How to Install & Remove an Otterbox Defender on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Otterbox are highly regarded for their trustworthy protective cases and with the rising cost of modern smartphones, the Otterbox Defender is worth considering if you spend a lot of time outdoors or are often prone to dropping your phone.

Installing and removing the Otterbox Defender on the Note 10 Plus is quite quick and simple and we’re here to show you how to do it, step by step.

Taking the case out of the box, you’ll find it ready assembled so you’ll need to take it apart before you begin. The Defender comes in 3 sections, the flexible rubbery outer shell and the two part interlocking inner frame. 

Taking off the outer shell requires peeling away the edges to get to the frame underneath. There’s a seam that runs along the entire edge of the screen. Using your fingernail or a thin object, pry the outer layer off starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. If you can’t find a tool suitable for this then you can lift out the rubber cap over the USB-C port and use it to pull at the outer shell until it separates from the inner casing. 

Now you’ve removed the outer layer, you need to separate the two halves of the inner shell. Along the edges, you’ll find a series of clips and notches holding the two together. Starting with the side, un-clip the latches and begin prying each catch apart, working your way around the edges, until the top layer comes away. You’ll know how many there are from the indication arrows embedded on the back. 

This is the same process for removing the case from the phone, so simply follow these steps when the time comes to take off the case. 

Once you’ve taken the case completely apart, your ready to insert the phone. Lay your Note 10 Plus into the base and place the top section over the top of the phone. Be sure you’ve placed the phone in the right way up by matching the phone’s cutouts with the USB and SPen ports on the bottom. 

Press down gently on the top of the frame to push the clips back into place. Work your way around the edges, pushing down each clip to check that it’s secure. 

Next, take the rubber outer layer and place the phone inside end first. To finish the installation, simply push the edges back into place, pushing up from the back before pressing it in from the sides. 

Now your Note 10 Plus is fully protected from whatever life throws at it. Although the case is quite thick, it’s worth the additional weight for giving you peace of mind. 

This case is great for covering your phone at work on a construction site, out on a hike or bike ride or even just for the cautious everyday phone user. Otterbox defender is one of the top protective phone cases on the market and still remains the number one choice for keeping your phone in top condition over its lifetime. 

So that’s it for our step by step Otterbox Defender installation guide for the Note 10 Plus. If you’re on the lookout for more how to demonstrations or quality smartphone accessory reviews, then don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Mobile Fun YouTube channel for more daily content. Thanks for reading!