Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is set to be one of Samsung’s most successful phones in years thanks to it’s striking design, high-grade cameras, 5G compatibility and impressive display. As such any perspective or current owners will be out to protect their precious device. To help make choosing your perfect Samsung S20 Plus case a little easier, we’ve rounded up our favourite cases below!

1. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Kvadrat Cover Case

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Kvadrat Cover Case

The newest addition to the Samsung official case range and an S20 Plus exclusive! The Kvadrat cover looks exceptionally striking thanks to the uniqueness of the material used throughout. Samsung’s partnership with Kvadrat delivers a truly premium product that feels great in hand and presents a colour scheme like no other. The fabric feel adds extra grip, while the form and fit of the case is fantastic, as you would come to expect from an official case offering. While it doesn’t have any smart or hidden features, it simply adds a level of protection to your S20 Plus, while also adding a level of sophistication and elegance you’ll struggle to replicate with another cover. Available in Green, Red and Grey, this cover is a must have for any Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus owner.



2. Olixar NovaShield Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Bumper Case

Olixar NovaShield Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Bumper Case

A perfect way to guard and showcase your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, the NovaShield from Olixar delivers the ultimate case experience. It equips and protects well thanks to its hybrid construction, that consists of a robust polycarbonate back and rubberised frame that reduces impacts and lifts the screen from flat surfaces. The NovaShield manages to protect without adding unnecessary bulk, keeping your S20 Plus nice and thin, while the clear back showcases the phone’s stunning good looks.



3. VRS Damda Crystal Mixx Pro Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Packed with durable multi-layered protection, the Damda Crystal Mixx Pro ensures that your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus will remain in pristine condition even after suffering hefty knocks and bumps. The raised edges and accompanying lanyard also add to the case’s protective qualities, safe-guarding the phone’s screen from drops. The carbon fibre styling provides a really striking look, that easily makes this one of the most attractive rugged cases on the market for the S20 Plus.



4. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Clear View Cover

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Clear View Cover Case - Sky Blue

Another offering from Samsung’s official range now, the Clear View provides one of the most thorough smart experiences and combines it with exquisite styling and durable protection, to make for a must have S20 Plus accessory. The smart window running down the right hand side of the front cover comes to life when notifications are received, allowing to answer and rejects calls, see text notifications and even control music playback. The cover itself provides solid protection for the front, back and sides of your Galaxy S20 Plus, thus keeping it well guarded at all times. Overall a top pick that delivers on all fronts. Available in Black, White, Grey, Blue and Pink.



5. Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Soft Silicone Case

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Soft Silicone Case - Pastel Pink

A cheaper alternative to the official silicone covers from Samsung, Olixar’s version delivers all of the same high quality style and feel for a fraction of the price. The official branding may not be there, but instead you receive a clean and smooth appearance that many will prefer. Overall it’s a great choice for those after a lightweight, thin case that will look great on, while still providing some decent protection against light scratches and scrapes.



Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading our article on the best cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. We hope you found it helpful and that you’ve been able to find your perfect Samsung S20 Plus case. If you would like more info on these cases, then please click through or ask us in the comments below.

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