters and also fiddle around with a digital surround-sound impact.

Finding such features, and extremely decent sound certainly, is really a revelation for this type of low priced headset. You could quibble in regards to the EarForce PX24’s somewhat plasticky overall finish, in our viewpoint, that’s a tiny cost to cover a great headset by having a tiny cost.

Best budget Xbox One headset

LucidSound LS20

A budget headset that basically does not look it


Good sound

Beautifully completed

Need to be charged

The old label about gamers being geeky, style-blind types is hopelessly outdated given that video gaming has completely entered the conventional, and LucidSound’s LS20 video gaming headset is squarely targeted at the style-conscious. It looks fabulous, having sleek design similar to Beats headphones (although with better noise at a small fraction of this price), and it has been created for usage being a basic on-the-go headphone – it comes down with a rubber address the growth mic-socket.

Sound-wise, it is ideal for the purchase price, with clear, well-balanced characteristics over the frequency spectrum, and a bass-boost in case you require it. The reason why it punches above its weight with regards to sound-quality is the fact that it includes an amplifier of unique. The downside of this is even though it’s a wired headset, you still have to charge it and, unsurprisingly offered the price, it cann’t have a recharging cradle. But battery pack life is definitely an impressive 20 hours, therefore nevertheless works, albeit with inferior sonic characteristics, if the battery pack operates out.

If you’re an enthusiastic gamer without any pro-gaming aspirations, and seek a video gaming headset that will additionally work as a great iPod or phone set of headphones, LucidSound’s LS20 is going to do the key with aplomb.