Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, if you’ve not already done so then it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special person in your life or even just a friend. In this feature, we’ll be covering the best Valentine’s gift ideas including gifts for her and gifts for him.


1. LoveCases iPhone 11 Valentines Lollipop Clear Case

LoveCases iPhone 11 Valentines Lollipop Clear Phone Case

First up we have this Valentine’s Day inspired phone cases from LoveCases. This fun love heart design highlights the Valentines season perfectly, although you can continue to use this case long after Valentine’s day. Shown here for the iPhone 11, the case is available for multiple handsets and provides durable protection, without adding any unnecessary bulk. Additionally add on a second case from the LoveCases range and grab a great deal with two cases for £15.

2. AGL Colour Changing Cinematic LED Light Box With Emoji’s

AGL Colour Changing Cinematic LED Light Box With Emoji's

Get creative with the Colour Changing LED lightbox from AGL. Complete with 170 characters and emoji’s, this retro cinematic lightbox is great for use for on special occasions including Valentine’s day and parties, as a decoration or even for mood lighting. With twenty different colours and modes to choose, you can easily set the mood for a night in or easily change it around for a movie night with friends.

3. ThumbsUp Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With LED Colour Touch Lamp

Thumbs UP Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With LED Colour Touch Lamp

Next up we have this LED colour changing Bluetooth speaker. Connect your phone, tablet, laptop or computer to set the tone with your favourite music and match it with the integrated mood light. Featuring three brightness level and six different colour variations, this speaker allows you to set the atmosphere perfectly. for date night or when you’re chilling with your mates. The lightweight and compact design of the speaker makes it ideal for use when you’re travelling or even just at home.

4. Portable Cinema Universal Cardboad Smartphone Projector

Portable Cinema Universal Cardboard Smartphone Projector

Turn your phone into a portable cinema, with this retro styled universal cardboard smartphone projector. Quick and easy to assemble, you’ll be able to project your phone’s display onto any surface making it perfect when you’ve got friends round to watch movies or any other video’s on your phone. Compact and lightweight, this universal smartphone projector makes for an ideal gift for any movie fan.

5. ThumbsUp 240-in-1 Multi Game Mini Arcade Machine

Continuing with the retro theme, this Mini Arcade Machine is the perfect gift your other half or friend that’s into gaming. Packed with 240 games, we’re sure you’ll never run out of games and be kept entertained for hours. This small and lightweight gadget features easy to use controls and is powered by three AA batteries, making it ideal for use on long journeys.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our feature on the best Valentine’s gift ideas. If you’d like to purchase any of the gifts above, you can do so by clicking on the buy here buttons. Alternatively if you’d like to see more gift ideas then click here.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Accessories to be Delayed due to Wuhan Coronavirus

Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Why the delays?

With Samsung’s Unpacked event a little under two weeks away, things are hotting up for the release of the Galaxy S20 series, however it seems the widely reported Wuhan Coronavirus and the subsequent extension of the Chinese New Year holiday by the Chinese government will have some interesting consequences for Samsung’s upcoming smartphones and their potential owners.

MobileFun have already started receiving emails from a variety of brands and suppliers detailing delays that could make it very difficult for early S20 adopters to purchase cases, screen protectors and other device specific accessories at launch.

With the majority of phone cases and glass screen protectors manufactured in China, including the extremely popular, Samsung partnered Whitestone Dome, owners of the new S20 phones will likely have to wait in order provide their phone with enhanced protection.

With factories in total shutdown due to Chinese New Year and extensions already applied, with longer extensions a real possibility. This unforeseen set of events will significantly derail the precise timings China factories run on during such busy launch periods, not to mention the extra checks during transit which are inevitable for goods travelling from China into western regions. This all combines to make it extremely difficult for brands such as Whitestone to secure large quantities of stock in order to meet high global demand around the S20 launch and will likely leave S20 owners hunting around for alternatives.

Wrapping Up

Our advice, if you see the accessory you’ll want for your new phone in stock, then act now and secure it to avoid being disappointed. Stock will most certainly be in limited supply around the S20 launch period for a lot of brands and could even prompt Samsung to push back the release date if they run into similar problems with their own set of official accessories, although unlikely as the majority of their accessories are manufactured in Korea and other regions outside of China.

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Mike HartMike Hart

Mike Hart is the Editor in Chief for Mobile Fun, with over 6 years of industry experience and currently found completing his CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing. A keen Apple enthusiast with a strong gaming background, he can be found producing videos for Mobile Fun’s YouTube channel as well as his own gaming channel “FifaWonda HD”.


Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases

Samsung are set to unveil the Galaxy S20 Ultra as part of their S20 Series at the Unpacked event on the 11th February 2020 in San Francisco. If you’re planning on upgrading to the S20 Ultra, take a look at our top ten cases which are all available to order now!

1. Official Samsung Clear View Cover Case

Combining style with functionality, the Clear View Cover Case from Samsung is always a popular option. The Clear View Case provides all-round protection for the S20 Ultra whilst allowing users to view notifications including messages and calls, without having to constantly open the front of the case. Available in various colours including black, grey, pink, sky blue and white.

2. Olixar Carbon Fibre Case

Olixar Carbon Fibre Case

Carbon fibre cases are always in demand and this case from Olixar is no exception, thanks to it’s sleek textured design. The case is thin and lightweight, yet provides protection against scratches and small impacts, making it perfect for S20 Ultra owners who dislike bulky cases.

3. Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 Case – Prismatic

Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 Case - Prismatic

This is by far one of our favourite tough cases, featuring a multiple layer design with rugged drop and scratch protection but in a stylish and eye catching package. With it’s transparent back, combined with a chameleon like colour flip frame, you’ll be able to showcase your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and certainly gain some attention.

4. Official Samsung Kvadrat Cover Case

The newest addition to Samsung’s line up of cases for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung have collaborated with Kvadrat, the global design company to create a unique and stylish textured case. Available in grey, red and green, this official S20 Ultra case is incredibly slim and lightweight, whilst still providing a level of protection. As with any official Samsung accessory, you can expect this case to provide a perfect fit and be made to the highest standards.

5. Olixar Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Olixar Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case

For those who appreciate craftmanship, the Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case provides a touch of luxury for your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Made from genuine soft grain leather and finished with white stitching, this case provides all round protection for your phone with the added security of a magnetic clasp. Additionally, unlike other genuine leather cases, Olixar have made this case relatively slim, making it easy to slip in and out of your pocket. The case is also functional thanks to the addition of two card slots and a built-in stand function, perfect for watching content on the go.

6. Ringke Fusion X Tough Case – Camo Black

Military grade drop protection from Ringke, with the Fusion X Galaxy S20 Ultra Case. Featuring a hybrid two part design with integrated shock absorption, this case provides excellent protection against scratches, drops and impacts. The camouflage design combined with the opaque back panel is certainly different and makes this case a great option for those searching for a protective yet stylish case. Alternatively, for those who aren’t fans of the camo, the Fusion X is also available in a more conservative black and blue.

7. Official Samsung Protective Cover Case

Official Samsung Protective Cover Case

Next up is another official Samsung case, which is always a popular choice among Samsung’s loyal customer base. The Protective Cover Case features a unique metallic look with a textured finish, which is great for providing extra grip. It also features Military Drop Test certification which is great for providing Samsung S20 Ultra owner’s peace of mind that their phone will be protected. Additionally Samsung have designed this case with a handy integrated kick-stand, ideal for watching media. Colour options for the case are black and silver.

8.  Olixar Soft Silicone Case

Olixar Soft Silicone Case

A great alternative to Samsung’s own official silicone case but at a much cheaper price, without compromising on quality. With it’s custom molded design from liquid silicone, this Olixar Samsung S20 Ultra case provides a slim fitting design, with the added benefit of enhanced grip. Available in midnight blue and pastel pink, the simplistic soft silicone cases are certain to add a splash of colour to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Additionally access to all ports and features including wireless charging ensures use of your phone is not hindered.

9. VRS Damda Glide Pro Tough Case

At the top end of tough cases in terms of level of protection is the Damda Glide Pro from VRS. Featuring shock absorbing properties, lens protection and a hard-shell construction with raised edges, this case provides outstanding protection for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. A handy selection for any S20 Ultra owner, the case also features a sliding mechanism on the rear, perfect for storing 3 – 4 credit cards, ID or business cards. The Damda Glide Pro is available to order now in black and green.

10.  LoveCases Pink Star Case

LoveCases Pink Star Case

Lastly, we have a unique and colorful design from LoveCases. The Pink Star Case is more of a quirky option for the Galaxy S20 Ultra and combines pink, black and white stars, which will definitely make you stand out among the crowd. This flexible and extremely thin case helps to maintain the lines of the S20 Ultra, whilst showcasing the colour of your unique handset.

Wrapping Up!

That concludes our article on the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases,. If you’d like to purchase of the cases featured above, you can do so by clicking on the buy here buttons. We hope you found this article useful and if you’d like to find out more about the Galaxy S20 Series, click here for our comparison on the three soon to be released devices from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra Case Comparison

We reached out to our contacts in China who’ve kindly sent us the first look Samsung Galaxy S20 replicas used by factories for case testing. This coupled with our friends at Olixar who’ve sent us some initial cases for all three of the upcoming Samsung handsets, reveal some interesting insights into the soon to be released devices.

We’ve tested the replica units sent to us with the Olixar cases, which are already in mass production and available for sale here. All three devices fit perfectly with the cases provided, with all ports lining-up correctly as seen in the video below.

This helps to conclude that the replica units are genuine and produced at the correct dimensions, with the correct camera, button and port layouts. We’ve detailed the dimensions and screen sizes from our replica Samsung Galaxy S20 handsets below.

Screen Size and Dimensions

Our replica units help to confirm the widely reported screen sizes of the new flagship Samsung devices, with the S20 Ultra packing a massive 6.9 inch display, while the S20 Plus features a 6.7 inch screen, leaving the S20 with a still respectable 6.3 inch display.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Size

S20 Ultra Dimensions:

  • Height – 166mm
  • Width – 76mm
  • Depth – 8.9mm

S20 Plus Dimensions:

  • Height – 161mm
  • Width – 69mm
  • Depth – 7.7mm

S20 Dimensions:

  • Height – 151mm
  • Width – 73mm
  • Depth – 7.7mm

What Cameras can we expect?

The replica S20 devices sent to use reveal that the camera modules will vary in size, with the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra coming with increased amounts of lenses and sensors. The S20 module measures in at 34mm x 17mm x 1mm, while the S20 Plus’ module increases in size at 35mm x 21mm x 1mm and finally the S20 Ultra comes in at 45mm x 30mm x 2mm.

Regardless of which device you choose, these camera modules dominate the back of the handset and the larger they get the more they intrude on the phone’s design. While they are big, we did find that they didn’t interfere with the in-hand feel which has been a concern with the size of the S20 Ultra’s module.

In terms of the camera line-up, the dummy units can’t tell us what types of camera’s will be seen with these new devices, but they do give away the amount of camera’s we can expect on each device. We can see clearly the the Samsung S20 will likely come with 3 distinct cameras, with the S20 Plus supplied with 4 and the S20 Ultra coming packed with 4 also, but likely with extra sensors for improved image quality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Layout

Button Layout and Port Openings

The three replicas and the cases shipped to us by Olixar reveal a consistent layout across all of Samsung’s latest handsets, with the new models coming with the now standard USB-C charging port, speaker and microphone openings. Gone however is the 3.5mm auxiliary port, so S20 users will have to make do with an adapter if they want to continue using wired head and earphones.

Another noticeable absence is seen on the phone’s side, with the left hand-side now completely free from buttons after the removal of the bixby button, leaving just two buttons on the right hand-side for volume and power control.

Button Layout Sasmung Galaxy S20

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this early look at the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra. If you have any questions or opinions about these new phones please comment below, as we love reading what you have to say on this hot topic.

Mike HartMike Hart

Mike Hart is the Editor in Chief for Mobile Fun, with over 6 years of industry experience and currently found completing his CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing. A keen Apple enthusiast with a strong gaming background, he can be found producing videos for Mobile Fun’s YouTube channel as well as his own gaming channel “FifaWonda HD”.


How to Scan Old Photographs Using Only Your Android Smartphone

Ever wanted to digitise your old photograph collection for yourself or friends and family? We’ve researched 3 of the best ways to scan your photographs and save and share them online using free apps and in built features available on your Android smartphone.

1. Take a photo

The first option is a simple one. All you need to do is take a photo of your photograph using the camera on your phone. Depending on the quality of your camera and the lighting, it may take a few tries to get a perfect snap of your picture in sharp focus without any glare or reflections. But once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have the image saved to your gallery for you to edit and share as you would with any photo taken on your phone!

  1. Open Your Camera
  2. Place the photo on a flat surface in bright, evenly lit room
  3. Hold your phone directly over the image, taking care to hold it parallel with the photo
  4. Take the photo and edit where needed

2. Use the PhotoScan app by Google

Available on both the Google Play and Apple Stores, this advanced scanning app that digitally scans your image just like a printer would, giving you an exact enhanced copy of your original photo. It works similarly to the ‘Scan Documents’ feature on Google drive and the Notes app on iPhone but it’s specifically designed for photos and works perfectly every time. With this app, you can also crop and edit your images to make them even better than the original, altering the colour, adding filters and text and even sharing them instantly on social media or messaging apps. Best of all, it’s completely free!

  1. Download and open the Photo Scan app on the Google Play Store
  2. Place your photo on a flat surface in a bright, evenly lit room
  3. Hold your phone directly over the image, parallel to the surface and press the white button
  4. Trace the 4 white circles to scan the photo and, once complete, view the final scan to check for imperfections
  5. Crop and edit as needed

3. Scan Documents in Google Drive

Though built to scan documents, you can use this feature to replicate your photos with one tap. Though this feature does seem to take on the faults of scanning your photos with your camera or a document scanner, it can take a few tries to get right depending on the angle or lighting. I’ve tried this a few times, each attempt with different results. But with a few tweaks to the settings, I managed to get a decent scan of the image that I could screenshot and save just as I would with the Notes app on an iPhone. Of course, as you’re already in google drive you can save the image straight to your online storage, reducing the risk of losing the copy on your phone over time and letting you label images and organise them into folders for the perfect digital library.

  1. Download the Google Drive app and open
  2. Select the Scan feature and allow drive to take pictures
  3. Place your photo on a flat surface in a bright, evenly lit room
  4. Hold your phone directly over the image, parallel to the surface and press the capture button
  5. Title the image and save it to your Drive in your preferred folder
  6. Edit the image in your gallery and share using google email, social media or messaging apps of your choosing

These apps work across all up to date handsets connected to the internet so you can scan and share wherever you are either to your phone or to Google Drive.

Check out the video below to see how these features work and if you’re looking for more quality smartphone accessory news, reviews and handy tips, head on over to our YouTube channel for daily content!

Chloe DeaconChloe Deacon

Chloe is the Video Production Executive at Mobile Fun, creating all video content for the Mobile Fun YouTube channel. Outside of work she can be found playing video games, crocheting, reading books and watching a lot of movies.

Best Samsung Galaxy A51 Covers

With the 7th February rapidly approaching, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is soon to hit the UK, bringing a unique camera look, latest performance and design technology. At Mobilefun we are proud to deliver a large range of covers, suiting every need and aspect you desire for the upcoming A51 Smartphone.

The range itself consists of Carbon, Clear, Flip, Hard, Leather, Protective, Silicone, Thin, Tough and Wallet cases each lending their own features and aspects to freshen up and prolong your A51’s lifespan. Follow this link to check out our whole Samsung Galaxy A51 case range available now!

In this blog i have rounded up the Best Samsung A51 covers and segmented them into 3 sections. These covers have been selected through thorough testing by our team as well as the coverss being top rated from previous phone models.

Official S-View Flip Cover Case – White

This case is straight from the Official range in white. The S-view flip cover not only protects your A51 front to back, but it allows you to see every incoming notification as well as the time, date and battery information, all on the front through the use of the S-view link between the Samsung products.

The S-view design is a cool neat flip case that can hold credit cards on the front, making it more useful than a normal cover.

Stay protected whilst still having full use of all ports and controls of your A51. The S-view cover has precise indents so that each button is easily accessible as well as the ports being exposed as needed.

Stay up to date with technology as this case allows for wireless charging to take place whilst in use with the A51.

Buy Here:

Official S-View Flip Cover Case – White

Official Silicone Cover Case – Black

Another Official product creeps into the best covers for the A51! This time it is a simple silicone design that wraps around the A51. As with all official cases, access to the ports and buttons are not hindered, with the silicone cover, there is extended areas that act as the buttons when pressed. This cover allows for easy QI wireless charging even when in use.

Buy Here:

Official Silicone Cover Case – Black

Ringke Fusion X Design Tough Case – Camo Black

Not only does this cover pack a sweet camouflage design, it packs a 2 part poly carbonate casing that withstands all clumsy mistakes. The Ringke Fusion X case is military-grade proven with the drop tests from our team at Mobilefun. The buttons are easily accessed despite the bulk protection layers. The buttons have their own guided pads that will act as the buttons when pressed by the user.

Buy Here:

Ringke Fusion X Design Tough Case – Camo Black

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case – Brown

Want style provided through great value? this Olixar leather-style case is something that will compliment your A51’s life span as well as your fashion. Not only is this a flip wallet ccover that can store your credit cards, but it can be used as a side on stand for when you are watching movies and are feeling too lazy to hold your A51 upright! The leather style does not add extra bulk so your A51 still feels slim and sleek as it came brand new.

Buy Here:

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case – Brown

Olixar Sentinel Case & Glass Screen Protector – Black

2 in 1 is always a nice phrase when purchasing products, and it is especially nice when you get a glass screen protector as well as a neat cover for your A51. Each compliments the other as your A51 will be protected from all sides! The simple design of the Sentinel case really compliments your A51 as well as increases the grip when handling the device. Slim and lightweight, this Sentinel case is a must have accessory in an everyday life scenario.

Buy Here:

Olixar Sentinel Case & Glass Screen Protector – Black

Thank you for taking your time to read this blog! if you have any queries, please leave a comment below and have a sweet week!

Top 5 Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

There’s always going to be gadget out there that fixes a problem or makes your life more convenient, but to save you scouring the internet searching for that ultimate device, we’ve compiled 5 objects that we think will make your day to day life much easier.

Whether it’s compacting your massive key chain into one simple fob or giving you a cup that will never tip over, there’s going to be something in the video below to make things run just that little bit smoother. Check out our video here to see what we have in store or head on over to our Youtube channel ‘Mobile Fun‘ to watch more quality smartphone accessory news and reviews!

Chloe DeaconChloe Deacon

Chloe is the Video Production Executive at Mobile Fun, creating all video content for the Mobile Fun YouTube channel. Outside of work she can be found playing video games, crocheting, reading books and watching a lot of movies.

Best Samsung Galaxy A71 Cases & Covers

Best Samsung Galaxy A71 Cases Blog

In December 2019, Samsung unveiled their update to the popular Galaxy A70. Aptly named the Samsung Galaxy A71, this new mid range A Series device comes with a host of upgrades including the latest Android 10 operating system and a new chipset, the Snapdragon 675 from Qualcomm.

Featuring a 6.7″ super AMOLED screen which uses Samsung’s Infinity-O technology, the A71’s most notable updates are camera related. The back of the device now includes quad-cameras; a 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, 5MP macro camera and a 5MP depth camera. This welcomed upgrade results in a a stunning camera experience.

With a new device launch comes a new selection of cases & covers for the Samsung Galaxy A71.  To help you out, we’ve suggested five of the best cases available for the A71.

1.  Official S-View Flip Cover Case


Official Samsung Galaxy A71 S-View Flip Cover Case - Black

One of Samsung’s longest lasting designs with a small update, the S-View Flip Cover is perfect for viewing notifications, thanks to a cut-out window on the front cover. Not limited to just notifications, the case allows you to view the time, battery life, incoming calls and even messages without having to open the case.

The flip design of the case ensures all-round protection against scratches and impacts for the A71’s display. The updated design features a card slot on the interior, great for carrying a credit card, ID, train tickets or anything else of a similar size. Also available in white.

2.  Olixar NovaShield Bumper Case


The NovaShield from Olixar is the perfect combination of minimalist style and protection. The clear hard plastic back is perfect for keeping your Samsung A71 protected, whilst showcasing of the new and unique prism effect found on the rear.

For enhanced protection, the NovaShield incorporates a flexible bumper with air cushioning within the corners. This cleverly designed case absorbs impacts and dissipates the force away from your phone, ensuring your new Galaxy A71 is kept in pristine condition.

3.  Official Samsung Silicone Cover Case


Official Samsung Galaxy A71 Silicone Cover Case - Pink

Add a touch of colour with the simple and stylish Official Silicone Cover Case from Samsung. With enhanced grip thanks to the the soft silicone material used, the case retains an overall slim and lightweight design. Furthermore, the soft silicone material ensures durability.

Featuring a raised lip around the front of the case, your A71’s display will be protected when placed face down. Additionally the case is great for protection against knocks, drops and scratches. Available in Black, Blue, Pink and Silver to match the original colours of the Samsung Galaxy A71 range.

4. Olixar Sentinel Case & Glass Screen Protector


Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy A71 - Black

The Sentinel from Olixar is a full-cover 360 degree solution, combining a slim yet tough case with a tempered glass screen protector.

Finished with a hybrid brushed metal and carbon fibre design, the eye-catching Sentinel case provides protection against drops and impacts. The inner pattern of the case has also been thoughtfully designed to help dissipate shock and heat.

The addition of a tempered glass screen protector makes for a great value for money solution and ensures your Galaxy A71 is completely protected.

5. Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case


Olixar Leather-Style Samsung Galaxy A71 Wallet Stand Case - Brown

Stylish and functional, the Olixar Leather-Style Case provides great front and back protection for the Samsung Galaxy A71.

The case features two interior card slots, ideal for carrying valuable cards including payment cards, ID, train tickets and more. Additionally this case has a convenient stand function, great for watching videos and movies when you’re on the go.

Available in black and brown.

Wrapping up

Thanks for reading this article – we hope you found this article useful! If you’d like to see a wider range of cases and covers which are available to order now, please click here. Thanks again!

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds for 2020

We’ve compiled our best recommended wireless earbuds to help kick start your new year that won’t break the bank. From great sports compatible buds to stylish, invisible and completely wireless options, you can get the best companion accessory to your smartphone for under £15!

Check out our video below to see all of our headphones in action or head over to our YouTube channel for more quality smartphone news and reviews!

Chloe DeaconChloe Deacon

Chloe is the Video Production Executive at Mobile Fun, creating all video content for the Mobile Fun YouTube channel. Outside of work she can be found playing video games, crocheting, reading books and watching a lot of movies.

KSIX Truebuds True Wireless Earphones | Airpods Alternative

Always wanted a good set of Apple Airpods but don’t want to pay the price tag? KSIX have developed a decent pair of low cost true wireless headphones with their Truebuds Wireless Earphones. They follow the same look and feel of Airpods apart from the red and blue indication lights on the pods themselves and inside the case. Of course, the sound quality won’t match Airpods to be exact but for what you get and the low price, it’s a great alternative to have.

Check out the video below for our review and overall look at the headphones and don;t forget to check out our Youtube Channel Mobile Fun for more great video reviews and smartphone news!

Chloe DeaconChloe Deacon

Chloe is the Video Production Executive at Mobile Fun, creating all video content for the Mobile Fun YouTube channel. Outside of work she can be found playing video games, crocheting, reading books and watching a lot of movies.