How to Connect USB Devices to a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

Since 2016, all new MacBook Pro’s and MacBook Air’s have had their USB-A ports, HDMI port and almost every other port removed and replaced with USB-C ports. Now you may be thinking how do I go about connecting my existing accessories such a USB Flash drives, keyboards, external displays or any other accessory. Thankfully the team over at Hyper have created a ingenious USB-C adapter / hub.

The compact yet powerful HyperDrive PRO adapter transforms your MacBook and features eight ports including a 4K HDMI port, Mini Display port, SD and MicroSD slots, dual USB-A ports and dual USB-C ports which support Power Delivery. Additionally no installation is required as the adapter has been designed to be ‘plug and play’ and provides a flush fit for your MacBook Pro and Air.

How to connect your accessories to your MacBook Pro or Air:

  1. Turn on your Macbook Pro or Air
  2. Connect the HyperDrive PRO USB-C adapter into your MacBook’s USB-C ports.
  3. A light will appear to indicate that the adapter has power
  4. Plug in your desired accessories such a mouse, keyboard, memory card, external display or charging cable
  5. Your USB devices and external hardware will now be fully connected and ready for use

Hyper have also create a number of different adapters which feature various connectivity options. Click here to find an adapter suitable for your individual requirements.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article answered your question on how to connect USB devices in addition to other accessories to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Be sure to check out further useful articles here!

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases

Samsung are set to unveil the Galaxy S20  as part of their S20 Series at the Unpacked event on the 11th February 2020 in San Francisco. If you’re planning on upgrading to the S20 , take a look at our top ten cases which are all available to order now!

1. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 LED View Cover Case

A long standing case in Samsung’s accessory range, the LED View Cover Case is the perfect combination of protection, functionality and style. Providing protection for both the back of the S20 and it’s display, the LED View cases safeguards against scratches and impacts. Functionality is achieved with the dot matrix LED design where you’ll be able to view the time, calls, message, battery status to name a few. Additionally the case features an internal slot for storing a card, ID or train tickets. Available in five black, grey, pink, sky blue and white, all designed to match the colours of the Galaxy S20.

2.  Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S20 Case – 100% Clear

One of our favourite cases from the team over at Olixar. As the name suggests, this case has been designed to be ultra thin and great for those who aren’t a fan of bulky cases. Thanks to the gel material it’s made from, the case is easy to fit and features raised edges to protect the S20’s display, however though this case protects against scratches, it’s worth noting that the Ultra-Thin won’t save your phone when dropped.

3. Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

Ghostek offer tough and stylish protection with their Atomic Slim 3 series. This case features a hybrid multiple layer design which provides drop and scratch protection but in a stylish and eye catching package. With it’s transparent back, combined with a red metal frame, you’ll be able to showcase your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and certainly gain some attention.

If you’re not a fan of the red, the Atomic Slim 3 is also available in black.

4. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Silicone Cover Case

The Silicone cover forms a very sleek option within the official Samsung range, providing protection for your S20 in a slim, figure hugging form that preserves the overall look and style of Samsung’s latest device. With a soft touch feels thanks to the smooth silicone material and with official branding in place, this cover is an extremely smart choice, especially with all of the colour matched options available including black, white, sky blue, pink, navy, and grey.

5. Olixar Leather-Style Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallet Stand Case

This simple and classic case from Olixar is made from leather-style PU material which provides all round protection for your phone with the added security of a magnetic clasp making it a viable option for those who want front and back protection for the Samsung Galaxy S20. The case is also functional thanks to the addition of two card slots and a built-in stand function, perfect for watching content on the go. Available in both black and brown colorways.

Wrapping Up!

That concludes our article on the best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases,. If you’d like to purchase of the cases featured above, you can do so by clicking on the buy here buttons. We hope you found this article useful and if you’d like to find out more about the Galaxy S20 Series, click here for our comparison on the three soon to be released devices from Samsung.

Samsung Websites Accidentally Confirm Galaxy S20 Naming

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S20 and S20+ naming conventions

Unknowingly Samsung have revealed the naming for their upcoming hero smartphones by listing support and pre-launch product pages for their upcoming compatible accessories. These web pages currently live across Samsung Germany and Belgium confirm suspected naming conventions for the Galaxy S20 and the S20+, with the S20 Ultra remaining a mystery for now.

Mobile Fun have discovered this on Samsung’s German and Belgium websites through the use of part codes relating to official cases in which it stocks. Part codes that are specific for each case and phone model as seen through the links and screenshot below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 confirmation

LED Cover Galaxy S20

  • LED Cover Galaxy S20 official page
  • Clear Cover Galaxy S20 official page
  • Protective Standing Cover Galaxy S20 official page

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus confirmation

Clear View Cover Galaxy S20+

  • Clear View Cover Galaxy S20 Plus official page
  • Smart LED Cover Galaxy S20 Plus official page

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra confirmation

Unfortunately Samsung seemingly haven’t got round to uploading products for what we believe to be the S20 Ultra, however we have found a Samsung support page for a product relating to what’s believed to be the S20 Ultra below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultral

  • Transparent Clear Cover Galaxy S20 Ultra official page

Wrapping Up

What does all this mean? Well we definitely know we’re getting an S20 and an S20 Plus, but what remains unsure is if the S20 Ultra will indeed be called the S20 Ultra and if this device will instead be the budget device of the three, being called something different in the process as interestingly the S20 Ultra will now have the smallest range of supporting accessories according to part numbers we’ve received when cross-referenced with what appears on Samsung’s support pages.

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