4 best smart plugs you can buy

Forgot to switch off the TV before leaving home? Don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning to make coffee? Smart plugs are your one-stop solution to upgrading your conventional home appliances into smart devices.

A smart plug is a simple device that can control almost any electronic device straight from your smartphone or a smart speaker. While they can’t do much more than turn them off or on, there’s plenty of scenarios where these could come in handy, as mentioned above.

We’ve narrowed down a list of the best smart plugs for 2019, so lets jump right in.

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

With the Wemo Mini smart plug you can effortlessly manage all your connected devices irrespective of where you are. Being wireless, this smart plug allows you to control your gadgets by a simple on/off button through your smartphone or tablet. Another positive thing to consider is its remarkably compact size. Furthermore, when used with virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this plug offers you a full voice control support. 

You can buy this product for just $ 18.99 and can explore its exceptional features.

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Belkin Wemo Insight Smart Plug

Wemo Insight Smart Plug

Another one from Wemo, the Belkin Wemo Insight Smart Plug can control other devices in your home using the WiFi, and can remotely turn them on and off. This gives you access and control over these devices from anywhere.

It informs you about the power your device is using, how long it’s been on, and how much money it costs you in terms of energy consumption. You can also use it with an IFTT recipe and can schedule it according to your convenience.

Wemo Insight also works with Google Assistant and Alexa. It even has a feature that connects to Nest so it can tell your Wemo when you’re home or away. This way your electrical appliances can turn off to conserve energy when the house is empty or your lights can turn on automatically when you walk in the door.

Smart and exciting, right? However, this one costs $35 which makes it the most expensive smart plug on our list. However, it is also the most advanced and high-tech, so you get the best value for your money.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug

 Xiaomi Smart WiFi Socket

The third on our list of the top-ranked smart plugs is the Mi Smart Plug, a product by China’s third largest e-commerce company and tech giant, Xiaomi. It stands out because of its super affordable price and compact design. Its tiny glossy case is made of flame-resistant material and can withstand a temperature of up to 750°C.

You can wirelessly control the functions of your home devices from anywhere simply by using either your smartphone or voice control via Google Assistant. In addition, it used a 5V/1A USB port, that allows you to easily charge a USB device. Available for only $17, this one makes the cheapest smart plug on our list.

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Aukey Wi-Fi Smart Plug

AUKEY Wi-Fi Smart Plug

What’s better than a single smart plug? Its two manual, App and voice assistant controlled outlet plugs for the price of one! Aukey’s unique compact form lets two smart plugs to fit together perfectly in one duplex outlet.

Using Google Assistant, Alexa or the Aukey Home App, you can easily change settings on your electric devices from anywhere. You can even program your home appliances so that they switch on and off on their own based on your daily routine.

Available for only $27.99, this one is not only a smart plug, but also makes for a smart investment. You also get two smart plugs in a set for this price.

With the advent of ‘smart’ technology and the constant need to upgrade our lives along with it, smart plugs are a simple way to bring just a little bit of smarts to your devices without investing much. The above-listed options are some of the best smart plugs in 2019, and your first step into transforming your traditional home into a high-tech one. Of course there are plenty of other options out there. Did we miss a good one? Let us know in the comments.


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Now is a great time to invest in smart light bulbs, but what should you get?

With Christmas just around the corner many smart home products are on sale, hoping to make their way under the tree. This includes smart light bulbs, but what should you get? Hands down, Philips Hue is probably the best choice for most of you reading this. Yes, you need a hub but Hue bulbs are super reliable and also easier to find at brick-in-mortars in the event you need to get a replacement bulb in a hurry.

Hue offers loads of smart light bulbs and lamps that can be controlled via Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. Don’t have a smart speaker?  You really should, but if you don’t the good news is you can also control smart light bulbs directly from your smartphone via any Hue compatible apps.

You can turn all the lights on or off at once, or just the one in the room of choice. You can also dim the lights to specific percentages and even check with Assistant if you forgot to turn off the one in the bathroom before going to bed. As you’ll find with all smart light bulbs, setup is a breeze. Just plug or screw in the light and follow any included instructions for setting up with an app or smart speaker.

Philips offers a few starter packs worth checking out. They include smart light bulbs and the Hue bridge hub, which is required for the system to work. If you buy the Hue bulbs individually, you’ll still  have to get the Hue bridge, which goes for $60 on Philips’ website.

Philips Hue White starter kit

The cheapest starter kit with the Hue bridge goes for $70 and comes with two smart bulbs that produce a warm white light. For an additional $30, you can get a starter pack with four bulbs that emit different shades of white, from cool daylight to relaxing warm white light. The most expensive option goes for $200 and gets you four bulbs able to light up your room in 16 million different colors.

There are also loads of sexy lamps and lights available that range from $35 to $350. You can check out some of the best ones below, along with a few starter kits:

Runner up: Lifx smart light bulbs

Lifx smart light bulbs

Not impressed by Hue? Lifx is easily the second most popular choice. Lifx smart light bulbs are similar to those from Philips. You can turn them on or off, dim them, change their color, and more via Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. You can even create schedules to automate your lighting. Unlike Philips products, they don’t require a hub to work.

Editor’s Pick

There are many products to choose from. The cheapest bulb will set you back $25 (Lifx Mini White), and only produces white light. You’ll have to dish out $20 more for the Lifx Mini Color, which lets you light up your home in any of the 16 million colors available. Keep in mind most Lifx products come with a discount when purchased in packs of four. Four Mini Color bulbs can be yours for $160, which brings the price of each unit down to $40 and saves you $20.

Two of the most interesting Lifx products are Tile and Beam. Tile costs $250 and comes with five tiles included in the box, allowing you to create a unique layout on a wall. Every tile features 64 controllable zones and you can assign a different color and brightness to each one — check what this looks like in action below.

Lifx smart light bulbs tile and beam Lifx

Lifx Beam is cheaper, at $200, and works pretty much the same way, although it doesn’t feature controllable zones. It also has a different form factor (11.8 x 1.37 x 0.78 inches). There are six “beams” included in the box, which you can set up any way you want to create a unique look. Learn more about Beam, as well as other Lifx products, via the links below:

Best for budget: Xiaomi Yeelight family

Xiaomi Yeelight Color Led Light Bulb

There are tons of light bulb brands but for the most part we recommend Hue and Lifx. The one clear exception is for those looking to make their homes smarter on a budget. If that sounds like you, we highly recommend checking out Xiaomi’s offerings.

We recently reviewed Xioami’s desk lamp, smart plug, and other accessories and found them all great. Particularly impressive is the Yeelight color LED bulb. It works well and is only $20, which makes it much cheaper than the competition. In fact, this pricing wouldn’t even be expensive if we were talking about a white-only bulb, but with full color support this is a steal!

Also worth mentioning: Sengled and Nanoleaf

Another great choice for budget users is Sengled, which offers affordable smart light bulbs under the Element brand. Pricing starts at $10 for the cheapest bulb, with four and eight-packs available to bring down the price even further. But you’ll have to dish out $20 extra to get your hands on a light bulb that can change colors. Also the bulbs require a hub.

If you’re looking for something super modern and stylish, Nanoleaf is the company to go with. It sells light panels you can piece together into any shape you want. You can set schedules and create scenes that Assistant or Alexa can activate. It’s far from the cheapest option out there — nine panels go for $230. If you need more, you can get 15 panels for $315 or 30 for around $550.

There you have it, these are the best smart light bulbs and other lighting products compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Affiliate disclosure: We may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products via links on this page. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. See our disclosure policy for more details.