YouTube Music gets local audio file browser with annoying limitations

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Although you can already play your own locally-stored music files using YouTube Music, you can’t do so from within the app itself. Instead, you need to use a file browser app to navigate to those files and then play them.

That’s going to change soon as Google is going to integrate a file browser right into YouTube Music, which will allow you to play your locally-stored files without having to exit the app.

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This new feature will bring YouTube Music one step closer to replacing Google Play Music — although it still has a very long way to go before it will achieve feature parity with that other, older product.

Check out the screenshot below from MS Power User that shows how the on-device files browser will look:

A screenshot showing the upcoming addition of a device files browser within the YouTube Music app. MS Power User

In the screenshot, you might notice the warning bar at the top. That statement lists out the two major limitations to using YouTube Music to play your locally-stored audio:

  • You cannot mix your local files in with playlists created with YouTube content.
  • You cannot cast locally-stored content through YouTube Music.

These two limitations are pretty annoying, especially when you consider that Google Play Music doesn’t have the first one. For the second limitation, GPM allows you to upload your local tracks to the service and then easily cast those files — YouTube Music has no such feature.

Regardless, YouTube Music is very slowly making its way to replacing Google Play Music. If you want to know what to do with your Play Music library, check out our discoveries of one potential option below:

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You can play YouTube Music without ads on Google Home speakers

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Google announced today on the YouTube blog that anyone with a Google Home or Google Assistant-powered speaker can now listen to ad-free music from YouTube Music.

Google notes that you can’t pick and choose which songs or albums you want to listen to — you can only listen to pre-populated playlists. That said, you still have the option to upgrade to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99 each month and get the benefits that come with a subscription. Those benefits include listening to music on-demand, offline listening, and more.

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If you already own a Google Home device, open the Google Home app and select Account Settings. From there, tap Music and select YouTube Music as the default music service. If you just got a Google Home speaker, you can choose YouTube Music as the default music service during setup.

You can try out ad-free YouTube Music listening on your Google Home or Google Assistant speaker if you live in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands, and Austria. The feature will be available in other countries “soon.”

Whether you want YouTube Music as your default music service is another question, however. Even though Google will eventually merge YouTube Music and Google Play Music, the latter’s locker service is still notably absent from the former. Also absent are gapless playback, proper library management, and more.

You can now use YouTube Music with your Sonos speakers

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If you’ve been waiting to use YouTube Music with your Sonos speaker, today’s your lucky day — Google announced that the music streaming service is now available to play on all Sonos speakers.

So long as you have either a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription, you can play your entire YouTube Music library through the Sonos Controller app. You also have access to YouTube Music’s “recommended” listening suggestions, new releases, YouTube Charts, and the “Your Mixtape” personalized playlist.

Here are the full instructions to add YouTube Music to the Sonos Controller app:

  1. Open the Sonos Controller app.
  2. Tap More from the menu on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Add Music Services.
  4. Select YouTube Music > Add to Sonos.
  5. Tap I’m already a member.
  6. Tap Authorize and paste the code presented on the previous screen.
  7. Tap Next and sign in to or select your YouTube Music account.
  8. Return to the Sonos app.
  9. Enter an account and then click Done.

You’ll have to go back to the YouTube Music app if you want to search for songs and videos, however. The announcement post doesn’t mention the ability to use the standard YouTube Music app with Sonos speakers, so keep that in mind.

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Also keep in mind that you can use YouTube Music with your Sonos speaker if you have a Google Play Music subscription. YouTube Music is free to use, but you’ll need some sort of premium subscription to use it with your Sonos speaker.

On a related note, Sonos speakers already work with Google Play Music if you don’t like YouTube Music.

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