The Last of Us 2 launch date, news, and rumors

[Update: Naughty Dog has verified the directors going up The Last folks 2 since Neil Druckmann has been promoted to Vice President of business. Druckmann will, needless to say, remain heavily mixed up in creation associated with the game but it now has two directors: Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau, both of whom had been lead designers on Uncharted 4.]

As games go, the past people is a pretty finite one. But as it works out, the past of Us had beenn't the final of it and focus on a sequel (the final people 2) is well underway. 

Given the initial game had been hailed by players and experts alike as masterpiece with exemplary, psychological storytelling and engaging, practical figures, we need to admit your choice release a a follow-up isn't especially shocking. We'd probably were more astonished if there wasn't one. 

The Last folks 2 was established by sexy puppy at PlayStation expertise in 2016 alongside a teaser trailer. Despite the teaser trailer being visually stunning, it was stressed your game was still in extremely very early development, undoubtedly to make it clear that the game all together ended up beingn't during this period yet and to handle fan objectives.  

Given that we're several 12 months on from the period, the actual only real more information we've had concerning the game actually 2nd, much longer trailer shown at Paris Games Week 2017 plus confirmation that it'll be emerge Seattle. Where the initial teaser trailer wasn't actually footage through the game, but this trailer was meaning we should be far closer to a release date announcement.

Cut towards the chase

  • What exactly is it? The sequel to your critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game the final of Us
  • When could I play it? It’ll be a while from now, perhaps belated 2018 to early 2019
  • What can I play it on? PlayStation 4


PSX recently occurred in Ca therefore the final people role 2 had its own panel as of this event. Throughout the panel it was confirmed that the game are going to be occur the town of Seattle and darker themes we know are coming had been touched upon. You can watch the panel on your own below:

The most up-to-date trailer the game had been shown at Sony's press conference during the 2017 Paris Games Week. This trailer is just about 5 minutes long, targeting disputes between your human being factions within the game. It shows part 2 will have a dark story, possibly even darker than the first, additionally the trailer is pretty harrowing to look at. 

Aesthetically impressive though it’s, do keep in mind that it's gory before you view it on your own below. 

Initial consider the game was included with its statement at PlayStation Experience in 2016. Even though the overall game is early in development, the trailer showed the full (non-gameplay) scene which includes both Ellie and Joel. You can view it below:

Launch date

As nasty puppy has stated the overall game remains in the early stages of development, we imagine it’ll be considered a whilst before we arrive at play The final folks 2. 

We don’t have even a rough release screen yet, though considering sexy Dog has heard of bad side of guaranteeing a good release date and lacking it before it’s difficult to blame them for not committing at this time. 

In a recently available interview with Vorterix, the game's composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, said that it's going to launch in 2019. Obviously, it hasn't been verified so we'd take it having a pinch of sodium. However, it doesn't appear all that implausible as release screen considering the fact that in-game footage had been just shown as recently as Paris Games Week 

What we understand up to now


With Neil Druckmann having been promoted to Vice President of Naughty Dog, The Last people 2 now has two confirmed directors. Druckmann will, needless to say, still be greatly involved in the creation regarding the game but it's now being headed up by Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau, both of who had been lead developers on Uncharted 4. 


Even though it had been no slouch in game play department, it absolutely was the story told by the final people that stuck with us for months afterward. Obviously dirty puppy had to provide us with some sort of hint about where in fact the sequel would go. 

At this time we understand the very last folks 2 will take devote the city of Seattle, five years following the end associated with original game, having a 19 year old Ellie taking the starring playable role. Joel will nevertheless appear in the overall game if the teaser trailer is such a thing to go by, he is actually a far more passive existence. 

These times, Ellie is extremely mad about…something. From that which we saw through the teaser trailer she desires revenge, which to the woman appears to be a meal best served lethal. 

She does, all things considered, vow to “kill every final one of them.” It’s not yet determined who “them” is but it could signal that the Fireflies, the initial game's well-meaning but morally grey antagonists, will make a return. Anger, hate and revenge are going to be key themes these times so be prepared to take for an emotionally hefty ride. 

As Joel is such a passive presence in trailer there’s been speculation that he’s actually dead, appearing in Ellie’s head’s eye, and Ellie’s anger and vengeance will likely be fond of people who caused his death. This isn’t entirely not likely however it’s purely speculation now. It will probably be worth pointing out, however, that Neil Druckmann did reveal within an meeting with PlayStation life that this announcement trailer footage is not a scene that’ll actually occur into the genuine game. 

In trailer for the game shown at Paris Games Week in 2017, we got a review of just how dark the overall game is going to be. The trailer targets the opposing relationships between human characters in the game and features some seriously cringe-inducing physical violence. 

It cann't inform us much about any new characters of exactly how they'll connect with one another but it does confirm that we're entering a dark game world within the last of Us part 2. 

In a current panel at PSX both Druckmann and Gross stated that though the game's story will certainly be dark and there'll be considered a focus on the theme of hate, "there is hope" and you will see "lighthearted moments." 

We can't imagine we're perhaps not relieved to know this following the game's controversial Paris Games Week trailer which, Druckmann stated, had been intended to emphasize the game's exploration of this search for justice.

Ellie the most genuine and refreshing figures we’ve seen in gaming therefore it’s exciting that slutty puppy will just take the woman tale further and place the woman in center phase. 

The innovative director regarding the game, Neil Druckmann has stated your story would be about Ellie and Joel’s relationship and that although the story is complementary to the story of this first game, it would be bigger. 

When expected at a PSX panel whether or not Joel or Ellie may die, Druckmann reacted that "no one is safe" showcasing your game's tale really could get anywhere. 

Hopes are specially high because of this larger story since it’s been revealed that certain of the article writers of Westworld, Halley Gross, will likely to be co-writing the game’s tale. Having someone who’s written scripts for this kind of extremely popular and successful show is a boon for the game's tale. 

Game Play

Very little is being said about gameplay right now. Neil Druckmann said at a PSX Panel there would, however, be some differences because of Ellie being the playable character as opposed to Joel. 

“Ellie plays in a different way than Joel […] several things are evolution, some things are reinvention, but you will have a game play reveal in the future.”

It’s hard to glean a great deal with this, but if slutty Dog take the approach that’s frequently taken with playable female characters, Ellie is going to be more quick on her feet than Joel was but perhaps less capable take harm. 

This won't function as the first-time we've had the opportunity to play as Ellie, following the very first game place united states in her shoes for a brief objective, but right here the objective of the objective was to make her feel poor when compared with Joel. We could just hope her abilities will soon be expanded for the sequel. In the Paris Games Week trailer she definitely looks far actually stronger than she did in the first game. 

We expect you’ll see a whole lot more with regards to game play from E3 2018 after Druckmann claimed in PSX panel that more information the game would emerge at that event. 

Just what we'd prefer to see

A new setting

Given that time has moved on 5 years from end of this very first game, it’d be nice to see Joel and Ellie in a fresh location too. It cann’t necessarily need to be definately not the setting associated with first game but considering we’ve the two lead characters and their relationship to keep us associated with initial game, it’d be nice to try out in a fresh location to keep things feeling fresh and also make the development of brand new figures feel more plausible. 

Druckmann has stated this game’s tale will likely to be larger than the tale associated with the very first game and now we imagine this necessitates a somewhat more expansive setting.

More terrifying enemies

The contaminated in the first game are terrifying and threatening and now we wish to see more of that. Things don’t must alter a lot of but brand new classes of enemy, new character designs and new approaches to defeat them could be exemplary. 

Considering we’ll be playing as Ellie now rather than Joel we imagine players will have to figure out how to take a various approach to combat anyhow because it’s been said she’ll play in a different way.

It’d additionally be great to see more human enemies along with the infected. We saw many morally grey factions make an look in the first game so to grow on this and maybe introduce more elements could be interesting. 

The exploration of the morality of humanity in post-apocalyptic scenes is always interesting, especially considering in games you’re interacting with it directly and feeling its impact more strongly than in many mediums. 

The final of Us 2 has got the opportunity to create a real emotional impact through the human being areas it gift suggestions united states with.

The return of multiplayer

Multiplayer within the last people had been surprisingly good so we wouldn’t be averse to seeing it return here. In the event that game’s primary story is going to be since heavy even as we expect, it’d definitely be good to truly have the substitute for break free for a while without making the game world and relate to other people on line. 

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