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Site Quality Monitoring (SQM) for cPanel is now available with cPanel’s v118, v116, and v110 LTS releases. Let’s explore the myriad of benefits and value propositions SQM brings to the table, making it a must-have tool for all website owners going forward. 

Unmatched Website Integrity

The foundation of cPanel’s Site Quality Monitoring is rooted in upholding the utmost integrity of your website. Say farewell to surprises such as downtime, sluggish loading times, or broken links.

SQM stands vigilant, consistently monitoring and proactively alerting any irregularities, thereby offering the chance to take corrective measures before impacting any visitors. Now integrated with cPanel, SQM ensures peace of mind for all website owners, safeguarding sales and averting technical errors, SEO issues, and much more. 

Monitor Proactively, Analyze Comprehensively, Optimize Efficiently

Proactive Issue Mitigation: SQM excels in preemptively identifying potential issues, affording you the agility to address them promptly while mitigating downtime and upholding a seamless user experience. 

Performance Optimization: Gain deep insights into critical website performance metrics, enabling you to refine speed and responsiveness. You’ll also be able to elevate your website’s search engine ranking through optimized loading times.

Enhanced User Experience: Assure a flawless experience for your visitors by promptly identifying and rectifying broken links and errors. SQM contributes to elevated user satisfaction and heightened retention rates.

Site Quality Monitoring Key Features

Real-time Monitoring: Benefit from SQM’s robust real-time monitoring to  ensure immediate awareness of any deviations from optimal performance. Receive instant notifications, enabling swift responses.

Historical Performance Data: Access comprehensive historical performance data to discern evolving trends. Informed decision-making becomes second nature as you chart the trajectory of your website’s performance over time.

Customizable Alerts: Tailor SQM alerts to align precisely with your preferences. Define the manner and timing of notifications, striking the optimal balance between staying informed and avoiding inundation.

Intuitive User Interface: Reflecting cPanel’s unwavering commitment to user-centric design, SQM boasts an interface that seamlessly combines functionality with simplicity.

Site Quality Monitoring is here to help you take hold of your website’s health. We invite you to further explore the transformative potential of Site Quality Monitoring by delving into the comprehensive details here, and look forward to seeing you elevate your Website reliability together with cPanel. 

Please contact your hosting provider in case Site Quality Monitoring is not visible in your cPanel.

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