Leaked screenshot of Xiaomi Mi 7 unveil major details

It’s not really a surprise that Xiaomi is going to announce its next flagship smartphone soon. It’s just a matter of 'when'. 

Initially, it absolutely was anticipated your Chinese manufacturer would simply take its flagship smartphone, the Mi 7 to Mobile World Congress (MWC) that will behave as its launchpad. The latest rumors suggest that Xiaomi will likely to be backing down from the launch of Mi 7 during MWC and alternatively reveal a buffed up Mi Mix 2.

Whatever could be the situation, a screenshot claiming to be through the Mi 7 it self is doing rounds on the web exposing some instead juicy information regarding the device.

Based on the leaked screengrab, the Mi 7 will undoubtedly be running on Snapdragon 845 which will be pretty apparent for flagship. The surprising starts afterwards. The picture states that Mi 7 has a battery pack capacity of 4,480 mAh which is really a boost from 3,350 mAh battery found on the Mi 6.

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Other key specs include 8GB of RAM which is an anticipated improvement. The high-end variation of Mi 6 is sold with 6GB of RAM and it is just rational for Xiaomi to update it to 8GB. We additionally expect your business can certainly make 6GB the beds base variant, going for a cue through the likes of OnePlus.

The smartphone under consideration is also said to sport double 16-megapixel digital cameras plus 5.6-inch display of 2160×1080 pixels quality.

However, the screenshot misses on the MIUI variation powering the Mi 7. If you believe the screenshot, this phone runs on MIUI 8.1.30 which will be rather dated. MIUI 9 was out for quite a while now and Xiaomi’s flagship operating on a dated OS is unbelievable. Hence our skepticism.

Fortunately, the smartphone will launch in the next couple of months closing everyone’s confusion.

A year ago, the business ditched the Mi 6 and brought the Mi Mix 2 to Asia alternatively. It will also be interesting to see whether Xiaomi brings the Mi 7 to Asia now. 

We’re hoping it can. 

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