Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera tipped to include Sony sensor that’s not yet available

It might be true that we know almost everything there is to know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship, although few details about the phone’s rear-facing camera leaked online. Of course, we know the smartphone will pack a 12-megapixel single-lens shooter, but that’s about it.

Well, it looks like new information about the Galaxy S8 has just surfaced, but it’s just a small piece of the puzzle. A new report claims Samsung’s flagship will feature a Sony IMX333 sensor for the rear-facing camera.

This particular sensor hasn’t even been introduced yet, and none of Sony’s Xperia phones benefit from its traits. Nothing else has been revealed except for the brand and model of the sensor, so we can’t really discuss it.

We’re pretty sure though that Samsung will want to upgrade the performance and quality of the camera on its Galaxy S flagships, just like it did with the previous models. The real question is how good the Galaxy S8’s camera will be in comparison with the predecessor’s.

Airbnb now offering unique Sydney experiences with ‘Trips’

A giant of crowd-sourced accommodation, Airbnb, has formally launched its experience-based travel planning solution ‘Trips’ in Sydney.

Trips currently exists as a international function associated with Airbnb platform and it is divided into Experiences and Places – adding to the business’s main solution Homes, in other words. the specific accommodation – inside hope of transforming the business right into a fully-fledged travel agency.

There are around 20 brand new Sydney Experiences available and additionally they range from surfing at Bondi beach to browsing at Bondi beach or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can surf just a little further south near Botany Bay. Obviously there’s more being offered than surfing, and with the call down for new hosts, the choices will really develop in the future.

On top of this, around 30 ‘Places’, are introduced on town too, a feature which essentially touted as travel guide fuelled by neighborhood knowledge. The repertoire features culturally-conscious choices like Ethical Eats, Aboriginal community, and Gay-Friendly Haunts, along with everyday occurrences like Day Drinking and Live Music, and insider knowledge with Hidden Art Galleries and Bars.

There’s certain to be something right here for site visitors and locals alike, however if none of this is news for you, then start thinking about hosting one of these activities your self and turn your local pride into cool hard cash. 

Tweet sent by Andy Rubin includes photo partially revealing his iPhone/Pixel challenger

As you probably know by now, Andy Rubin is developing a handset that will challenge high-end phones like the Apple iPhone and the Google Pixel series. Rubin, known as “the father of Android,” is working through a new company he started which goes by the name Essential Products. While we don’t know the name of the device, a phone with the model number Essential FIH-PM1 was benchmarked by Geekbench in January. The FIH in the model number most likely stands for Foxconn International Holdings, and the contract manufacturer has been rumored to be in charge of assembling the phone.

A tweet disseminated …

Google IO 2017: times, rumors and news for Google’s big designer conference

Up-date: Bing has recently done some streamlining of its wide variety talk apps, announcing in March plans to shutter Google Talk permanently, pull SMS help from Hangouts and remove a few of the quirky Lab experiments from Gmail.

That is in an attempt to “focus and prioritize” in the features and apps Google deems more important, and might be simply the start of a talk service springtime cleaning we’ll find out more about at IO.

It’s time once again to start gearing up for Bing IO, the search giant’s yearly designer seminar that’s constantly filled with shocks. In fact, scratch that: Bing is calling this season’s event an “outdoor developer festival”, therefore grab your celebration hat and get prepared to celebrate all things Android, Chrome, and much more.

The Bing IO 2017 dates are might 17 through May 19, and it’s all going down within Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., in which the gathering happened in 2016. 

We’re nevertheless digesting everything Google announced eventually year’s version, including Google Assistant, Google Home, the Allo and Duo apps, details on Android Nougat (though it didn’t have that title at the time), the Daydream VR platform, Android os Wear 2.0 and Android os Instant Apps. 

In 2010’s occasion appears to be in the same way exciting, or at the least we are generated think you will have extra pep in Bing’s step because of the way the IO times and location had been revealed; previously this season, Bing created a more sophisticated puzzle for designers to resolve to unearth the important points. 

If you’re a developer and thinking about Google IO 2017 enrollment, hop over to the Bing IO web site to start the sign-up process (note: you need to be invited to join up). 

While this “festival” is aimed at developers, it is also relevant for anybody interested in Android, Chrome, phones, tablets, smart house products, brand new applications, digital truth and, among other moonshots, self-driving vehicles. 

To Ready the main event, read on for all your news and rumors we’ve heard to date about Bing IO 2017! 

Say hello to Android Os O

The celebrity of IO, since is tradition, would be the newest taste of Android. After in alphabetic purchase – Android Nougat is the most present release – Bing will officially welcome Android os O come May.

While we have no idea the next form of Android’s official title yet (are we set for another submission process?), Android os Oreo appears to be the front-runner now.

Just what will most likely happen is Bing will talk about its next mobile OS update at IO, yet hold off starting it till later on within the 12 months. Considering Android Os 7.0 Nougat don’t publicly launch until August 2016, this may probably be the case for Android Os O. 

But exactly what are we set for with Android O? Christmas time arrived early as Google announced the Android os O developer preview in mid-March, giving united states a look at some very early features for sale in the operating-system.

The most exciting options that come with the build, that is directed at developers, is “Background limits”. This may make apps less taxing on your own device’s battery by making limitations more transparent to designers. The function looks to accomplish for your battery pack life exactly what Data Saver did for wireless bills. 

Addititionally there is picture-in-picture for watching videos while doing other tasks, updates to notifications, including snooze, and animation support for many app icons. 

One last Android os O goodie of note is Sony caused Google to bring the company’s LDAC codec to Android O devices, that’ll deliver improved sound quality over Bluetooth for the listening pleasure.  

As Android os looks to stay competitive aided by the iOS operating-system, try to find Google to talk up every methods Android O bests Apple’s platform.

What is the phrase on Android Wear 2.0?

Android os Wear 2.0 launched in February, so while it’s unlikely for Bing to announce an important update to its revamped wearable os at IO, we expect there to be some talk associated with the wrist. 

To begin with, if Android os Wear 2.0 hasn’t appeared on all old smartwatches by then, we’re able to be in for the statement regarding that extremely thing. 

We mightn’t be amazed if Android Wear 2.0 apps are announced either, and now we could even see a new smartwatch. No rumblings of stated view have started yet, but there is sufficient time prior to the show. 

With Motorola the largest hold out for the latest form of Android Wear currently, maybe a magnificent Google IO unveil is available? Only a thought.

Google Residence intrusion

Bing introduced its very first smart speaker at Google IO 2016 in the form of Bing Residence (just how many times are you able to write “Bing” in a sentence, amiright?), which year could see an updated form of these devices or brand new features available to the first.

The strongest rumor currently is the fact that Google is planning to add phone calling to Home, allowing users to communicate via sound through the presenter. 

Considering Google currently has its venture Fi and Google Voice services ready to go, it may not be too much of a stretch for Google Home to all of a sudden find its calling chops. Phone calling can be apparently into the running for chief competing Amazon Echo, which does put the stress on Google to provide the function eventually.

Another feasible function for Google Residence is numerous user help, which we could see introduced at IO. 

Bing Chrome enhancement

Another area of focus at Google IO will likely be Chrome, and might consist of sets from new Chromebooks to enhanced web browser features. 

Many likely developments we’ll read about though are features including Android os apps working on all future Chromebooks. As Google along with other technology leaders check out more closely connect mobile and computing os’s together, Google will in all probability discuss just how it’s accomplishing this for the advantage of designers, and market viewing at home.

Brand new Pixel phones? Perhaps

Google simply announced the Pixel and Pixel XL phones in October 2016, but rumors have been heating that already the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and even a Pixel XXL (though we question it will likely be called that) have been in the works.

It’s possible Bing could unveil brand new mobile devices at IO 2017, though we’re putting this into the not-very-likely category. 

Not only is the distance only a little too close to the very first devices’ launch, but Bing’s head of equipment stated Bing is about to stay glued to an annual launch period using the devices, which places a launch date later on into the 12 months. He did, but confirm brand new Pixel smartphones are coming, so at the very least we’ve that.

Virtual truth, Chromecast and the rest

There is no question Google will announce items, services and/or updates beyond these main groups at IO 2017. Some tips about what else we may see:

Though, like Pixel, it might be too early the Google Daydream View 2, there is a strong opportunity we’ll have news regarding the VR front from the Big G. Maybe a headset cost reduction, or updates in just how developers create and publish content for virtual truth? 

With Bing Play looking to market great apps and games across all equipment platforms, we mightn’t be amazed to see enough time specialized in this really subject in front of the developer audience.

On the entertainment front, whispers are circulating that Bing Assistant could become available on more third-party products, expanding its origins beyond the Nvidia Shield 2017, where the digital helper currently makes a property. This could certainly sound right doing, and an announcement on extra lovers could be in the cards. 

Other opportunities consist of updates to Android TV, though those will likely be small if any are established. 

We could be set for a brand new Chromecast things have been fairly quiet regarding the streaming disk since the Chromecast Ultra went on purchase. 

The last potential IO agenda item we can speak to with authority right now is Hangouts, and also by a more substantial measure, each of Bing’s texting platforms. 

Bing recently announced two brand new Hangouts offerings intended for enterprise users – Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat – but there is quickly confusion as to perhaps the consumer version of Hangouts would hang in there or, as had been recommended, the more recent Duo and Allo apps would take the place of average-user chat services.

This isn’t also to mention the revamped Google Voice solution Google rolled away in January.

There are obviously way too many Google-branded messaging platforms, as well as perhaps Google will finally prepare yourself to drop what’s no longer working and concentrate on making a couple of great talk offerings. Actually, it currently started a talk application clearing out in late March.

This might be still notably wishful thinking given Google’s background, but IO might be a turning point for Google, one where it prevents presenting new talk apps and begins building robust platforms everyone else really wants to utilize.

Elon Musk’s brand new venture could turn his cyborg desires into reality

Like self-driving vehicles and area travel are not extraordinary enough, Elon Musk is planning another startup directly out from the pages of technology fiction: augmenting the mental faculties with computer systems.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has placed his fat behind a fresh company focused on taking care of implants made to interface with a person’s literal brain to improve human computing potential, according to a report from Wall Street Journal.

Dubbed Neuralink, the startup is reportedly focusing on a method to merge computer software aided by the mind using a surgically implanted neural lace. Using this technology, Neuralink hopes to enhance the memory of augmented people and perhaps even develop a mind-controlled digital interface for computer systems.

Rise associated with the devices

Though Neuralink hasn’t existed nearly long sufficient become jacking folks right into a computer anytime soon, Musk has very long made his views understood he prefers biological intelligence develop alongside — not develop influenced by — digital cleverness.

The futurist has put their cash in which his lips can be well, donating millions to your ethical, non-Skynet-y potential of AI to go alongside his remarks that relying entirely on artificial intelligence may doom the people. 

In the meantime, we are in the same way very happy to help drafting out a code of ethics for AI and specially implanting one within our brains, once we’ve played enough Deus Ex to understand where this material leads whenever unchecked.

Via The Verge

eBay rolls out major update to its Android and iOS mobile apps

If you’re an avid seller and use eBay on a daily basis to list your items that you want to get rid of, then you’ll be pleased to know that the mobile app has just received an important update that makes it easier to sell stuff on the virtual store.

According to eBay, the update is available for both Android and iOS devices, as each version of the app comes with features that are native to these mobile platforms.

Basically, this means that depending on what mobile device you’re using, you will find various improvements, especially to the ease of listing items …

Nokia reports 400% increase in malware infection rates, mostly on Android smartphones

Nokia is back in the headlines with its second bi-annual ‘Threat Intelligence Report’ where the crafty Finns explore mobile infections and vulnerabilities for the first and second half of the year (2016). The report paints a rather bleak picture – last year saw a 400% increase in malware infection rates, with smartphones being 85% of infected devices.

Unsurprisingly, Android phones and tablets are most vulnerable, for Android is the world’s most popular operating system (yes), and therefore most targeted by attackers. In an interesting twist, infections among Windows PCs have fallen, which …

Facebook Messenger now allows you to share your real time location with friends

Facebook Messenger is rolling out Live Location, a feature that allows users share in which they truly are in real-time with more than one buddies for up to 60 mins. 

By turning on Live Location in Messenger for iOS or Android os, whomever you share where you are with will discover what your location is in a map view. They are going to additionally obtain an ETA, centered on the length of time it will just take you to definitely reach the location by vehicle. Users can change down Live Location whenever you want by selecting Stop Sharing before the 60 ticks time frame is up. 

To share with you your location in Messenger on iOS, find the Location icon or maybe more icon, then hit “Location.” You’ll see your overall location on a map and a blue club over the bottom to show on real time Location. 

To stop broadcasting your situation, choose Stop Sharing, additionally found across the base of this screen. Facebook says a little clock enables you to understand how considerably longer location sharing is going to be live.

A great deal is the identical on Android; to talk about your location, choose the Location or even more icon and choose “Location.” The sole difference may be the design associated with the little countdown clock.

Let us meet up…

In addition to Live Location, which can be starting globally, Facebook can also be keeping the capacity to share a static location, great if you are meeting with some body at a new spot. Rather than selecting Share Live Location, you are going to drop a red pin and will share its coordinates with your friend/s.

Real time Location comes under a week after Bing Maps rolled down a similar real-time location sharing function because of its users, though Bing’s take does not have a group time size.

Samsung will not sell (or rent) refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phones in the US

What started as a rumor a few months ago was confirmed earlier today by Samsung, as the South Korean company announced it would eventually sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones later this year.

The moment Samsung chose to make the announcement, just two days ahead of the Galaxy S8’s big reveal, is a bit awkward. Still, in the end, the Galaxy S and Note series have different targets even if the new S8 models will boast larger displays this time.

Concerning the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung said that it would only sell refurbished units after consultations with …

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge get March security updates, Nougat still no-no

We have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good news! True to its promise of monthly security updates for unlocked smartphones in the US, Samsung is updating the unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with the latest security patches from March. Yes, they were ready by March 1, and the update was only listed March 27, but still – B+ for effort!

Now here’s the bad news. Yep, you probably expected it. The unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are still on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. All this time, they never saw a glimpse of Nougat, while carrier versions and international variants are …