Best Budget Cases for the iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

In today’s blog, we will be showing you some of the best budget cases available for the iPhone 11. Even though we’ve linked all cases for the iPhone 11, they are also available for the 11 Pro and Pro Max models.


1. Zizo Revolve Ultra Thin Ring Case

This soft, simple slip on case is the perfect compliment to the iPhone 11, matching it’s smooth curves and pastel colour scheme with ease. 

For a low cost case, it’s made to a high quality, with a smooth suede lining and buttery soft, grippy silicone coating. On the back, you’ll find a small ring embedded into the centre which pulls out to allow you to loop your finger through for added grip. This popular addition to cases really helps with the larger size of most modern handsets and is fully adjustable to suit any angle you require. 

One of my favourite things about this case is the ultra slim nature. It adds nothing at all to the overall thickness and weight of the phone and the case fits extremely well around the port, buttons and camera without impeding function. 

Of course, we know that Rose Gold colouring isn’t to everyone’s taste, but for the price it’s exceptionally great at keeping away those scratches and scuffs and helps avoid those damaging drop with the hand ring attachment. 

We’ve even tried it with wireless charging and it works perfectly fine thanks to it’s thin nature. 


2. Ringke Fusion X Protective Clear Case

As one of our favourite cases, the Ringke X does a great job in protecting your phone from drops and surface wear while offering that clear window into your phone’s colour of choice. 

Available in plain black, space blue and Camo black as you see here, this case adds that little hint of style to your phone to help show off your personality. The ridge bumper around the edge is designed to aid a tighter grip to stop it slipping in hand but we like it for it’s space age, modern look. It’s highly protective, absorbing impacts to the corners and edges and utilising the rubbery covers to keep your vulnerable buttons and ports safe from everyday harm. 

Of course, Ringke is well known for its low costs and high quality but what makes this a great budget case is its multitude of functions that most regular slimline clear cases don’t offer. The only downside to the case is it’s lack of anti rainbow or smudge defences on the inside of the back window, meaning it can be prone to annoying imperfections between the phone and the TPU backing. This is why we recommend the Camo black covering as it still allows you to see the phone’s colour and design but it also covers up any potential imperfections. 

We also tried this case with wireless charging and of course, it worked perfectly fine. 


3. Olixar FlexiShield Gel Case

Though it won’t necessarily protect your phone from harsh impact damage, this case is the perfect minimal option that keeps your phone free from everyday wear and tear. 

Available in a range of colours and sizes, this flexible rubbery case slips on smoothly and fits incredibly well, matching the iPhone look and feel to perfection. 

What we like about this case is the colour range as Olixar have chosen a pallet best suited to the latest iPhone colour scheme, so just like we have here, you can find a low cost phone case that camouflages nicely with your chosen design without having to get an official case.  

As it’s so flexible, the button coverings and access cutouts work in harmony with the buttons touch sensitivity and leave a nice open space to plug in the lightning cable without fumbling. 

It’s naturally quite grippy which really helps maintain a firm grip so even if it won’t fully protect from drops, it at least helps me keep it in hand while out and about. 

Overall, it works perfectly with this phone and with the price so shockingly low for the quality, it’s an excellent opportunity for getting backups in case this one becomes damaged over time. 


4. Lovecases Tropical Clear Case

Another budget phone case company that cares about it’s design choices, this case is the perfect covering for those who want a thin but impactful form of protection. 

Yes, it’s not designed to cover your phone from serious drops but in terms of variety, cost and light protection, these cases are great value. 

Available in dozens of designs from seasonal to topical, there really is something to suit any personality or mood. The rubbery nature of the case means that all the button coverings are super responsive, almost acting as a second skin around the phone. We particularly like the waterproof, scratch resistant printed design on the back, knowing that it won’t easily come off or lose its colour through the life of the case. 

Of course, with it being so thin, it will work easily with wireless charging, meaning that you won’t miss out on this excellent feature. 

So, if you want to add a little design flair to your phone but you don;t want to add any bulky weight to your slimline device then this case is the perfect low cost accessory. 


5. Zizo Ion Glitter Phone Case

Out of all the cases we have shown you here, this one sits at the higher end of the budget scale but it by no means breaks the bank. It ticks all the boxes, it’s protective, highly responsive and highly stylised which is something we often look for in a good case. 

Of course, the most eye catching point to this case is the beautiful glittery waterfall on the back. Reflecting light and literally outshining the rest in this category, it’s a statement piece to help show off your iPhone 11 in the best way possible. 

Of course, the most important part of any case is how well it covers your phone from damage. It has been military drop tested, saving the phone from the type of fall that usually shatters the glass on all sides. The buttons are nicely covered in flexible edges that don;t impede the function at all compared to some thicker protective cases that require a little force. 

The little raised edge around the screen keeps away any surface damage to the front, which is great for when you place your phone down on rough surfaces. The highlight of the case it that it works fine with wireless charging, so there’s no worry in losing this great feature. Of course, this case comes in a variety of colours and styles, making this one of the best budget options for your iPhone 11. 


So that’s it for our look into some of the top budget case choices for the iPhone 11. If you liked the video linked above, don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel for quality daily smartphone accessory and tech content. Thanks for reading!