Here are the top 5 OnePlus 6T features

The #phonepocalypse is nearly over, but OnePlus wants to close out this year’s smartphone silly season on a high with the OnePlus 6T.

Between headphone jack drama and launch date hopskotch, there’s been a lot of controversy in the run-up to the phone’s full reveal.

Now the OnePlus 6 successor is finally here, does the latest T-series represent a new high benchmark for the Chinese brand? Here are the top five OnePlus 6T features to help you decide.

OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint sensor

In-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock

Prior to launch, OnePlus hyped the launch of its latest flagship with the rather cumbersome tagline “Unlock the Speed.” We already know that OnePlus phones always blisteringly fast — the OnePlus 6T comes with up to 8GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 845 SoC — but the “unlock” part initially raised a few eyebrows.

CEO and co-founder Pete Lau eventually confirmed that the OnePlus 6T would feature both an in-display fingerprint sensor and OnePlus’ face unlock technology. This gives OnePlus 6T users a number of ways to secure and protect their device and removes the need for a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor cluttering the sleek glass design.

In theory, having both face unlock and an in-display sensor puts the OnePlus 6T on par with the feature-stacked Huawei Mate 20 Pro when it comes to unlocking the screen. We’ll just have to wait for our full review to find out if the technology is capable of hanging with the best.

OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 6T display notch

Display (and that tiny notch)

Just over seven months ago, all the Android community could talk about was OnePlus’ divisive decision to stick a huge notch on the OnePlus 6.

Fast forward to today and we have a new OnePlus phone with a yet another notch, but one that’s easily one of the tiniest cutouts we’ve seen on a notched phone to date.

The tear/waterdrop-style notch, inherited from BBK stablemates like the Oppo R17 series, houses an ambient/distance/RGB sensor and a 16MP selfie camera all in one tiny droplet.

The OnePlus 6T features easily one of the tiniest cutouts we’ve seen on a notched phone to date.

The diminutive notch leaves enough room for a 6.41-inch AMOLED display with a 2,340 x 1,080 resolution, 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and a tasty 86 percent screen-to-body ratio.

While it’s not quite the complete rollback some OnePlus fans were hoping for, it’s one of the least intrusive notches on any smartphone and leaves enough room for a large, vibrant display. Plus, if you don’t like the notch, you can always turn it off in the phone’s settings.

OnePlus 6T specs

OxygenOS 9.0

OxygenOS continues to go from strength to strength both in terms of features and popularity. That’s still true with the latest iteration based on Android 9.0 Pie, OxygenOS 9.0, which ensures the OnePlus 6T offers one of the best, purest Android experiences you can get.

All of the awesome new features from Android Pie are present and correct, including navigation gestures which feel a little iOS-inspired on OnePlus’ latest flagship.

OxygenOS 9.0 also comes with a few exclusive software tweaks of its own. Gaming Mode will now intercept incoming messages and calls from third-party apps and show them as smaller notifications so you don’t get distracted from a heated round of Fortnite.

In addition, OnePlus says a new feature called Smart Boost will improve app cold start speeds by up to 20 percent through some clever use of RAM, meaning you’ll be able to get back in the game faster than ever.

OnePlus 6T battery life

Battery life

If you’ve read our OnePlus 6T hands-on (and if you haven’t go do it now!) you’ll know that Android Authority’s David Imel has been incredibly impressed with the OnePlus 6T’s endurance.

The OnePlus 6T battery has jumped from 3,300mAh on the OnePlus 6 to 3,700mAh, which is a respectable leap, but nothing to write home about on paper. In real world tests, however, the OnePlus 6T managed to hit ridiculously impressive screen-on times of up to 8 hours.

These early results show that there’s almost certainly some heavy optimization going on under the hood with OxygenOS 9.0. As David himself says, “This is probably the best battery life I’ve ever seen in an Android smartphone, proving that battery capacity doesn’t tell the whole story.”

OnePlus 6T price availability


Okay, so this isn’t technically a feature of the phone itself, but the fact that you’ll soon be able to walk into a T-Mobile store in the U.S. and walk out with a OnePlus 6T in your hand is a huge deal.

Not only that, but the OnePlus 6T is also fully certified to work on Verizon Wireless for the first time ever.

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These are both monumental changes and could greatly impact OnePlus’ visibility in one of the largest, most tricky-to-crack smartphone markets on the planet.

Meanwhile, in the U.K., OnePlus has also confirmed the OnePlus 6T will be sold via multiple carriers for the first time, once again showing that the Chinese brand is aiming much larger with its latest flagship.

For release info in the rest of the world, be sure to check out our price and availability post here.

That’s the OnePlus 6T’s top five features! Of course, there’s plenty more the phone has to offer, as we’ve barely touched upon the OnePlus 6T’s beastly raw specs or the improved camera.

We’ll be bringing you a detailed review of the OnePlus 6T that touches on all this and more very soon. In the meantime, be sure to let us know your favorite OnePlus 6T features in the comments.

OnePlus says it will launch a 5G phone next year, hopes to be part of first wave


  • Carl Pei has confirmed OnePlus will release a 5G phone next year.
  • The executive says OnePlus will be among the first companies to release a 5G device.
  • This suggests the phone will be released early in the year.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has confirmed the company will release a 5G phone next year. Speaking at the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong, Pei said he expects OnePlus to be either the first or one of the first companies to release a 5G device, reports Engadget.

This comes soon after Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon reportedly said he expects at least two major flagships to arrive with Qualcomm’s 5G radio next year: one in the first half of the year, and one in the holiday season.

At the moment, it is thought OEMs will begin to release 5G devices in early 2019.

In recent years, OnePlus has launched phones in May or June and October or November. Should the company stick to its twice-yearly release schedule and still be one of the first to release a 5G phone, it is likely that the May release would have to be the one that includes a version with 5G support.

Alternatively, the company could be working on a separate 5G model. This would allow it to release a 5G device even earlier in the year while sticking to May and November for its regular releases.

Editor’s Pick

The list of manufacturers thought to be working on 5G devices appears to be growing by the day. LG has confirmed it will release a device with Sprint, while Huawei has said it is working on a foldable phone with 5G support.

ZTE and Samsung are also thought to be working on devices that will be released next year, while Xiaomi has said it will launch the Mi Mix 3 with 5G support on October 25.

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First OnePlus 6T camera sample appears via CEO: Is it a low-light champ?

OnePlus 6T teaser Twitter

  • OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has posted a photo taken with the OnePlus 6T.
  • The photo shows a city at dusk, but it’s unclear if this was taken in auto or night mode.
  • Little else is known about the camera experience, but we’ll find out more on October 29.

The Oneplus 6T launch event is around the corner, and we already have a good idea of what to expect from the phone. How its camera will handle is less certain, but OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has dished out a tantalizing glimpse of its capabilities on social media.

The executive published a photo sample on Weibo (h/t: GSMArena), showing a city at dusk/night. We don’t know if the photo was edited, while EXIF information isn’t available either. Nevertheless, the clouds and buildings seem well-realized. The sky isn’t noise-free though but, all in all, it seems like a good low-light snap. Check it out below (we’ve resized the image to fit the page):

A OnePlus 6T camera sample by Pete Lau.

It’s unclear whether this is the phone’s normal mode or a night mode as seen on the likes of Huawei‘s phones. In Huawei’s case, the night mode intelligently stacks and aligns multiple frames in order to reduce noise and simulate a long shutter speed. If this were taken via a normal/auto mode, however, it would make for a great demonstration of the setup’s light-gathering capabilities. But we won’t complain if this photo is the result of a night mode.

Editor’s Pick

The OnePlus 6T is set for an October 29 reveal, and we already have a few confirmed details. The new phone will ship with Android Pie and an in-display fingerprint sensor, but will lack a headphone jack. Other expected features include a Snapdragon 845 chipset, dual-camera setup, and an OLED screen with a tiny notch.

The new phone would also mark the latest device to arrive in October, following in the footsteps of the LG V40 ThinQ, Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20, and Razer Phone 2.

What do you think of the sample snap? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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