How to connect Bluetooth Headphones to Nintendo Switch

Bluetooth Headphones are quickly becoming the most popular style of headphones and work perfectly with most devices. However, in recent weeks we have had many people ask us; why can’t I connect them to my Nintendo Switch? In this guide we will be explaining why it isn’t possible to connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Nintendo Switch directly and showing you a very easy way to work around the issue, via a Bluetooth transmitter.

In order to connect your Bluetooth Headphones to your Nintendo Switch you will need an Audio Bluetooth Transmitter. Our Favourite has been the Scosche FlyTunes Wireless Audio Bluetooth Transmitter which works seamlessly between both Handheld and Television modes.


  1. Plug the Bluetooth Adapter Dongle into your Nintendo Switch’s 3.5mm port on the top of your console
  2. Turn the transmitter on by holding the button for at least 3 seconds, or until you see flashing Blue and Red LEDs.
  3. Turn your headphones on
  4. Press and hold the pairing button
  5. Your Bluetooth Headphones will now pair with your Nintendo Switch, indicated by a solid blue light on the dongle & your Nintendo Switch will then display a message confirming this connection
  6. Your Bluetooth Headphones will now be fully connected allowing you to listen through them while you game.

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Luke TurnerLuke Turner

Luke is the Tech Editor at Mobile Fun, covering breaking technology news, round-ups and how to guides on the latest devices. When he isn’t busy writing about the world of tech, he can be found playing video games, or watching sports.


Best Car Phone Holders & Mounts for 2020

With smartphones becoming even more important to our daily lives thanks to their increasingly powerful functionality, it’s important to be able to stay connected and ahead of the game while driving, as such a robust and sturdy car phone holder is a necessity allowing you to stay up to date with upcoming traffic information, directions and speed camera detection.

With tons of different options to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favourite car mounts for 2020 which you can see below!

1.  Olixar TriMount 3-in-1 Smartphone Car Holder

Olixar TriMount Car Holder

Our first selection proves to be extremely versatile thanks to its transforming nature. The Olixar TriMount Car Holder’s versatility allows for convenient use no matter you car or preference, providing you with the option to mount on your car’s windscreen, dashboard or even on your car’s vent. While the majority of car mounts only offer one mounting solution, the fact that the TriMount can transform in this way gives it a real edge and makes it a top selection. What’s more, the holder performs extremely well in our tests, providing a secure grip for your phone no matter your terrain or speed. Another fantastic feature is the wide jaw opening, making for easy use with or without a case for even the largest smartphones on the market today.

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2.  iOttie OneTouch Car Holder with Wireless Charging Built-In

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charging Car Holder

A more premium choice now, the iOttie OneTouch is the go to car holder of choice for anyone looking to safely hold their phone in their car, but whom also want effortless wireless charging at the same time. The Holder can be mounted to either your vehicle’s dash or windscreen and once situated delivers a fantastic and ultra modern experience. The built-in wireless charging works well, providing charge to all wireless charging smartphones, ideal for when driving and using satellite navigation apps. Another fantastic feature is the holder’s one touch open and close system, making this a brilliant option for those after a little bit extra on top of a great hold.

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3.  Official Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock Mount Car Holder

Official Samsung Vehicle Dock

One of the only car holders Samsung have ever produced, this classic still delivers and out-performs many of the newer models from other companies. The official seal approval really shines through, with a premium finish and an ease of use that makes this option a fantastic pick for anyone after a simple and secure holder that feels extremely robust.

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4.  Olixar inVent Magnetic Air Vent Holder

Olixar inVent Magnetic Vent Mount

A subtle choice now, the Olixar inVent Magnetic Air Vent Holder is an updated version of the classic and award winning Olixar inVent range, now coming with supremely strong magnetic connection and a sleek design. Slotting securely on to your vents, this car mounting option allows for easy one-hand mounting and works effortlessly through cases too, so you can keep your precious smartphone protected while it stays in view. This is a great pick due to the stylish nature and that fact that it leaves your windscreen completely clear for a better and safer view of the road.

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5.  Scosche Magic Mount Car Holder

Scosche Magic Mount Car Holder

Our final pick comes from a renowned car holder manufacturer Scosche with their Magic Mount car holder. Coming with a wide magnetic base for a secure hold, the Magic Mount keeps your smartphone securely in place on both your windscreen and dashboard. It is a little bulkier than some of the other choices in this line-up, but the hold is second to none and well worth the small increase in size.

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Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed our look at five of the best car phone holders around, if you would like to know anymore about the car mounts featured then please leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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The Best Wireless Speakers for 2020

Looking for the perfect wireless speaker? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 recommended Bluetooth wireless speakers for 2020. In this review, we have tried to recommend a speaker for every environment, may that be at the beach, at home or for outdoor activities that require a rugged speaker. Lets get started!

1. Olixar ProBeats Water Resistant Wireless Speaker

The Olixar ProBeats is the perfect speaker for any environment. Designed for constant use indoors and out, the ProBeats speaker features Wireless, Micro SD and 3.5mm Aux connectivity so you can connect to any device wherever you are. Out of all of the speakers we have tested, the Olixar ProBeats boasts the best audio quality, featuring dual 5W drivers and a powerful sub-woofer. All of these features, teamed with the ProBeats impressive 8 Hour battery life and water resistant design make for one of the best all-round wireless speakers for 2020.

2. Veho M-Series M2 Wireless Speaker

Veho’s M2 Wireless Speaker is one of the most impressive budget-friendly wireless speakers we have tested. Being only 78mm x 78mm x 50mm, this speaker is incredibly small and therefore extremely portable, easily able to fit in to bags and large pockets, making this speaker perfect for use when doing outdoor activities. Currently priced at £9.99 / $10.99, this speaker is one of the best budget friendly options available.

3. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 LE Wireless Speaker

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 LE Wireless Speaker provides 360 degree sound for an immersive experience. Featuring an impressive range of up to 33 meters / 100 feet, you no longer have to be sat right next to your music source and have the freedom to move around. As well as this, the BOOM 2 has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can be immersed in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Overall the Boom 2 LE is a fantastic speaker, with the only drawback being its slightly expensive £79.99 / $99.99 price tag.

4. Monster SuperStar HotShot Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Monster’s SuperStar Speaker is one of the most rugged and tough speakers we have tested, allowing for worry-free performance anywhere you want your music: the park, beach, hiking, cycling, or just chilling or grilling. Fitting in with its tough and rugged nature is the HotShot’s super simple setup, featuring NFC Tap 2 Pair feature, allowing you to start listening to your music in no time. The HotShot speaker is currently priced at £7.99 / $8.99 making it one of the most attractive speakers for the price.

5. Sonos One SL Wireless Speaker

The Sonos One SL Wireless Speaker is arguably the best wireless speaker for the house. It’s compact design means it fits perfectly into any space and it can be combined with many other Sonos speakers over WiFi to create the perfect sound system for your house. As well as this, the Sonos One SL supports Apple AirPlay, allowing you to steam sound directly from your iPhone or iPad and features seamless Siri Integration. The only downsides we have seen to this speaker is its portability, as it has to be plugged in to mains power at all times.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of Best Wireless Speakers for 2020. However, if none of the above are for you, feel free to check out our full range of wireless speakers by clicking here!

Luke TurnerLuke Turner

Luke is the Tech Editor at Mobile Fun, covering breaking technology news, round-ups and how to guides on the latest devices. When he isn’t busy writing about the world of tech, he can be found playing video games, or watching sports.


The Best Budget Wireless Earphones for 2020

With an ever rising number of smartphone manufacturers dropping the headphone jack, wireless earphones are quickly becoming the most practical way to listen to music on the go. In today’s blog, we will be showing you some of the best budget Wireless Earphones available in 2020.

1. KSIX TrueBuds True Wireless Earphones with Microphone

Like the style and compact nature of Apple’s AirPods but can’t justify that £150+ price tag? KSIX’s TrueBuds are a much cheaper alternative that feature excellent sound quality and look fantastic. These earphones also come with a charging case that further adds to the AirPods look. Currently priced at £19.99 / $21.99, these true wireless earphones look fantastic and provide excellent sound quality for the price, making them the best budget earphones we have tested for 2020.

2. Motorola Verve Loop 200 Sports APTX Wireless Earphones

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The Motorola Verve Loop 200 are a stylish and great-sounding pair of Bluetooth earphones. They’re connected by a wire in the middle, ensuring you can’t lose one ear bud accidentally and also giving room for conveniently positioned controls. Motorola’s Verve earphones are also compatible with the Hubble Connect for VerveLife app which gives your earphones a bunch of cool features, such as being able to talk to Alexa through the app and last known headset location to help you locate a lost headset. Currently priced at £11.99 / $12.99, these are a great set of feature packed earphones.

3. KitSound Bluetooth Race Sports Wireless Earphones

KitSound’s Race Bluetooth Earphones have been ergonomically designed and as such are perfect for sport. With a blade like design combined with flexibility, these wireless earphones are perfect for in the gym, running or just relaxing. Also featuring in-line playback functions, you can play / pause your favourite tracks as well as take, end and mute calls, all without having to touch your phone. Currently priced at £4.99 / $5.49, the KitSound Race earphones are one of the best deals we have found on wireless earphones.

4. Forever True Wireless Earbuds TW100


No Wires at all! The Forever True Wireless Earbuds are by far the best deal we have found on True Wireless earphones, coming in at just £14.99 / $16.49 these Earbuds deliver crystal-clear audio while being lightweight and comfortable. Featuring three pairs of silicone buds in different sizes, these true wireless earbuds will fit your ears comfortably. The Forever True Wireless Earbuds also feature an impressive 6 hour battery life despite being the smallest earphones in our roundup.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our selection of Best Budget Wireless Earphones for 2020. However, if none of the above are for you, feel free to check out our full range of wireless earphones by clicking here!

If you have any questions about the earphones featured in this article then please do ask away below or contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

Luke TurnerLuke Turner

Luke is the Tech Editor at Mobile Fun, covering breaking technology news, round-ups and how to guides on the latest devices. When he isn’t busy writing about the world of tech, he can be found playing video games, or watching sports.