Apple iPhone X vs LG V30

Exciting, appealing, futuristic – these are just some of the words we’d use to describe Apple’s iPhone X. But so are “expensive” and “imperfect”, as those who have read our iPhone X review should know. Long story short, the iPhone X is a phone worth being thrilled about, but it doesn’t quite tick all the boxes that a $1000 phone should, and many rivals in the high-end space could give it a good run for its money. One of these rivals is the LG V30, which is no less rich in features, but comes at a considerably lower price. Let’s now dive deeper and see how these two phones compare.


On …

AT&T Black Friday deals are now live, get free iPhone 7 with DirecTV plan

Oh, AT&T, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for you to announce the Black Friday deals of the season, and, as usual, you are slightly disappointing. AT&T doesn’t pay all that much attention to the consumer side of its wireless business, as the business customers are where it’s at for it, and was happy to bleed the low-margin subscribers over to T-Mobile to deal with in the last few quarters. 

As a result, its profit margins are the healthiest of the big US carriers, so don’t expect any big giveaways to lure subscribers this holiday season, it just …

Jabra Sport Pulse headphones bring elite training towards the masses

Jabra reckons that we're all wasting our time trotting around the park for a couple minutes weekly, getting tangled in a million cables, which explains why its created the Sport Pulse headphones.

Whilst not cheap at a penny under £200, this new wireless headphones can read your pulse just by sitting into the ear – just like the LG heartrate Headphones, actually.

[Update: With both the Jabra Move Wireless and Jabra Elite Sport headphones getting discounts this Ebony Friday, we think it's most likely that the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones get a decrease too. Given the size of the reduction the Elite Sport got, you could possibly get the activity Pulse for the serious bargain in the event that you time it appropriate.]

Rain runners

But unlike the LG Heart Rate Headphones, Jabra hasn't gone for this kind of conventional naming convention, and it’ll additionally introduce them in the united kingdom for those that like looked at running the through the rainfall in an English 'summer'.

The Sport Pulse headphones are pretty standard in certain respects: combined with the Sports Life app for Android os or iPhone, they permit you to train in different zones and prepare plans for you personally centered on your goal, be it speed, time or distance.

However, unlike other operating apps, the newest headphones can inform you your VO2Max level (useful to observe fit you really are receiving), assess whether you're overtraining or just monitor your resting heartrate in the long run.

Tunes a-plenty?

The cordless buds function the usual suspects of improvements you would expect at this price: Dolby-enhanced sound and resistance to sweat, as an example. But Jabra has partnered with Google to let you make offline playlists from YouTube and listen to the tracks on the run.

Who’re these brand new headphones made for? Well, for £200 they’ll not attract everybody, provided heartbeat monitors and apps observe the sensors can be located for a lot cheaper.

But those that simply take their owning a a bit more seriously should probably always check these out, and discover in the event that claims of being in a position to show your VO2Max rate are accurate, given a session at a professional studio may cost just like one of these little earbuds.

Out in October, the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones will likely be offered at Selfridges first, with wider supply become verified.

Best deals on iTunes gift cards for Black Friday

Wondering what gifts to buy for the holidays is a mighty annoying task, but, given that iPhone ownership is at an all-time high in the US, with 87 million people rocking one, or about 43% of the total, an iTunes gift card in any denomination would do the trick easily. There’s never been a better time to get one, too, as retailers online and offline will be giving away pretty decent Black Friday discounts on the plastic, so check out what are some of the best iTunes gift card deals out there to get:

Best Buy

Best Buy’s iTunes …

Deal: Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch and Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness tracker are $50 off

ProductLocationItem ConditionCurrent PriceOffer expiresSamsung Gear
Sport smartwatch
(Black, Blue)Samsung, Amazon, Best BuyNew$249.99 ($299.99)
$50 (17%) offN/ASamsung Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness band (Black, Red)Samsung, Amazon, Best BuyNew$149.99 ($199.99)
$50 (20%) offN/A
Buy Samsung Gear Sport from Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy  Buy Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro from Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy

With Thanksgiving Day already upon us and Black Friday merely a day away, the deals just won’t stop pouring in! The latest deal we’ve managed …

Can I buy a Samsung QLED TV? Samsung’s latest tv acronym explained

In Spring 2017 Samsung launched its new alleged QLED television series – the Q9, Q8, and Q7 Series – that are armed with steel quantum dots, better viewing perspectives and much deeper black amounts. They claim become the only real TVs that may show 100% colour amount and they are as much as two times as bright as Samsung's 2016 SUHD TVs having a peak brightness of 1,500 to 2,000 nits. 

But it appears like every year, TV manufacturers make the claim that this past year’s TVs were generally speaking okay, but this year’s TVs are the most sensible thing available. It’s confusing sometimes, and downright disheartening, too. 

Here’s that which we need to know: Is this a 'major paradigm change into the visual display industry', as claimed by Samsung's President of Visual Display Business, HyunSuk Kim, or perhaps Samsung's attempt to wrest right back some momentum since Sony embraced OLED TVs? 

Along with other major television brands gonna OLED in 2017, can Samsung standalone in breathing new life into aging LCD TV tech? And, more over, let’s say, any such thing, does QLED even mean? Let's explore the TV technology together.

What’s QLED?

It's a bit of an enigma, to place it lightly. Literally QLED means – or we suppose it indicates – quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED, to not be confused with OLED TVs), but this Samsung-baked concept is basically simply the latest group of improvements towards same quantum dot technology that the company was focusing on the past several years. 

Technically talking, Samsung's QLED TVs aren’t QLED anyway, well, at the least in the manner that we understand the expression. A 'proper' quantum light-emitting diode element emits its very own light – the clue is within the name – whereas Samsung's latest TVs use a split LCD backlight (and an edge-lit backlight, at that) like other LED-LCD TV. So where the QLED moniker arises from, we're unsure. 

How can a QLED TV work?

It’s complicated, but hang inside with us. So, to begin, all QLED TVs have quantum dot filter. This season, there’s a new refined aluminium element that help to make the dots more efficient (therefore brighter) and much more effective at moving pass light through, which produces wider and more accurate colour. 

So what is just a quantum dot filter precisely? It’s a film of small crystal semi-conductor particles which can be exactly controlled for his or her colour output, which exchange the red, green and blue colour filters that old TVs used.

Samsung states that its QLED TVs utilize the new filters to show 100% protection for the DCI/P3 color room (read: more deeply black amounts and sparkling HDR), and continue maintaining that performance regardless of the brightness. 

They’re so bright, in reality, that Samsung's QLED TVs can manage anywhere between 1500 nits to 2000 nits brightness. Considering 1000 nits is necessary to produce HDR, that's appropriate bright, though just how anybody could stay the glare of 2000 nits, we're not sure. Sunglasses, anyone?

Although the advances in brightness are intriguing, Samsung claims your brand new QLED TVs have a newly created pixel panel structure to allow better off-axis watching. For a family room environment, that might be QLED's big feature.

Vials containing quantum dots before they have put into a TV. © Jamie Carter


Beyond the 'paradigm shift' hyperbole of Samsung's marketing, it's vital to know that QLED isn't really anything new at all. In fact, it's really only the most recent – possibly on the list of final theoretically possible – tweaks to current LED-LCD technology that's dominated bigscreen TVs for the last decade.  

QLED's innovations – much deeper blacks, better colours and wider watching perspectives – tackle three traditional dilemmas of Light-emitting Diode and LCD technology, but they're the same issues that are addressed 12 months in, 12 months away by TV makers. Just upcoming reviews will reveal if, in fact, QLED is really a significant step forward from old-fashioned LED-LCD displays – but it’s likely that good that we'll see some genuine improvements in these areas with Samsung's brand new sets.


Maybe a far more crucial contrast is QLED vs OLED. The second uses pixels that emit unique light, but OLED shows are manufactured only by Samsung's arch-rival LG, and now employed by Sony, Philips and Panasonic, too.

There's undoubtedly that QLED, for the present time, comes with an advantage regarding brightness (therefore in theory may better manage HDR content – though could because easily overcook it), however, if you're buying a 'paradigm shift' in display quality as well as the next-gen display technology, OLED remains the frontrunner. The second uses independently lit pixels to quickly attain better contrast ratio and richer blacks that LED-LCD will never manage to hit, quantum dot filter or no. 

At over 1500 nits. Samsung’s QLED TVs are ultra-bright. © Jamie Carter

What occurred to SUHD?

QLED and SUHD are simply the same task; the newest messaging is more about marketing than technology, although the jump from 1000 nits on top-end SUHD TVs to 1,500 to 2,000 nits regarding the flagship QLED TVs could very well be more revolutionary than it appears in the beginning. Put simply, for the purchasing public nevertheless getting started with exactly what UHD is, SUHD just proved too confusing, so Samsung has fallen it. (in addition most likely didn't help your 'S' in SUHD didn't actually mean such a thing … although we're perhaps not convinced that QLED is significantly better.)

Samsung’s QLED TVs include a swivel ‘Studio’ stand.

Must I obtain a QLED TV?

Samsung's QLED TVs are reported to be about the brightest possible, most accurate coloured images pictures, which for that reason utilize all sorts of content in every forms of lighting conditions. Although we can't yet confirm Samsung's claims that its QLED TVs are the brightest and greatest around – our future reviews will verify or reject that – they do appear to be as much about design and freedom of installation as about picture quality. 

That most seems a good package the living room, but whether you should obtain a QLED TV will ultimately come down to cost. And here comes the crux associated with the matter; will QLED TVs be cheaper than OLED TVs? They might should be to stand an opportunity, but is Samsung actually gonna make itself a cut-price brand? We seriously doubt it. Expect oodles of marketing that produce QLED appear a better choice than OLED, though whether it’s or not, only time will inform.

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Movie traffic hampering mobile operators

Struggling together with your mobile connection? Don’t blame the operators, it’s most of the fault of Stranger Things and people hilarious You Tube videos.

According to research from Openwave Mobility, HD streaming has risen up to 38percent of mobile video traffic – method above mobile operators’ expectations.

This represents an astounding increase: just four years back, HD video accounted for 5.7per cent of mobile video traffic, it’s anticipated to reach 50per cent by the conclusion of next year, claimed Openwave Mobility. At this time, over 820 million people across the world watch YouTube and Netflix on cellular devices.

What is causing particular dilemmas for the mobile operators may be the level of encryption used by over-the-top (OTT) video streaming providers, famous brands Netflix and You Tube. Openwave Mobility’s research discovered that 75% of most mobile traffic has become encrypted, an issue that’s hindering operators’ ability to maintain customer quality of expertise (QoE). Why is this a concern is that the video providers’ encryption protocols prevent operators from optimizing information using old-fashioned traffic management tools.

Other profits hit

The development in encryption is in a way that Openwave estimates that 90percent of mobile Internet traffic will likely to be encrypted by this time next year. We’ve seen an especially high development in UDP-based encryption, specifically, the application of Google’s QUIC protocol, usage has risen an impressive 284percent before 12 months.

Openwave’s research has revealed just how video traffic has brought within the airwaves, wiping away revenue from other areas. John Giere, CEO of Openwave Mobility said: “OTTs have actually launched a land grab. In three years OTTs damaged voice revenues. In 2.5 years they wiped out messaging profits. Is mobile information next? Without a doubt.”

He said your issue had been that customers had become accustomed HD quality at home and expected equivalent quality on the mobile devices. “That’s why QoE is really a deal-breaker. Including, studies have shown that people just tolerate 6 moments of movie buffering prior to switching off in frustration. Facing an onslaught from OTT encrypted traffic, the challenge for operators is – how could you handle what you can’t see?”

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Holiday shoppers beware, the iPhone X shipping times just got greatly improved

Back when the iPhone X was released at the beginning of the month, the lead times stretched all the way to December in some cases, then they began to abate to 3-4 weeks. Apple has seemingly improved on the TrueDepth camera yields further, or the early adopters already have an iPhone X in their hands, as, just in time for the holiday shopping spree that begins today, you can get any model of Apple’s latest and greatest handset to ship within 1-2 weeks.
That’s been the case in Europe since last week, too, but there the iPhone X is much more expensive than in the US, …

Pixel Launcher update brings new features to the OG Pixels

The original Google Pixel and Pixel XL have gained some of the UI refinements of their successors via the Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview build that was pushed to the 2016 Pixels last month. However, there were differences in that not all Pixel 2 bells and whistles had made their way to the older generation of phones made by Google. This is now changing, thanks to what seems like a server-side switch on Google’s end.

The tweaks brought by the update are somewhat minor, but nonetheless help bridge the gap between the two generations of Pixels in terms …

Oculus Rift price just hit rock-bottom for Ebony Friday

Oculus Rift started its life as a pretty high priced, niche product. At $599, it was a item the unabashed bleeding-edge technology enthusiasts out there. 

With time, the Oculus Rift has seen a few significant price cuts – very first dropping  down to $499 and much more recently to $399. But today, however, Oculus has established its lowest cost yet the Rift bundle: $349. 

The offer, which nabs you both the headset and a pair of Oculus Touch controllers, runs from November 23 to November 27 until materials go out and you may find the deal on Oculus’ internet site or, in the event that you’d prefer to use up those present cards from last year, regarding Amazon, Newegg and Microsoft storefront aswell.

Unsure that which you’re gonna play when you strap your brand-new headset on? Oculus has you covered. The Facebook-owned VR business is offering three Complete Your Collection Packs – each of which includes seven games – bundled together for $99. If you currently purchased a number of of the games inside pack or obtained a code from the buddy, the pack will drop correctly. Nifty! 

If Computer VR isn’t your street, there's also a lot on PlayStation VR that understand headset at an unbeatably low $199 at GameStop. Whichever headset and discount you choose, you can’t make a mistake!  

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