Save big on these Treblab X2 true wireless earbuds for under $60

Treblab X2 Wireless Headphones

Thanks in part to the Apple AirPods, wireless earbuds are among the trendiest must-have items in today’s tech scene. If you’re ready to cut the cord and join the club, but can’t justify the $150 or more membership, then you might like the look of the Treblab X2 True Wireless Earbuds.

At launch, these buds retailed at $150, but right now they’re subject to a triple price drop. They’re now within the realm of affordability and can be in your possession for just under $60 while this deal runs.

If you live an active lifestyle, then you’ll appreciate the xDrop ear-fins design. The fins contour to the shape of your ears, so you can enjoy an active lifestyle without the buds popping out. Don’t worry about drowning these buds in your sweat — they’re IPX4 waterproof.

The Treblab X2 provide solid bass and crisp sound.

Sound quality is on point too. Whether you’re an EDM fanatic or a classical purist, you can expect solid bass and crisp sound.

The earbuds boast a battery life of up to five hours of use on a single charge. Add to that two extra charges from the charging case, and you’ve got a nice additional perk for heavy power users.

You’re getting the value of a premium product but for just $59.99, so save yourself $90 and snag yourself a pair while they’re on offer.

Hit the button below to find the deal.

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Deal: The $100 Bluetooth 5 AirTaps are under $40 today

AirPods may be the standard bearer for wireless Bluetooth earbuds, but at $160 a pair, you know that you’re paying a big premium for the Apple name. There are plenty of budget alternatives, and you won’t see many bigger savings than the Bluetooth 5.0 AirTaps from Trndlabs.

The AirTaps have a sleek, true-wireless design to ensure minimal bulk, and they come with a lightweight charging case. Not only is the case handy for keeping the buds together, but it also gives you an extra 10 hours battery life.

With the charging case, you can enjoy up to 14 hours of playback time.

The playback time from the AirTaps is already up to four hours, so with the extra juice from the charging case, you can go all day without needing a power socket.

The AirTaps use Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced connectivity with your device, so they won’t lag or drop out while you’re enjoying your favorite tunes. They’re pretty damn stylish too.

AirTaps Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If you like the look of the AirTaps then today is the best day to pick up a pair. They’re on offer for better than half price this week. The usual value is almost $100, but right now a set is just $36.99

If you’re buying for two people, or just want a spare set for yourself, you can save a few dollars more. A set of two AirTaps is only $69.99.

This massive price drop ends in a matter of days, so don’t hang about. Follow the link below to find the offer.

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Get the CX1 True Wireless Earbuds for better than half price

CX1 True Wireless Earbuds

The CX1 True Wireless Earbuds are the ideal travel buddies, and right now you can get your ultra-portable pair for less than 40 bucks.

The CX1 buds fit comfortably in your ears, and one charge offers for up to three hours of uninterrupted listening. The charging case extends the listening time for five full charges, so up to 15 additional hours.

The buds easily connect to any Bluetooth-compatible device with a range of up to 30 feet, so you don’t have to stay anchored to your device. Whether you’re working your way through the gym or walking around the home or office, you’re connected.

Despite their ultra-lightweight size, the CX1s deliver punchy, robust sound.

Despite their ultra-lightweight size, the CX1s deliver punchy, robust sound, so you’ll always enjoy high-quality listening, portability, and comfort.

Normally, the CX1 True Wireless Earbuds sell for $89.99, but with today’s deal, you can save 55 percent and get a pair for only $39.99. Just click the button below to get yours.

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Deal: Bluetooth 5 true wireless AirPod alternatives for just $26.99

Spunky Buds True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are all the rage, and adding the enhanced connectivity of Bluetooth 5.0 makes for a winning combination. If you see the two together, you usually expect a three-figure price tag to follow.

The Tronsmart Spunky Buds may have a smirk-inducing name, but they offer this perfect combo, and boast fantastic reviews across the web. The best part is that, right now, they can be yours for well under $30.

The Spunky Buds are packed with handy features. An IPX5 water resistance ensures sweat or rain doesn’t interfere with your listening experience, a quick double-tap can activate Siri or Google Assistant, and the charging case makes them more ideal for all-day use. That’s just for starters.

Spunky Buds features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 – The latest connectivity option offers a more stable connection and better range.
  • IPX5 water-resistant – This makes them splash-proof for undisturbed enjoyment.
  • Hi-Fi stereo sound – The buds are engineered to produce high fidelity audio, letting you experience your favorite music on-the-go as never before. 
  • Ergonomic design – They offer a secure and comfortable fit, with a range of bud sizes included to suit your ear.
  • Intuitive gesture controls – You can use the intuitive touch control to play, pause, skip track, take, end and reject phone calls, and to activate Google Assistant.
  • All day battery life – Three hours play time with an additional nine hours of battery life from the charging case.

Spunky Buds True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds

The Spunky Buds are at least $50 on Amazon, but you can do much better than that from There’s a range of prices available depending on the color of the buds you pick, where you ship them from, and so on.

Here’s how to get the very best price: Select the white buds shipped from China (the link below will take you to this selection) which would usually cost you $45.99, including shipping. At the checkout use the coupon code DFQOPWTY and you’ll slash another $19 from the price. The total amount you’ll pay is just $26.99.

The coupon code only works on this combination of selections, and stock is limited. To get your Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless buds and start hearing your tunes in style, hit the button below.

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Deal: Take 60% off Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

We know that great sound is important to you, so we’re always on the lookout for big deals on high-quality Bluetooth earbuds.

The Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds fit the bill perfectly, combining minimalist design with state-of-the-art technology. Check out the video above to see what we mean. 

Carbon nanotube diaphragms are the next generation of sound technology, allowing Cresuer to deliver superior sound to your ears. Back this up with CVC noise cancellation technology, plus further noise isolation coming via the silicone eartips, and you’ve got a pleasing all-round listening experience.

Each bud weighs in at just five grams and fits comfortably in your ear, allowing you to answer calls or skip a tune with a single tap

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

We accept that we’re hardly fashion gurus, but we think they look pretty damn stylish too.

We’re spotlighting the Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds today because they’ve taken a considerable price drop. Previously retailing around $100, right now they’re down to just $39.99. This includes the charging case and all other accessories. At that price, they’re well worth a look.

Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds at a glance:

  • Control songs or answer calls with a simple tap, without any extra pressure on your ear.
  • Make clear calls thanks to CVC Noise Cancellation technology and total noise isolation from silicone eartips.
  • Keep your earbuds in place during hard workouts with three different sizes to choose from and sweat resistance.
  • Listen to music for three hours on a single charge, or up to 12 hours when using the charging box.
  • Charge the buds up to four full times while on the go with the wireless charging case.

The deal ends soon, so don’t miss out. The button below takes you to it.

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Samsung might release new Gear IconX earbuds this year

According to SamMobile, Samsung is working on new Gear IconX true wireless earbuds. The company will reportedly release the updated earbuds sometime this year.

Anonymous sources claim that the updated IconX earbuds come with model number SM-R170. They also claim that the earbuds feature 8GB of internal storage. That’s double the amount of storage we’ve seen in Samsung smartwatches and previous IconX models.

Finally, the updated IconX reportedly comes in three colors: black, white, and yellow. The current version of the IconX comes in black, pink, and gray.

Editor’s Pick

Not much else is known about Samsung’s upcoming wireless earbuds. We can guess that Samsung will use Galaxy branding instead of the Gear branding used in older IconX models.

We can also guess that the updated IconX features AKG branding and tuning. Samsung flagship smartphones released in the last two years feature AKG-tuned speakers and AKG-branded earbuds.

Released in 2016, the original Gear IconX earbuds arrived during a time when true wireless earbuds were just taking off. Even though battery life was poor and they were difficult to control, the original IconX earbuds had plenty of potential.

Samsung followed up its freshman effort with the Gear IconX (2018). Samsung made improvements across the board with the newer earbuds, though the touch controls remain a bit finicky.

We can be sure that the upcoming IconX earbuds feature even more improvements. We just don’t know what those improvements look like just yet.

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The 1More Stylish TWS are affordable alternatives to the Apple AirPods

1More Stylish TWS true wireless earbuds.

Android device owners have another alternative to Apple’s AirPods with audio device company 1More’s Stylish TWS. The Stylish TWS are 1More’s first pair of true wireless earbuds.

In terms of design, the Stylish TWS are in-ear earbuds with circular silicone hooks that help them stay in your ears. The earbuds include three different sized ear tips and silicone hooks just in case the installed ones don’t fit.

Each earbud features a multi-functional button near the back. The left earbud’s button lets you play, pause, skip, and rewind your music. The right earbud’s button lets you answer, hang up, and decline incoming phone calls.

1More is known more for sound quality than design, however. To that end, the Stylish TWS feature 7mm dynamic drivers for sound quality and a MEMS microphone to block out environmental noise in phone calls.

Editor’s Pick

Unfortunately, the Stylish TWS will only last two and a half hours at 50 percent volume. The included charging case provides an extra seven hours of listening.

The price makes it easier to deal with the mediocre battery life. You can pre-order the Stylish TWS at the link below for $99.99. You can pick up the earbuds in black or gold, with pink and green color options coming soon.

Deal: The 360 Earphones are the future of portable sound

Once in a while, a paradigm shift occurs in the tech world. You may think you’ve heard how good sound can be from earbuds. 360Audio is saying “hold my beer.”

The 360 Earphones are something of a revolution in portable sound. Redesigning the mechanical structure of earbuds using patented technology, these buds are designed to play sound the way it was created — multi-directionally.

The 360 Earphones incorporate an innovative new mechanical approach to earbud technology, as the video above demonstrates. You can now listen with 5.1 virtual surround sound, the dynamic frequency range from 8Hz to 20KHz, and the truest bass realized on an earbud platform.

360 Earphones

Sound industry experts have been lavishing praise on the 360 Earphones, including Chris Julian — Emmy award winner for film sound editing. The tech world is excited too. In awarding the earbuds 9.8 out of 10, TechAeris said: “The only problem that these earbuds present is what do we do with all of the other earbuds that we own?”

The 360 Earphones at a glance:

  • Immerse yourself in true replicated audio and enjoy the best sound you’ll ever hear on an earbud
  • Frequencies are clearly separated to provide clarity and 3D 5.1 virtual surround sound
  • Packs the same bass response you’d get in a subwoofer into an earbud
  • Intrasonic frequencies develop in the back cavity allowing you to hear crystal clear bass
  • Viscoelastic material inside the mechanical structure refines frequencies to produce clear output and absorbs unwanted feedback
  • In-line microphone and control button allows you to make calls and control track and volume

This Kickstarter success raised its goal 10 times over and hit the market for $150. They’ve now come on offer for the first time, so this week, you can pick up a pair from Tech Deals for just $72.

This price drop is only temporary, and you can even get delivery before Christmas if you’re quick. Tap the button below to find the deal.

The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB.

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