This record-setting drone can travel at nearly 180mph

Obviously, drones competing in Drone Racing League (DRL) prefer to get fast. In terms of how fast, the DRL has simply set an extraordinary new record for other drone racers to wish to.

A RacerX drone built by DRL manager of product Ryan Gury, alongside DRL engineers, reached a Guinness World Record today for the “fastest ground speed by way of a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter,” clocking in a high rate of 163.5 kilometers hourly.

The drone weighed 800 grams (1.76 lbs.) and is capable of rotor rates all the way to 46,000 RPMs. Though Guinness recorded the RacerX’s average speed at 163.5mph for its record, the speedy small aircraft’s top speed really peaked at a breakneck 179.6mph.

Though DRL’s success is obviously worth a notice to virtually any drone enthusiasts around, the failures had been apparently just as entertaining from the spectator’s perspective. 

Based on DRL’s news release, early in the day prototypes of this record-setting racer drone burst into flames through the rig’s overwhelming energy which, in terms of we’re worried, officially makes drone racing the closest we’ve ever gotten to real-life F-Zero.