LG has vague timeline for global rollout of Pie for the LG G7 ThinQ

According to a post on the South Korean version of the LG website, Android 9 Pie will land on the South Korean variant of the LG G7 ThinQ in the first quarter of 2019.

Usually, LG updates its devices in its home country first and then rolls out the update to other countries some months later. Using this history as a rubric, it’s a safe bet that Pie will land on your LG G7 ThinQ at some point in the first half of 2019.

Or hey, maybe not. Maybe it will be sooner or later than that.

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Unlike other manufacturers who have given at least somewhat concrete timelines for the rollout of Pie to their Android devices, LG’s report on the matter is very vague. However, the company did roll out a beta of Android 9 Pie to its South Korean G7 Thinq handsets in November, so maybe the stable rollout will happen sooner than we expect.

Earlier in 2018, LG promised it was building a new division with the sole purpose of pushing faster Android updates to its phones. However, we haven’t heard much at all about this new update center since then. Judging from the fact that Android 9 Pie has been stable since August of 2018, it doesn’t appear that the update center is up and running quite yet.

If you have an LG G7 ThinQ, you will get Android 9 Pie at some point. We’ll just have to wait on LG to announce exactly when that will be.

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Some LG G7 owners are reporting bootloops, but a fix is coming

The back of the LG G7 ThinQ.

  • Some LG G7 users are reporting that their phones are suffering from bootloop issues.
  • Fortunately, the issue is restricted to T-Mobile users in certain European countries.
  • LG is aware and will be issuing a fix “within the next several days.”

LG is no stranger to the phenomenon of bootloops, and it looks like a few LG G7s are experiencing the issue as well.

According to threads on Reddit and XDA (h/t: PhoneArena), some European LG G7 owners reported that their phones would repeatedly try and fail to boot up. Oddly enough, it seems like the problem is restricted to T-Mobile subscribers in Europe. One redditor also posted a video of their phone boot-looping, which can be seen below.

The South Korean manufacturer has confirmed the issue to PhoneArena, saying it was indeed related to one network (which looks to be T-Mobile).

“The latest software update for the LG G7 ThinQ on a specific network in a number of European countries is preventing the phone from starting,” LG explained, adding that affected phones haven’t suffered from permanent damage.

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“In cooperation with the operator, LG will be issuing a software solution within the next several days which will allow affected customers to roll back the update and return their device to its previous state. Customers are encouraged to contact an LG call center or visit their local service center for further assistance,” the company added.

In other words, this seems like an issue with the network or the latest version of the network-approved G7 update rather than the LG hardware itself. This should be a relief for both users and the Korean brand, following a spate of more serious bootloops over the years that affected everything from the LG G4 to the Nexus 5X.

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