Facebook gets better at spotting fake records and spammers

While you’re busy looking at pictures from your own buddies and liking their opinionated governmental rantings, Facebook engineers are busy trying to weed away fake accounts and remark spam, and evidently they are making progress.

First Facebook announced it is making progress in “protecting the integrity of activity” on the myspace and facebook: essentially busting fake reports which are not attached to genuine individuals and stopping people from exchanging likes or other kinds of engagement.

Facebook claims its algorithms are getting better at spotting fake accounts automatically, and that tens of thousands of dodgy pages were recently eliminated in France alone. However, Facebook admits it is an “ongoing challenge” to help keep on top of the issue.

Spam busting

Facebook in addition has shared news of a six-month battle to stop a thorough spamming scam that flooded the social networking with fake likes and commentary, one which used higher level processes to hide the areas in which its posts were from, and to prevent Facebook from recognizing the scale for the procedure.

“The apparent intent of the campaign was to deceptively gain brand new friend connections by liking and interacting mainly with popular publisher Pages on our platform, thereafter point they might deliver spam,” states Twitter.

Facebook claims a large part of these spam interactions have already been removed, and its own detection tools should help it to to block such task as time goes on. Unfortunately, there is still absolutely nothing to stop your friends from uploading embarrassing photos of you…