Top Huawei P10 deals in-may 2017

the brand new Huawei P10 appears become among the best Android os phones of 2017 and you will purchase it today. All major UK companies are actually stocking the Huawei P10, so we’ve put a bunch of the greatest discounts together in a single destination to find a very good contract for you personally. A few of the deals have many information, you can find without an upfront expense and some deals are simply ordinary cheap, so we can get the the very best deal in your brand new phone. We’ve highlight some of the best deals further on the next paragraphs, you could additionally use the widget below to create your most useful deal the Huawei P10 in May 2017.

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The best Huawei P10 deals in May 2017

Three | Huawei P10 | £99 upfront | Unlimited telephone calls and texts | 2GB information | £27 per month
We don’t often love the deals on Three, however these options for the Huawei P10 are quite affordable. This cope with 2GB of data has a significant low month-to-month expense versus various other costs on Three and you may think it is an appropriate agreement available. Total price over two years is £747

Regard this deal: from Three

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EE 4G | Huawei P10 | Unlimited calls and texts | 2GB information | £84.99 upfront | £30.99 per month
This has the same upfront expense once the deal above, but this variation comes with a extra gigabyte of data. This means you can make use of more internet while you’re on an outing, but you will must invest somewhat extra each month to get it.  Total cost over a couple of years is £828.75

Fully grasp this deal: from BuyMobiles

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Three | Huawei P10  | £29 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 12GB data | £38 per month
This is quite a jump in internet from deal above. Click the link below and you will get 12GB of information to use each month for only £38 30 days. The device costs £30 on time one, but that’s worthwhile for so a huge amount of internet and another of the greatest new phones available. Total expense over a couple of years is £941

Treat this deal: off Three

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Now let’s break down the very best Huawei P10 deals by system

Most useful Huawei P10 deals on Vodafone (might 2017)

iphone 7 deals on vodafone

Huawei P10 | Vodafone | £100 upfront | Unlimited phone calls and texts | 1GB information | £28 per month
This will restrict the amount of internet you’ve got, but it is one of the cheapest techniques for getting your hands regarding Huawei P10. If you think you’re going to be for a Wi-Fi connection more often than not, you will probably find you can handle only 1GB of internet monthly.  Grab this deal when you can as it’s now £4 cheaper per month than it was in April. Total expense over a couple of years is £772

Regard this deal: at Carphone Warehouse

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Huawei P10 | Vodafone |  £100 phone | Unlimited phone calls and texts | 4GB data | £34 per month
This deal could cost £100 upfront, but it’s just £34 a month afterwards and that’s with 4GB of data to use every month. In addition is sold with limitless calls and texts as well as your Huawei P10, plus you will get all the benefits of being on Vodafone too. Oh, and additionally £100 cashback too. Total expense over a couple of years is £916

Treat this deal: at Carphone Warehouse

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Huawei P10 | Vodafone | £10 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 16GB information | £40 per month
If you want a phone that is near sufficient free upfront on Vodafone, this is the most useful deal we could find in May 2017. It costs £40 30 days, but with 16GB of data, limitless phone calls and texts plus an upfront cost of £10, that’s a great purchase and maybe it’s one you ought to look toward grabbing. Click the link below to buy it. Total cost over 24 months is £970

Regard this deal: at Vodafone

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iPhone 7 deals on EE

Best Huawei P10 deals on EE (might 2017)

Huawei P10 | EE 4G | 750 mins | unlimited texts | 1GB information | £84.99 upfront | £28.49 per month
This is the lowest priced possible deal we could find for the Huawei P10 on EE but you will need to invest the very best section of £100 on day one. Having a month-to-month price of just £28.49, this is really quite an inexpensive deal for Huawei’s latest and best. You may want over 1GB of information though. Total expense over two years is £768.75

Understand this deal: from BuyMobiles

Huawei P10 | EE 4G | Unlimited telephone calls and texts | 2GB information | £84.99 upfront | £30.99 per month
This gets the exact same upfront expense whilst the deal above, but this version comes with a extra gigabyte of information. Meaning you can make use of more internet as long as you’re on trips, but you’ll have to invest somewhat extra every month to get it.  Total cost over two years is £828.75

Understand this deal: from BuyMobiles

Huawei P10 | EE 4G | Unlimited phone calls and texts | 7GB information | £9.99 upfront | £35.99 per month
This is most likely our favourite deal the Huawei P10 on EE because it comes with an odd 7GB of internet and it’s just £35.99 monthly. With this amount of information plus Huawei P10 on EE, this may be a take. Total expense over two years is £873.75

Get this deal: from Affordable Mobiles

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Best Huawei P10 deals on O2 (might 2017)

Huawei P10 | O2 | Unlimited phone calls and texts | 1GB information | £59.99 upfront | £34 per month
If you’re looking for the cheapest feasible deal for the Huawei P10 on O2, this is the choice. This isn’t our favourite deal – those are only listed below – but it is a way to get the phone because inexpensive possible regarding bubbly network. 1GB of internet could be sufficient for you personally aswell, especially if you’re often on Wi-Fi. Total cost over two years is £875.99

Fully grasp this deal: from Carphone Warehouse

Huawei P10 | O2 | Unlimited phone calls and texts | 3GB information | £29.99 upfront | £37 per month
The best benefit of £30 upfront is really what you are going to devote to time one with this specific Huawei P10 deal, and it’ll then cost you £27 a month the rest of the two year contract. You will get more information because of the deal below, however if you’re after a mid-priced deal on O2 select this one. Total expense over 24 months is £917.99

Fully grasp this deal: from Carphone Warehouse

Huawei P10 | O2 | Unlimited telephone calls and texts | 10GB information | £79.99 upfront | £39 per month
If you should be on O2 for the Huawei P10, here is the most useful deal if you’d like countless internet. It comes with 10GB, that you can probably find it difficult to cope with every month and in addition it includes limitless calls and texts. You’re going to be investing £80 upfront for the phone however. Total price over two years is £1,015.99

Understand this deal: from Carphone Warehouse

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Best Huawei P10 discounts on Three (might 2017)

Huawei P10 | Three | £99 upfront | Unlimited telephone calls and texts | 2GB information | £27 per month
We don’t frequently love the discounts on Three, but these choices for the Huawei P10 are quite affordable. This deal with 2GB of data has a significant low monthly expense versus some other prices on Three and you will think it is an appropriate agreement for you personally. Total expense over two years is £747

Treat this deal: off Three

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Huawei P10 | Three | £29 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 12GB data | £38 per month
This is quite a jump in internet from the deal above. Click the link below and you should get 12GB of information to utilize every month just for £38 a month. The device can cost you £30 on day one, but that’s beneficial for therefore a huge amount of internet and another of the greatest brand new phones available. Total cost over two years is £941

Regard this deal: from Three

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Huawei P10 | Three | £29 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 30GB data | £43 per month
This is the deal to opt for in the event that you’ll be utilizing masses of data over your two 12 months contract. Three offers up a huge 30GB of data each month with this particular deal costing £43 monthly and £29 when you first remove it. You can find limitless data deals on Three, which you yourself can make with the tool towards the top of the web page, but we would suggest this while you’ll likely battle to utilize 30GB of information. Total expense over two years is £1,061

View this deal: off Three

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Save £25 on all LG G6 handles voucher code TR25G6

The movie stars did not quite align the release of the newest LG G6. With the hype within the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, it has been notably overlooked.

But it is good. In fact, it’s really good – discover our LG G6 review to see why. Its ‘all screen’ front side with 2:1 aspect ratio looks nearly the same as the Galaxy S8 but can cost you far less, specially you will conserve an additional £25 off all LG G6 deals with TechRadar and!

Pop in the rule TR25G6 at the checkout for just about any LG G6 cope with an upfront price of £25 or even more to grab the £25 discount. It’ll just work at aside from community, information allowance or colour at – the decision is yours!

LG G6 reviewed

LG offered its flagship phone a refresh from modular LG G5. The end result is an admirable Android os smartphone by having a great 5.7-inch display and twin 13Mp digital cameras.

It can’t boast the bezel-free design of the S8, but the design regarding the LG G6 is certainly more refined compared to past years. It’s as light and slim as you’d expect from a of the greatest phones of 2017.

It’s ditched the removable battery power, but increased the lifespan – that gets a thumbs up from us. But we’re less convinced by the decision to go after an older chipset than its contemporaries.

Simply click to read our complete LG G6 review.

Economical compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 might on lips of each gadget lover around now, however the savings you can make aided by the G6 are significant.

If You Are after 3GB of data allowance monthly, as an example, the amount you will save on O2 over a couple of years is £195. With your exclusive rule, you will pay £75 upfront the G6 at then a measly £27 a month.

Or even for a huge 20GB of information, in addition to unlimited moments and texts, our discount voucher means £75 upfront then £35 per month from then on. Once more with O2, that’s £100 cheaper than a Galaxy S8 with the same information.

The discount can be obtained on upgrade discounts and across all colours, too, so utilize our comparison chart above to slim down the LG G6 deal for you.

Could I trust

You certain can – we’dn’t feature them if you couldn’t! is part of the more well-known Carphone Warehouse group. This has been around for over 2 decades and has been named ‘best on the web merchant’ within final two Cellphone Choice Awards. Luckily, it’s also often the cheapest spot to get the very best phones and that means you should find that the code renders the cheapest LG G6 deals in the UK.

Therefore once you have found the LG G6 deal you like most readily useful, insert TR25G6 into the ‘Voucher rule’ industry when instructed during the checkout to make the £25 preserving.

Apple TV 5th gen: what will we see from the new Apple TV?

Update: A new report from ReCode has suggested that after a long period of absence, the Amazon Prime Video app might be about to land on Apple's set top box which would tally up with Apple preparing a hardware refresh of the device.  

Original article continues below…

When it comes to TV streaming boxes, it’s safe to say the Apple TV isn’t exactly king of the hill. We’re currently in the product’s fourth generation, and Apple hasn’t delivered on the TV revolution it promised. In fact, it’s struggling to compete with other streaming options like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

There are many reasons for its shrinking market share, from its relatively high cost to its uncompetitive content and its lack of 4K support. We go into them in much more detail here

However, while Apple’s not at the top of its game with its TV streaming box, that doesn’t mean it’s out of the league completely. It still has a chance to get things right with a new, fifth-generation Apple TV, and here are all the rumors about the new device. With nothing confirmed as yet, all of this could be subject to change, but there's a lot of information out there to draw upon. 

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The fifth iteration of Apple's connected TV box
  • When is it out? Late 2017 is the likeliest time
  • How much will it be? There's no official price point just yet, but the cost is likely to be tiered and dictated by hard drive size.

Release date

Alright, so, Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that a new Apple TV is imminent, but it also hasn’t said that there isn’t one on the way. In a recent earnings call, Tim Cook told investors that the company was happy with the way the new Apple TV was coming along while teasing that there's “more things planned” for it in the future. 

Considering it’ll soon be two years since we saw the last update to the device and late last year the third-generation Apple TV was pulled from stores, we think this is a fairly good indication that there’s a new model on the way soon. 

Though an announcement could happen at any time, there are a few points throughout the year when Apple is most likely to make some kind of Apple TV announcement. The first such possibility is at its Worldwide Developers’ Conference which is taking place in June. 

However, as WWDC primarily focuses on software updates, a repeat of the previous generation’s September announcement and October launch seems more likely. Particularly as September is usually the time Apple makes its big hardware announcements. 

How much will it cost?

The current Apple TV will set you back $149 (£139/AU$239) for the 32GB version and $199 (£179/AU$299) for the 64GB version which makes it an expensive piece of kit compared to other streaming boxes on the market which frequently come in at under $100. 

In light of this, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Apple to drop the price of its newest model when it’s released or improve the content it offers to justify its higher price point.  

It’s pretty much certain that the Apple TV fifth-generation will also offered tiered pricing and it’s highly likely Apple will keep the fourth-generation Apple TV around at a lower price point as a more affordable alternative as it has done in the past. 

What features will it have?


The fourth-generation Apple TV was revealed more than three years after the third generation model, but to make up for the long break it was a fairly big update with a brand new operating system, a new remote and even Siri integration. 

Something it was missing, however, was support for 4K and HDR content. When the fourth-generation Apple TV was launched at the end of 2015, 4K video was in its infancy and arguably not big enough to justify including support for it at that time. 

Now that we’re a good chunk of the way into 2017, 4K support is pretty much a standard feature on larger high-end TVs and as streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon rapidly increase their 4K content streaming devices from Amazon, Roku and Google have been quick to release devices which support it too. 

This leaves the fourth-generation Apple TV looking woefully out of date compared to its competitors. If Apple has any hopes of retaining its small portion of the market share, its new device should be capable of streaming 4K content. 

Power, speed and design have never been a particularly big problem for the Apple TV but it’s still likely the new release will be a little faster, a little more powerful and perhaps a little smaller or slimmer.

It’s also possible that Apple will introduce a larger hard drive option, or at the very least offer a way to expand memory externally. Earlier this year Apple announced it was upping the maximum allotted size for apps on the Apple TV from 200MB to 4GB. This is great in terms of bringing larger apps to the device, but the current Apple TV only comes in two sizes – 32GB and 64GB. 

This means that even though it can hold larger apps, the fourth-generation Apple TV can’t hold many of them so the introduction of a fifth-generation Apple TV with 4K and HDR support as well as a 128GB hard drive option seems likely to us.  


Aside from essential hardware changes, we imagine the biggest changes we’ll see will be in the device’s software, particularly as  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that the new Apple TV and tvOS were “building the foundation for what [Apple] believe can be a broader business over time.” 

Another interesting rumor is that the new hardware could finally see the Amazon Prime Video app for the first time on the platform. Amazon's service has so far been absent from the player, but given its increasing importance it's hard to imagine how Apple could let that remain the case for much longer.  

Finally, developer logs spotted just last month suggested that Apple is developing a device that runs tvOS 11. We would expect to see this new tvOS released alongside iOS11 later this year. 

Siri at home

Siri was introduced to the Apple TV in 2016 so we imagine its capabilities will only continue to improve. 

It’s perhaps possible that Apple will use Siri’s integration into the Apple TV to expand into more smart home capabilities. Apple brought HomeKit control to tvOS 10 and then in tvOS 10.0.1 it supplemented this with support for App Launch and Wi-Fi Accessory Configuration which made it possible for HomeKit accessories to launch and configure via the Apple TV.

A possible next step is to bring the Home app currently available on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad to tvOS 11 and turn the Apple TV into a fully-fledged home hub. 

Not only would this give Apple TV a way to stand out from other streaming devices, it would allow Apple to simultaneously keep up with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices without the trouble of introducing a brand new product to the market. 

Content is king

A key area where Apple will have to improve is in the content it offers. Apple has never been able to meet its ambitions in the pay TV space – it’s failed to make agreements with key TV production companies and plans for a live TV streaming service have never come to fruition. 

However, the recent increase in app sizes allowed on the device suggests we’ll certainly see some more gaming apps come to Apple TV in the future and Apple appears to be working hard to create its own original content with things like Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps. This original content at the very least gives Apple something more to add to its TV app. 

It’s also recently been reported that Apple is planning to introduce a service that would bundle channels together under one single monthly fee.

This service would take channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz which offer separate subscriptions and bring them all together into one convenient bundle.

Nothing has been confirmed with regards to this and it would require a great deal of negotiation on Apple’s part to establish a bundle that would offer a competitive enough price to lure consumers in. However, it would be a creative solution to the fact that Apple currently only offers individual channels and apps. 

Apple TV finally looks set to get Amazon Video player

With every self-respecting streaming device offering a comprehensive set of video services that includes the Amazon Video player, the Apple TV set top box has looked quite lacking by virtue of the app's omission.

That may be about to change however – ReCode reports that Apple is now readying the Amazon Video app for launch on its platform this summer.

If true, it'll be the thawing of a tumultuously icy relationship between the two companies.

Head to head

The rival companies have been at loggerheads as to how Amazon's videos get distributed on Apple's devices for some time. Currently, Amazon Video users must use Apple's AirPlay function to play back videos on the big screen, rather than have access to a native app player.

In addition, Apple refuses to let Amazon sell its services through an iOS app without taking a share for itself, meaning users must establish accounts in a browser before using Amazon's services – rather than having the means to enter payment details in the app itself. As either a defense measure, a means of pushing its own Amazon Fire players or simple retribution, Amazon stopped selling Apple TV devices.

But with a 4K Apple TV box said to be in the works, the Cupertino company will need both Amazon's retail clout and easy access to its 4K content to make it a success. We'll keep you posted if and when the news goes official.

Sony’s latest reimagining of the Walkman gets a June release date

Sony has announced the latest iteration of the Walkman — and it’s a rugged, sports-focussed Bluetooth headphone that’ll be hitting the US, UK and Australia this June.

The Walkman series came to fame as the first portable music devices that allowed people to carry their own tunes around with them, rather than being restricted to a preprogrammed radio broadcast. Sony has decided to breathe new life into the series with the 2017 iteration by combining the Walkman’s capacity as an audio player with the wireless listening abilities of the company’s other Bluetooth headphones.

The Sony Wearable Walkman (WS623) is targeted at both fitness freaks and nature nerds, with some fairly substantial protection against the elements and workout-friendly features. The headphones are waterproof and dustproof (IP65) enabling you to use them comfortably at the beach, and apparently allowing you to swim in saltwater up to a depth of 2 metres for half an hour. 

An ‘Ambient Sound’ mode allows you to switch on or off the integrated external microphones, so you can have better environmental awareness when you’re jogging or working out with a buddy. The battery life seems impressive for such a full-featured a pair of wireless earphones too, with up to 12 hours with the ambient mode disabled.

There’s also on-board storage, something relatively unique in the wireless audio market, that allows you to take either 4GB or 16GB of music with you (depending on the model – WS623 or WS625 respectively). On paper, the new Walkman model seems impressive and affordable starting at $149 (£110, AU$199) but we’ll have to wait until June to hear it for ourselves — and see how comfortable those bulky earpieces really are. 

Australia states ‘hello’ to Motorola’s new wallet-friendly Moto G5 and G5 Plus

Motorola has made its latest competitively-priced smartphones for sale in Australia today, because of the neighborhood launch associated with Moto G5 while the Moto G5 Plus. Both brand new models sport a steel housing, run the Android 7.0 OS and also consist of certain features that rival phones well beyond their budget prices.

The G5 has a 1080p 5.0-inch display screen, fingerprint scanner and simple conveniences like twin SIM slots, a removable battery plus water repellent coating. While it doesn’t seem like the absolute most impressive phone in some recoverable format, it is super-affordable just $299.

Motorola’s G5 Plus seems to do have done better still when it comes to bang-for-buck. While you’ll be paying a supplementary $100 throughout the standard model, the improvements you get will likely effect every day usage pretty dramatically. The design and 1080p display screen (5.2-inch now) are particularly like the base model, but most of this other improvements are more significant.

The Plus possesses far superior camera, with Dual Autofocus Pixels for the faster autofocus, an aperture of f/1.7, and ability to shoot video in 4K. Besides, there’s a 2.0GHz Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB (or 4GB) RAM, and it’s backed by a decent 3,000mAh battery that supports TurboPower fast asking. In addition boasts NFC, so it may do contactless repayments via banking apps where supported. 

The Moto G5 happens to be designed for $299 whilst the Moto G5 Plus will come in the 3GB RAM/16GB storage configuration for $399 or 4GB RAM/32GB storage space option for $449. While you’ll be able to grab both phones from the typical retailers, in the event that you buy through the Motorola Store you’ve got the option of silver or grey finishes, while the higher storage space option for the Plus actually Motorola shop exclusive.

  • Take a look at reviews associated with the Moto G5 here while the G5 Plus right here, but observe that the Asia/Pacific models have some more powerful specifications compared to the US and UK counterparts

PlayStation Plus might 2017: they are the free games you can get this month

One of the primary perks to be a PlayStation Plus customer is every month you’re given a range of free games throughout the PS4, PS4 professional, PS3, and PS Vita platforms.

This can be a great way to use games you might not otherwise have played, whether since they’re indie titles that slip under your radar or as you don’t have enough money to purchase several games a month.

Even although you don’t want to play them immediately, or you’re uncertain if they’re your form of game, we’d state it is constantly worth claiming them while you could possibly get them 100% free. 

You will then have access to them so long as you have got an energetic PS Plus account. 

Because this is a monthly event, we’ve chose to develop a one-stop store in which you’ll have the ability to get the newest free games, including scroll back and discover which games were showcased in past months. That way you’ll understand whether it’s well worth holding out for a game to arise in a future PlayStation Plus haul or whether or not it’s already been offered. 

So without further ado, here are the free PlayStation Plus games in North America, European countries, and Australia for May 2017, which will be available to within the next few days.

Please note, this thirty days views various free PS4 games available in particular territories — US members are certain to get Abzu with European and Australian members gets Alienation.

Might 2017

Abzu (US only) – PS4 (usually $19.99)

A lovely game within the tradition of Journey (making by some of the exact same people), Abzu takes you on an underwater expedition that will start your eyes to a historical and mysterious world unlike no other. 

Alienation (EU and AU only) – PS4 (usually £15.99 / AU$29.95)

In this futuristic top-down shooter, you need to lead at the very top team and battle to restore earth from alien invaders. Do so alone or playing in on line co-op mode.

Stories from Borderlands – PS4 (usually $14.99 / £15.99 / AU$26.60) 

Telltale Games assumes on Borderlands inside hilarious episodic adventure game. If you love Borderlands’ sense of humor, you’ll receive a real kick away from Tales through the Borderlands!

Blood Knights – PS3 (usually £11.99/ $9.99/ AU$22.95) 

Battle hordes of monsters inside vampiric hack’n’slash game along with medieval action role-playing elements. Restore your honor as you, a popular vampire hunter, are changed into the thing you hate many!

Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants – PS3 (usually £15.99/ $19.99/ AU $29.95) 

Yarr! Business and pirates — together at last! This pirate-themed company simulation has you endeavoring to satisfy your monthly plundering quota whilst also hitting your KPIs (key pirate indicators). Probably.

Laser Disco Defenders – PS Vita / PS4 (usually £7.99/ $9.99/ AU$14.95)

Sign up for Lord Monotone and save your self the galaxy in this top-down shooter game. Explore the overall game’s randomly produced amounts and undertake wave upon wave of robotic machines.

Type:Rider – PS Vita / PS4 (usually £11.99/ $14.99/ AU$22.95)

The hit mobile game Type:Rider has made its option to PS Vita and PS4! Inside unique platformer, you have to traverse across many words and fonts. Additional points whenever you can do this without dropping your monocle. Probably. 

Ensure that you check back next month for the free PlayStation Plus games of June 2017!

To make it very easy to record just what games are approaching, we’ve rounded up the previous couple of months of PlayStation Plus games and present prices on PlayStation Store. 

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

 January 2017 

December 2016 

November 2016 

October 2016 

September 2016 

August 2016 

Latest Uber app update makes it easier to see rider’s rating

Uber has just announced a significant update has been released for its mobile app. Both Android and iOS users are eligible for the new version of Uber app, which brings a couple of new features and improvements.

The update introduces two major changes to the rating system, and both will be rolled out globally starting today. The first change is fairer POOL ratings, which will affect riders.

Whenever a rider rates a POOL trip less than 5 stars, they can select additional reasons why. Uber will not count the rating toward the driver’s average if the reason is co-rider behavior or the route.

Secondly, in order to give riders more visibility into how they are rated by drivers, Uber tweaked the mobile app a little bit to make ratings much more accessible. If you want to see your rider’s score now, you will find it displayed under your name in the app’s menu.

According to Uber, these changes are crucial since they are meant to ensure that all those who use its services have a 5-star rate because they really deserve it.

Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game unleashed for Android and iOS

The result of the collaboration between FoxNext Games and Jam City, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, is a hilarious match-3 genre game featuring characters and humor fans have grown to love since the beginning of the series.

It’s worth noting that the game was developed in close partnership with the Family Guy Production team. The puzzle-based title gives players a chance to interact with everyone’s favorite characters from the Family Guy universe.

However, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is not your typical match-3 game, as gameplay experience …

Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game unleashed for Android and iOS

The result of the collaboration between FoxNext Games and Jam City, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, is a hilarious match-3 genre game featuring characters and humor fans have grown to love since the beginning of the series.

It’s worth noting that the game was developed in close partnership with the Family Guy Production team. The puzzle-based title gives players a chance to interact with everyone’s favorite characters from the Family Guy universe.

However, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is not your typical match-3 game, as gameplay experience includes lots of innovations. The game wants to introduce new audiences to the genre through Family Guy’s shocking humor, content, and storyline. So, match choices will reveal hilarious in-game character animation.

Moreover, new content will be added weekly, featuring regular episode tie-ins that introduce storylines, hijinks, and debauchery from the show into the game. There are also a couple of out-of-the-box game modes, which allows players to serve drinks, battle a giant chicken, and much more.

Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, on Google Play for Android, and available via all the main app stores worldwide. Keep in mind that for a limited time only, players who download the game will receive a special in-game gift.