Red Dead Redemption 2 release date, news and rumors

Update: as you may think you’ll analyse a trailer, you can't analyse a trailer that can match DigitalFoundry. The site has analysed the game's brand new trailer and technology improvements it gives us an insight into.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the very first Rockstar game to work well with the developer's brand new upgraded in-house RAGE engine and DigitalFoundry has picked apart which sections of the trailer will tend to be in-game footage as well as break down the illumination and textures. 

In accordance with DigitalFoundry, this appears to be "the real game code in motion, especially because familiar rendering practices contained in GTA5 as well as the initial Red Dead Redemption are in place."

The trailer operates at native 1080p and it is apt to be representative of just what players will see for a standard system. Considering that Xbox One X and PS4 professional help is likely together with RAGE engine operates in HDR internally we imagine the 4K consoles will offer visual improvements.

DigitalFoundry posits that within trailer view distances look much better than those in GTA 5 plus the original Red Dead Redemption with improved texture quality and lighting fidelity. 

Character rendering in particular will be marked down for the enhancement over just about any Rockstar name. The figures into the brand new trailer are "remarkably detailed with exceptional epidermis shading, practical facial animation, smoothly rendered locks and eerily realistic eyes" and facial capture is be noticed. 

You can view the full movie analysis here and read more about what we know in regards to the game below.

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With so many great games being established every single day, it's maybe not that frequent any more we begin to see the kind of clamoring excitement that accompanied the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Teased and announced with perfect pacing for Rockstar, the overall game could be the developer's third set in the Wild West as well as its first release since Grand Theft car 5 in 2013. To say Rockstar fans are waiting with bated breath can be an understatement.

Although game isn't as a result of be released until Spring 2018, news and rumors are circulating and we've gathered all you need to know the following. 

Cut on chase

  • What exactly is it? The sequel to the crazy West Rockstar hit, Red Dead Redemption
  • When could I play it? Spring 2018
  • What can I play it on? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have now been confirmed so far

Trailers and screenshots

Initial trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 that was released shortly after the game's announcement. It willn't expose a great deal apart from that we're likely to be going back to the crazy West. The overall game locations in trailer are diverse and beautiful therefore appears very most likely your game will likely be available globe. 

The game's second trailer came on September 28, after Rockstar teased some brand new information will be to arrive a tweet early in the day that week. This time around we reached view a bit more in regards to the game, including a glimpse of its new protagonist Arthur Morgan.

Watch the trailer yourself below and have a gander at all the screenshots we've gathered as well as see a number of the brand new theories this trailer has dragged up:


Launch date

We thought we'd have Red Dead Redemption 2 within our stockings come getaway 2017, nonetheless it ends up that could happen a bit preemptive on our part. 

Based on a article regarding publisher's web site, we'll be waiting until Spring of 2018 to saddle up for Rockstar Games' next epic western:

"Red Dead Redemption 2 has become set to introduce Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving United states heartland would be the very first Rockstar game created from the floor up the latest generation of system equipment, plus some additional time is important to ensure that we can deliver the greatest experience easy for our fans … we have been really sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we’re firm believers in delivering a casino game only when it’s prepared."

Information and features

We have very little when it comes to solid facts about Red Dead Redemption 2 but just what was verified by Rockstar are available below.

There's a brand new protagonist

John Marston isn’t any more. Red Dead Redemption 2 brings players a fresh protagonist called Arthur Morgan plus the game will follow this outlaw together with Van der Linde gang because they rob and fight their way across America. 

Dutch is back

The primary antagonist from Red Dead Redemption revealed their face within game's 2nd trailer which verifies he'll be back. Whether or not he'll be the exact same antagonistic force is ambiguous but we think it's very unlikely he's going to be a force permanently.

It'll have an available world

Red Dead Redemption 2 is just a sequel to an available globe game and it's being manufactured by Rockstar so this isn't exactly surprising information. Though Red Dead Revolver was a more linear affair, it was obvious that Rockstar was moving away from this featuring its spiritual successor Red Dead Redemption and now we imagine this trend will stay. 

On game's site, Rockstar has called the overall game globe "vast and atmospheric" plus the trailer truly backs up this claim. 

The surroundings shown inside trailer are diverse and stunning and now we imagine that as before you'll have the ability to traverse them by walking, horseback and perhaps even by rail at your own personal speed. 

It'll have solitary and multiplayer

As you'd expect of the Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption 2's vast available game world will be the backdrop up to a thrilling single-player campaign. 

Though the first game observed the story of one guy, we're not sure whether which is the truth with Red Dead Redemption 2. The game's trailer shows 7 figures on horseback which does recommend there could be numerous stories weaving together here like Rockstar did with Grand Theft Auto 5. We'll only have to wait to find out should this be the truth.

One similarity we do know Red Dead Redemption 2 will need to Grand Theft Auto 5 is its huge online multiplayer globe plus it might be this section of the overall game your 7 cowboys on horseback imagery is referring to. 

In the game's internet site, Rockstar has stated that the world of the solitary player campaign will "also give you the foundation for a unique on the web multiplayer experience." 

Considering Grand Theft car 5's internet remains growing and thriving 4 years following the game's initial launch it is an exciting possibility. We imagine the cooperative missions that involve heists, races, gangs and money making will transfer nicely over to the Wild western world of Red Dead Redemption 2. 

PlayStation 4 players can get early use of some online content

Because of a partnership between PlayStation and Rockstar, PlayStation 4 owners can get early access to a few of the game's on line content. In a post on formal PlayStation weblog where in actuality the announcement had been managed to get had beenn't clear what the internet content could be, nonetheless it was guaranteed that more details will be revealed soon. 

Rumors and that which we wish to see

Considering solid facts on the game are pretty thin on the ground, speculation and rumors are understandably rife, with all of the basis for guessing at feasible features from the game's two trailers.

It could be a prequel or sequel

Red Dead Redemption 2 could have a brand new protagonist called Arthur Morgan which sets John Marston from the image. 

It was the look of Red Dead Redemption antagonist, Dutch Van der Linde, into the 2nd trailer because of this game, but that made fans think it may well be a prequel. Dutch looks much younger and much more fresh within the trailer gives this pre-Red Dead Redemption concept credence. 

That said, others have described some anachronistic back ground details through the trailer which throw the prequel nature of tale into concern. First up is just a telephone which seems in an office scene of this trailer. This phone has a design which will have been in usage long after 1890. But a train which appears later on within the trailer will be revealed to be from the much earlier time than this.

Red Dead Redemption is largely emerge 1911, so a few of these details taken together declare that Red Dead Redemption 2 could already have a very long schedule which begins before John Marston's Red Dead Redemption and operates concurrent to it, possibly featuring multiple figures.

But could also be a prequel that just doesn't extend past an acceptable limit back in its history – it's additionally being rumored your game is scheduled just 5 years before the previous game around 1906 which will produce a lot of feeling. 

Bows and arrows and twin wielding tools 

In game's second trailer we come across protagonist Morgan wielding a bow and arrow also at the same time firing two revolvers. This indicates combat mechanics have actually advanced notably through the previous game. 

Bow and arrows had been really a gun choice in Red Dead Revolver before being nixed in Red Dead Redemption. Since then, fans are crying away with regards to their return therefore the trailer truly seems to show that's occurring. 

On the water

You couldn't also swim in Red Dead Redemption however a glimpse of the character on the available water in a kayak within the trailer for the sequel has people wondering if you'll manage to travel across water or maybe even swim these times. It'd truly make an currently sure to be big game world also larger. 

More animals than ever 

The game's second trailers shows in no uncertain terms that bears are back. But now they're being accompanied by crocodiles. This will make the encompassing game world significantly more dangerous and although we always see just as much wildlife as possible, we're perhaps not looking towards being taken by shock by way of a crocodile in a swamp. 

Sharing force

A scene of the character walking alongside a mule packed up with equipment even offers fans wondering if it'll be feasible to generally share your stock with your steed. We imagine this might work in a similar manner to sharing your inventory along with your companion in games like Skyrim. 

Could this be the game's map?

Early in the day this April, a map claiming to be the setting for the following Red Dead leaked on NeoGAF.

The largest takeaways from the tentative topography was a slight move eastward from arid plains of Red Dead Redemption, showing more marshy areas, islands, and also a mention of a bayou city called brand new Bordeaux – perhaps a tie-in aided by the recently released, 2K-published Mafia III?

A source with insider knowledge did verify to united states your map had been legit, adding your game intends to happen ahead of the occasions of Red Dead Redemption.

However, it remains a leaked map from the web, therefore checked objectives are always an intelligent move. 

Rockstar has revealed that the map associated with game will soon be utilized while the foundation for building an on-line multiplayer world much like that of Grand Theft Car 5 and so the amazing scale and diverse landscape suggested by this map is suited to an on-line globe. 

Keep checking back here to get more Red Dead Redemption 2 news and rumors! We'll report everything as so when it's revealed. 

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