Top 5 Accessories for your Apple Airpods

In today’s blog, we will be showing you some of the best accessories on the market for your Apple Airpods that won’t break the bank! 


1. Elago AirPods Strap

Air-pods are notorious for getting lost even with the accompanying case. Elago have come up with an easy solution to keeping those slippery little buds safe while not obstructing their wireless nature. 

Gripping onto the bottom of the pods in an easy slip on manner, you can safely hold your pods around your neck or keep them secure while out running or walking. Compatible with Generation 1 and 2 airpods, the flexible cable leaves room for the microphone on the bottom without impeding any functions. At a comfortable 450mm in length, it rests comfortably on your shoulders and doesn’t snag when taking them out or putting them in both ears. 

When you’re done, they wrap nicely around the case for easy storage to stop them getting tangled on a pocket. 

So if you want to keep your airpods safe while in use, never lose them again with this comfortable, affordable, must have accessory. 


2. Soft Silicone case from Olixar

Keeping your airpods case white and pristine can be hard when moved in and out of pockets and bags day in, day out. With this handy slip-on case from Olixar, you can keep the same look and shape of your case while adding a little more to its function. 

The non-slip grippy nature of silicone helps keep the case in place when on a surface or in hand making it easier to keep them safe. The flexible covering slides easily over the surface, completely encasing the pods while peeling back again when you need to access the pods inside. Deflect those annoying scratches and scuffs and let the silicone take the brunt of the damage, maintaining that sleek shiny coating to the case. 

A great addition is the loop and carabiner clip attached to the base, allowing you to attach the case securely to an inner zip in a bag or to a set of keys so it’s always with you. The port on the base remains fully accessible for charging, leaving you little reasons to ever need to remove the case. 

So for an easy scratch absorbing protective case for you’re airpods, this is a great option. 


3. PS4 Wireless Bluetooth Dongle  

This handy little device helps connect your airpods to your PS4 using bluetooth, so you can fully integrate all your favourite devices for the ultimate convenience. 

It’s very easy to use with it’s plug and play nature and connecting to the dongle is as simple as pairing to your phone or iPad. 

Along with the USB dongle to pair the headphones, it also comes with a small headphone jack with a microphone on the end that plugs into the bottom of your controller, turning your audio setup into the perfect gaming headset to communicate with your team online. 

What’s great about using airpods for gaming is that they are much smaller than your average gaming headset and the lack of annoying wires trailing across the room help you focus more on the game, giving you the freedom to move about without being tethered to the console.

As this is a universal bluetooth adapter, you can use this method with any bluetooth headset you have around the home. So if you choose to upgrade to a new set or want to try something different then this device will adapt to your needs with ease. 

So if you want to use your favourite bluetooth headset to chat with your mates on the PS4 then this is a great companion piece to your airpods.


4. Soft Silicone Hook Covers from Olixar

Giving your airpods a grippy covering gives complete comfort and the ultimate staying power to making sure your pods remain in ear. With two sets of regular hoods and 3 sets with hooks, there’s something to fit with any style or comfort, allowing you to easily switch between the two depending on use. The hooks extend the pods shape to fit around the curves of the outer ear, acting as a little anker to firmly hold the pods in place. 

The silicone even acts as a secondary barrier to outside noise, creating a stronger air tight fit for clean sound. 

At an astonishing low price point, there’s no risk to trying these covers out for size, helping you fit the airpods better and more securely in your ear while out walking or running. 

Available in blue, white and black, it’s easy to match your accessories with a phone case or your favourite colour scheme. 

The only downside to these cover is the inability to store them in the charging case when your done, but with a pack of 5 and the low cost, you’ve got a few back ups in case any go missing. 


5. 4Smarts Airpods Wireless Charging Case

If you own the 1st or second generation airpods but couldn’t afford the luxury of the accompanying charging case, you can replicate this hand feature using the 4Smarts case for a ridiculously low cost. 

Slipping nicely around your standard case, this new covering hardly adds any weight or bulk to the original shape and size and blends perfectly with the Apple aesthetic. 

It really helps your trusty original airpods keep up with modern smartphone trends, letting you use your regular wireless charger to keep your airpods fully charged along with your iPhone X or 11 series handset. 

It connects to your case using a hidden lightning connector on the inner base using a small LED light on the base to let you know when it’s charging. It also comes in orange, grey and classic white, adding a little flair of colour to match your personality. 

So if you want to treat your airpods to a little upgrade then this is the perfect low cost accompaniment. 


So that’s it for our top 5 accessories to enhance your 1st or 2nd Gen Apple Airpods. If you liked the video linked above, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more quality smartphone accessory and tech content on a daily basis. And if you want to purchase anything you’ve seen in today’s blog, check out the links in the titles above. Thanks for reading!