Cyber Monday 2017: everything you need to learn about in 2010’s UK deals

Cyber Monday 2017 may be the perfect opportunity for you to definitely snaffle up some huge discounts on tech devices, off the straight back of this US Thanksgiving vacation and Black Friday, so turn up your on line browsers and prepare to begin shopping.

The expression 'Cyber Monday' ended up being created greater than a ten years ago to encourage visitors to do more shopping on the net – web merchants offered more discounts, shoppers found more material, as well as the period has continued to obtain us in which we are today.

This past year had been another record-breaker, according to the stats: the $3.45 billion that users spent online on Cyber Monday 2016 managed to get the greatest time in US e-commerce history, based on Adobe Digital Insights.

In the united kingdom 25 % of most consumers were planning to grab a discounted deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this past year, which strong interest shows no indications of abating as of this time. Grit your teeth for another busy day of on line shopping in 2010.

When is Cyber Monday 2017?

The weekend of discounts begins with the Thanksgiving getaway on Thursday, then Black Friday the day after, and Cyber Monday three times after that. Cyber Monday 2017 will probably be on November 27.

On Black Friday, the focus is generally on both traditional stores along with online stores, but Cyber Monday will focus more on shopping online (hence the title). Actually, the term "Cyber Monday" was first devised as a way to get visitors to spend more money shopping on the net, at any given time whenever web shopping wasn't quite the big company it is now.

The weekend all together marks an excellent chance to grab some big discounts before the run-up to Christmas starts, so you could wish to replenish on gifts for relatives and buddies in addition to your self. In total, we spent near to £6 billion in the united kingdom over both Cyber Monday and Ebony Friday.

The origins of Cyber Monday are only good timing: shoppers who are either clicking away right back in the office after Thanksgiving break, or surfing the net during a protracted vacation at the conclusion associated with long week-end.

If you need to workout when Cyber Monday really is, Thanksgiving constantly falls regarding 4th Thursday in November in america, with Cyber Monday then following on by the end of the week-end. The break isn't as commonly celebrated over in the UK, however the exact same big shopping times now use on both sides associated with Atlantic.

Why Cyber Monday issues

Cyber Monday is really a win-win for shoppers and stores alike, driving a strong uptick in sales since the getaway shopping season starts, and providing most of us some really tempting offers at the same time. It's really no real surprise that Cyber Monday keeps growing in scale annually.

Plus in the opinion of Dom Joseph, CEO of ad technology company Captify: "what realy works quite definitely in Cyber Monday's favor usually it is the last significant retail 'day' before xmas, which folks have the chance to grab a greatly discounted deal."

Black Friday is definitely an important impact also well, because without Ebony Friday there's no Cyber Monday. If you've missed out on the weekend sales or perhaps not had time for you get on the web, then you've nevertheless got Cyber Monday to fall back on, with shoppers taking up the last opportunity to secure a deal before December starts.

Cyber Monday just keeps getting bigger and larger – or at the least that's exactly how it feels – and so numerous customers now deliberately wait for day (and Black Friday) to come around, saving their money beforehand. That makes the battle between stores even more competitive, which in turn should give us some really appealing deals to pick from.

Shopping on Cyber Monday 2017

All the typical great things about online shopping connect with shopping on Cyber Monday 2017: you are able to do it through the comfort of your own home, you are able to compare lots of products and costs in seconds, and you will purchase your items almost instantly.

There's just one small drawback, which will be you will possibly not get your gadgets straight away, but even so, with distribution times getting faster and faster additionally the threat of wasting your time and effort queueing on the high street, lots of people would consider a trade-off that's worth it.

While several Cyber Monday deals involve some sort of time restriction on it, a lot are going to be operating throughout the day, stats from past years show. You don't fundamentally have to slip out from the workplace for your order in.

Based on the specialists, Cyber Monday also sees a wider array of discounts across every individual store, therefore it's less about one-off discounts and much more about lower rates throughout the board. Having said that, some stores will follow-up Ebony Friday discounts with further reductions on Cyber Monday should they nevertheless need to move some stock.

The very best Cyber Monday deals from this past year

The past few years we've been scouring the web in your stead for the greatest Ebony Friday and Cyber Monday deals, assisting you to nab the greatest technology on best prices. They certainly were a number of the features from Cyber Monday 2016.

Sony PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro had only just turned out last year but retailers were still happy to knock a critical amount of change off it – Amazon was knocking $60 from the system in the US, for example, one of many discounts around.

Xbox One S

Sony's system had beenn't the only person that online retailers had been very happy to flog for the discount, because the Xbox One S showcased in several a deal too: on Amazon you could grab an Xbox One S and two games at under £200.

Dell discounts

Dell ended up being certainly getting into the nature of Cyber Monday 2016, knocking a substantial 12% off each of its laptop computers and computer systems (including among our favorites) utilizing the code SAVE12. Look for more of the same in 2010.

Gaming laptops

Speaking of laptop computer discounts, Cyber Monday shoppers could easily get a bumper £200 knocked from the cost of the ASUS GL552VW 15.6 inches video gaming Laptop, down from £999.99 to just £799.99 during the day.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Stores weren't making Apple items from their Cyber Monday 2017 discounts – certain models were being knocked straight down on agreements generally there had been no at the start expense to cover, just the month-to-month contract price.

What to anticipate from Cyber Monday 2017

With every moving 12 months, online stores have savvier with regards to preparing their Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, but shoppers are becoming more discerning too – as we've stated, it's currently a win-win deal for both sides, but both sides continue to be continuing in an attempt to get the very best deals feasible.

You could expect discounts to be in spot well before November as merchants and manufacturers manage to get thier ducks consecutively, but they won't get live before the actual day’s Cyber Monday. That said, some discounts will carry over from Black Friday, and some might get go on Sunday, so it's a concern of checking in as frequently as you are able to for discounts.

Lately we've seen a pattern of sales and discounts continuing throughout the whole of December, to consider Cyber Monday as a beginning gun the xmas product sales – you don't always must panic if you lose out on Cyber Monday it self.

Product sales had been up 12.1percent on Cyber Monday 2016 compared with the entire year before, IBM analysts say, and we're expecting another strong day of business in 2017. One trend to consider is more people buying from smart phones than regarding desktop, making snapping up the bargains even more convenient.

Predicting the very best Cyber Monday deals of 2017

Video game consoles

Consoles are always primed for discounts come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and 2017 should be no various. We're looking to see some deals done regarding PS4 Slim, the PS4 Pro, and perhaps even Microsoft's Project Scorpio – if it's out in time. Whether or not the brand new Xbox is about for Cyber Monday 2017, the old ones is possibly reduced too.


television technology continues to advance quickly, with 4K and HDR now becoming the norm – considering the fact that speed, and also the proven fact that costly brand new models get out of date quickly, Cyber Monday 2017 could be the perfect time to pick up some hefty discounts for a brand-new flat display for the family area. Several stores will likely be running television deals.

iPhone 8

It seems like Apple is planning something extremely unique certainly for the iPhone 8, and because Apple products are always popular on Cyber Monday, we'd be prepared to see some decent offers for Cyber Monday 2017. Search for system operators reducing the up-front price of Apple's brand new handset, and Apple itself dishing out present cards and promotions for the day.

Samsung Galaxy S8

If you're maybe not taken with Apple's line in smartphone devices then you can constantly look out for a deal in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and/or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Once more, the straightforward thinking usually these are extremely popular services and products, and incredibly expensive services and products, therefore any knock-down is going to have people rushing for the purchase switch on Cyber Monday 2017.

DSLR digital cameras

DSLR cameras resemble big screen TVs in certain ways – expensive bits of kit that people don't necessarily hurry to displace often. Having a slew of the latest models already out in 2010 and due to show up ahead of the end of 2017, Cyber Monday may be the perfect possibility to conserve several pounds or even a couple of hundred pounds on that camera you want.

Cyber Monday 2017 FAQ: what it really is, with regards to occurs and where to get the very best deals

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the very first Monday following the Thanksgiving Thursday, marking the finish of four right days of eye-catching discounts together with start of the holiday shopping period.

When is Cyber Monday 2017?

Cyber Monday 2017 will likely to be Monday, November 27 this present year, therefore get the credit and debit cards primed for the occasion.

Therefore what's Ebony Friday 2017?

Black Friday may be the Friday before Cyber Monday, just after Thanksgiving. The 2 days bookmark the week-end and they are often pretty similar with regards to discounts.

Are Cyber Monday discounts genuine?

Usually, yes, though keep your wits in regards to you and make yes you're checking a reputable guide (such as this one) for some guidelines. Numerous discounts happen prepared and agreed ahead of time, however will often get shops announcing spontaneous discounts responding to market demand.

In which can I find the best Cyber Monday deals?

Here on TechRadar we'll be doing our best to choose the cream associated with the Ebony Friday and Cyber Monday deals for you personally, which means you don’t must relate to other guide – stay with us and we'll enable you to get all the hits and some of misses from the shop sales.

How do I have the best Cyber Monday 2017 discounts?

Do not get too caught up with the thrill of deal hunting and work-out simply how much you must spend in advance. Additionally, do your research online to discover simply how much products were selling for before Cyber Monday – sometimes those discounts aren't quite as huge because they might appear.

There's absolutely nothing incorrect with being spontaneous, if you are able it, nevertheless the more preparation you place in better – you’ll be able to tell which sales can be worth opting for and which aren't (look out for outdated tech that the shops are trying to shift. Finally, keep these pages bookmarked the weekend.

May I get cashback on Cyber Monday deals?

Often, yes. Your debit card or bank card may provide cashback on acquisitions, and web sites like Quidco often offer cashback for new customers of big-name online stores. It’s surely well worth considering, not merely for Black Friday but also for any online shopping.

Am I protected once I buy on Cyber Monday?

Yes, much like just about any time. In the UK, purchases made from an organization online are included in quite a lot of customer protection legislation, including the customer Contracts Regulations, which cover areas like delivery and going back defective items.

How can I stay safe on Cyber Monday?

Wherever there's a crowd, the scammers gather too, so remain secure and safe nowadays. Make certain you're doing all of your browsing through today’s, updated web browser for a modern, updated operating system with your safety tools very carefully configured, and give a wide berth to any sketchy-looking email messages (or certainly Facebook posts) promising Cyber Monday deals which are too good to be real or trigger internet sites you've never ever heard about.

Just how to simply take evening sky images along with your phone

Main image: The Moon, photographed having an iPhone. Credit: Jamie Carter

We all know concerning the amazing quality of today’s smartphone cameras, but how frequently perhaps you have pointed one during the evening sky? Smartphone astrophotography won’t match those pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, or from a DSLR digital camera attached to a telescope on an equatorial mount, which follows movie stars because they appear to go.

However, what you can capture with your phone – from close-ups of planets as well as the craters and hill selection of the Moon to timelapses and star-trails – will astound you. Get ready, Instagram, for some astronomically good phone pictures. 

Handbook control apps

The sensitivity regarding the sensor inside smartphone's camera could be set, but the manner in which you control it is really not. While the indigenous camera application in your phone is pretty restrictive, there are always a raft of apps that give you manual control of ISO, publicity, shutter rate, and even permit you to capture in natural in the place of JPEG.

That's important because natural images contain a many more data than a JPEG, that is heavily compressed, so can withstand post-processing in Photoshop or similar photo-editing computer software.  

A smartphone adaptor assists if you’re employing a telescope. Credit: Mike Weasner

The app of preference with smartphone astrophotographers is NightCap Camera for the iPhone, which has different preset modes, and permits manual control of ISO, shutter speed, white balance, concentrate and digital noise decrease.

"Many astrophotographers will need numerous pictures after which 'stack' the images using a desktop computer, but NightCap Camera piles images into the iPhone or iPad," claims amateur astronomer Mike Weasner at Cassiopeia Observatory in Arizona , who was simply the initial individual to complete astrophotography with an iPhone back in 2007.

"This stacking capability permits imaging brighter deep sky things, looked after allows NightCap Camera make celebrity trail images into the device, or capture long exposures showing the movement of bright satellites such as the International universe." 

Just how to photograph stars, satellites and Northern Lights

Wide-field astrophotography isn’t typically a energy of smartphone cameras, but things are changing. Plus having more sensitive sensors, phones such as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 have excellent exposure control.

However, you are doing need to utilize them by having a manual control app, in addition to hook them up to a tripod employing a bracket – although at a pinch you’ll steady your phone by leaning it against something, even a stone.

"On their very own, smartphones will often only grab ab muscles brightest movie stars and planets, together with photos aren't really dazzling," claims astrophotography specialist Andrew Symes. "however with a low-light software you can capture some good images of constellations as well as the Milky Way along with items in the foreground – I've additionally caught the north Lights in this way."

It is now possible to capture the north Lights utilizing a phone. Credit: Chris Romig/NightCap

Any application with manual control will help you to capture satellites, the brightest and easiest of which may be the International Space Station (ISS), that NightCap Camera includes a dedicated mode. Check always SpotTheStation for the next flyover in your geographical area.

"For the Milky Way, constellations, or Zodiacal Light use longer visibility and Light Increase mode in NightCap Camera," says Weasner, advising trying out ISO, shutter rate and visibility. 

How exactly to create a star-trail image

Good star-trail is mesmerising, plus the circular patterns you are able to create gives a brand new perspective in the rhythms associated with the night sky. While some will gaze at such pictures with awe, creating a picture that displays the actual movement of the night sky over one hour or more is a relatively simple strategy. The good thing about NightCap Camera is that's it features a integral celebrity Trails mode, and that means you don't have to do much besides orientation and timing. 

A star-trail captured using NightCap. Credit: Andy Stones

To increase the amount of stars in the last image, wait for a night with no moon (the week before new Moon is great), choose somewhere dark and away from synthetic light, place your fully-charged phone for a tripod. Aim it north if you like the classic sectors (if you get south, you'll get curves). Take the brightness down, and press go. Wait for an hour or so; NightCap Camera will immediately produce a star-trail. 

How to get a close-up associated with the Moon

With this one you'll need any telescope, and ideally a smartphone adaptor like Orion Steadypix Universal or Levenhuk. An adaptor is optional; you are able to have a completely decent photo associated with Moon by simply holding it to the eyepiece of a telescope. However, it is really a bit tricky to align it regularly, plus an adaptor helps it be a great deal, easier.

"Make certain that your focus is ideal," states Symes, whom uses a Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope. "we usually make use of the electronic zoom on my phone to zoom in for a prominent crater or function and check the focus, make sure it's in perfect focus, after which zoom straight back away because you don't want to use much electronic zoom inside telescopic pictures." 

The Moon’s Copernicus and Eratosthenes craters, captured using an iPhone 6. Credit: Andrew Symes

Crop the pictures later on, assuming you intend to get closer, work with a higher-powered eyepiece. If you're employing a refractor or Cassegrain telescope, you'll should also flip the last image. 

You also don't wish to overexpose the countless really white areas regarding Moon. "Use the phone camera's visibility modification tool to dim the moon to the stage where in fact the brightest areas are properly exposed." Advises Symes. "we realize that using the latest iPhone models it can help to regulate the brightness while zoomed in regarding the moon utilizing electronic zoom. I zoom in so your moon fills over the entire view, set and keep the brightness, and zoom out." 

The benefit of the Orion Steadypix Universal usually it attaches to both an eyepiece or perhaps a tripod, to help you utilize it for wide-field astrophotography also close-ups. You’ll be able to make your personal. 

Getting a close-up of a planet

Getting an image of the Moon via a static telescope is achievable, but how quickly our satellite generally seems to move (because of Earth's rotation) will surprise you; it simply won't stay nevertheless. Ditto the planets.

“iPhones have such good brightness controls that I am able to brighten and dim the planets using simply the phone's integral tools," says Symes, though he recommends that for a few Android os phones a polarizing moon filter could be needed to dim the moon and bright planets enough to reveal them precisely. 

Therefore if a computerised telescope, which tracks objects as the Earth rotates, is handy for photos of bright moon, it's essential for the much dimmer planets. "It enables you to keep consitently the object centered," explains Symes. "It can often be hard and time intensive to initially get the item inside framework of phone digital camera, so when it's there it certainly assists if you don't need certainly to keep adjusting your telescope to reposition the item." 

Plus encouraging smartphone astrophotographers to experiment with fisheye and wide angle clip-on lenses for constellations and star-trails, Weasner has some ingenious advice to keep the phone steady: make use of the amount buttons for a couple of earbuds being a remote shutter launch.

A tripod – a good dining table top one – will even make your life much easier. “They are certain to get you started with star-trails, constellations, satellites, earth configurations, and much more," claims Weasner.

If you wish to photograph the Moon, phases of Venus, moons of Jupiter, Saturn's ring, and brighter deep sky things, you'll nevertheless desire a telescope, but smartphones are at last being a cost-effective method to try out astro-photography. 

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Nintendo is ramping up change production next year

It would appear the Nintendo change is really a hit, as well as in fact Nintendo is so confident in chances of its ongoing success that it's about to wind up manufacturing of this gaming device the following year – possibly placing out as much as 30 million Switches during 2018.

That's based on anonymous sources talking with The Wall Street Journal, who say that 25-30 million Nintendo Switch devices are prepared for the following financial 12 months – which starts in April 2018 – which figure could go even greater according to customer demand.

Final month the rumor was that Nintendo wished to get 10 million Switch units delivered by March 2018, but that figure has because been upped to 14 million while the yuletide season starts. We all know that in its very first six months, the Switch offered half the amount of systems than the Wii U did in its whole five-year lifetime.

Growing games library

That ensures that if you’re likely to get a Nintendo Switch for yourself or someone else this yuletide, you need to be capable get hold of one – though better get the purchases in very early anyway, merely to be in the safe part.

Obviously a large the main Switch's success is do using the games available for it. Breathing regarding the crazy kicked everything down any way you like, and it's since been accompanied by top-tier titles like Super Mario Odyssey and L.A. Noire. What's more, games studios and indie developers appear keen to obtain included aswell.

With regular apps like Hulu now showing up in the Switch too, the near future appearance bright for Nintendo's new console-handheld hybrid. The business may well possess some interesting holiday product sales figures to report at the start of next year.

  • We've rounded up all of the latest Nintendo change bundle deals
  • If you've bought a Nintendo change, they’re the accessories to obtain next

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The most effective John Lewis Ebony Friday deals 2017

It's nearly time the 2017 instalment of Black Friday, and in case you intend to be during the head of this queue for the biggest discounts, bookmark these pages – here we're likely to be listing all the best discounts from one associated with major players every Black Friday, John Lewis.

The venerable traditional emporium always has lots going on for Ebony Friday, once we saw this past year as well as in previous years, so stop all the frantic scrolling and clicking and why don’t we be your guide to your best that John Lewis is offering in this product sales season.

One of the features of stopping by at John Lewis during Black Friday 2017 usually there's this kind of variety when it comes to the deals to be had. You’ll usually depend on offers across clothes, home, recreations and leisure, not to mention electricals – which will be where we'll be focusing specifically.

Keep reading to explore the John Lewis Ebony Friday 2017 bonanza, and now have fun shopping!

Black Friday deals quick links

  • Amazon Black Friday
  • John Lewis Ebony Friday
  • GAME Black Friday
  • Currys Ebony Friday
  • Argos Ebony Friday
  • Tesco Direct Black Friday
  • eBay Ebony Friday

John Lewis Ebony Friday discounts

With Ebony Friday 2017 approaching, it appears as though a very good time to round up most of the notable bargains we saw from John Lewis on Black Friday 2016.

TV Ebony Friday discounts – John Lewis always good bet for your next tv and that had been emphasised once again final Black Friday, when you could grab the 65-inch LG OLED65B6V for reduced price of £2,869, with a 12 months of Sky Q thrown in for free.

More recently we've seen £50 knocked from the rather exemplary Toshiba 49U6763DB, taking the cost of the 49-inch 4K smart TV down to £499.99.

Gaming Black Friday discounts – consoles you want, is it? John Lewis has previously provided punters the 500GB version of the PS4 Slim, filled with a copy of Call of Duty: endless Warfare, just for £209.95. Expect some likewise appealing bargains in 2010.

If you're a lot more of an Xbox fan, then Xbox One S console with 1TB of storage and Forza Horizon 3 has recently been being offered for £259.99 at John Lewis.

Computing Black Friday discounts – there was clearly lots for excited about in the computing department at John Lewis during Ebony Friday 2016, including top-end Surface Book filled with Arc Mouse, Surface Pen and leather-based sleeve for a superb £1,399 (£400 off).

Or think about the £100 John Lewis recently knocked from the HP Omen 15-ce004na laptop computer, yours for £799.95?

Tablet and phone Ebony Friday deals – everybody loves a good tablet or phone deal, such as the Moto X Force for £449.95 (£30 off) therefore the iPad Air 2 for £349 (additionally £30 down), both deals you might have purchased from John Lewis during Black Friday 2016.

Now we've seen the very decent Asus Z500M ZenPad 3S 10 for sale for £269.99 at John Lewis, a preserving of £30. The retailer has additionally knocked £30 from the Lenovo Tab 3 10 Plus in current weeks, putting it down to £149.99.

Sound Ebony Friday deals – John Lewis went big with all the reductions on sound kit for Ebony Friday 2016. One of our favourite discounts during final year's sales extravaganza ended up being £30 from the normal cost of the Sonos Enjoy:1, and that means you could grab the presenter just for £139.

There have been more reductions of note since – John Lewis was recently attempting to sell its Lava Brightsounds 2 portable speakers for £34.95, £5 off the regular cost.

Wearable Ebony Friday deals – "get your wearable bargains here" was the call from John Lewis during Ebony Friday 2016, plus in amongst a host of very decent discounts had been the rather attractive Withings Activité metal smartwatch discounted to simply £87.99 the occasion.

Now John Lewis ended up being providing £50 off the Galaxy Gear S3, putting the newest cost at £299.95.

Drone Black Friday discounts – John Lewis might not be the initial place you might think of when it comes to drones, however, if you were in the market for an unmarried aerial car during Ebony Friday 2016 then a store ended up being offering the Archos Drone just for £100 (half price).

More recently we saw the DJI Mavic professional Combo Kit for sale at John Lewis for a affordable £1,359.95, with a free 32GB microSD card thrown set for good measure.

John Lewis on Ebony Friday 2017: what you should know

Whatever you're shopping for this Ebony Friday, John Lewis must be inside plans somewhere, whether you're heading to the high-street or simply opening a internet browser. The merchant will have an abundance of tempting tech discounts available, and also you get the added bonuses of free delivery, click-and-collect choices, plus minimum two-year guarantee on all electric products.

John Lewis says Black Friday is "the perfect time and energy to stock up on xmas presents", and to help you along the merchant is guaranteeing some hot deals in devices, TVs, computers and other gadgets. Don't forget you've got the advantage of the  Never Knowingly Undersold policy, a price promise that's experienced place since 1925 and which is applicable throughout every season, not only Black Friday 2017.

Basically, it indicates John Lewis will joyfully match much better offer run into online, provided that John Lewis sells it. Find a better price for just what you're after, and John Lewis guarantees to fit it.

Should you want to stay up later, the discounts ought to be going go on the John Lewis site once the clock strikes 12am on Black Friday 2017, together with discounts will simply continue – it is possible to look forward to discount prices throughout the weekend and during Cyber Monday 2017 too, in almost every department.

The most truly effective 5 John Lewis Black Friday discounts this past year

1. Lenovo Yoga 900S

We love a convertible laptop or two, so does everyone apparently – the Lenovo Yoga 900S had been on sale for less than £1,000 at John Lewis last year, a really popular deal.

2. Microsoft Xbox One S

How about that Xbox One S then? John Lewis has received the slimline system on offer with either Gears of War 4 or FIFA 17 for £279.95, that are good packages for gamers.

3. Samsung UE40KU6020 HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

4K rates still drop across the board and also the Samsung UE40KU6020 40-incher ended up being readily available for a mere £349 – detailed with Freeview HD, Playstation Now and PurColour.

4. MacBook Air

The MacBook Air lives on and continues to be popular, and during final year's Black Friday event, John Lewis ended up being offering the slimline laptop computer for £849, a hefty discount of £100.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge launched in 2015 but is nevertheless outstanding phone, and could've been yours a year ago just for £399.95. Let's hope for some similarly impressive deals these times.

Disney says its streaming solution is going to cost a lower amount than Netflix

simply how much would you pay for a streaming solution from Disney? Based on the company's CEO, Robert A. Iger, subscriptions will cost under the same Netflix packages – though it's additionally likely to have less content being offered, at least to begin with.

"I can state that our intend on the Disney side is price this substantially below where Netflix is," said Iger for an profits call, Engadget reports. "It'll have a large amount of top quality due to the brands as well as the franchises that will be onto it that we've mentioned. But it'll merely launch with less volume, as well as the price will reflect that."

You can presently join a new Netflix subscription from $7.99 or £5.99 per month, although the upper end plan with HD and 4K will be $13.99 or £9.99 per month. Where Disney will fall stays to be seen.

Studio wars

Given the huge success of Netflix, content creators like Disney attended around on idea of establishing their services – this means more income the studios but more of a frustration for consumers who’ve to join up for multiple subscriptions.

With production organizations now planning to protect their particular product and squeeze just as much money out of it as you are able to, it's no surprise that Netflix is focusing a lot more on initial programs – it plans to spend $7 billion on brand new content in 2018, up from the $6 billion the company invested in 2017.

Disney has pencilled in 2019 while the launch date for its brand new solution plus in the meantime is needs to pull its content off Netflix. At the least when it does show up regarding scene, it might maybe not cost you all that much additional.

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The best BT Sport deals and packages pre-Black Friday 2017

Looking for a clear answer on the best way to bag a cheap BT Sport deal? If you're here, chances are you been asking yourself how much is BT Sport going to cost? Can I get BT Sport on Sky or Virgin Media? You've asked and we're here to answer.

On this page we'll tell you about the best offers direct from BT (for new and existing customers) and also how to get it if you already have Sky TV or Virgin Media. With so many options available from each provider, we've simplified the listings as much as possible so you can weigh up the best option for you without the pushy up-selling you'd get in stores, shopping center booths or on the phone. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a bit of Sky Sports, we've also extensively covered the latest various Sky TV deals available.

What's on BT Sport?

The BT Sport Pack includes BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN and Box Nation. Across these channels you'll find every Champions League match live, so no more asking the pub landlord to swap over to the match you actually want to watch and upsetting those Man United supporting Southerners. There's also a selection of Premier League matches every week.

BT Sport is also the only place to enjoy Ashes cricket this year as BT has nabbed the exclusive rights to broadcast it this winter. Elsewhere on BT Sport you can enjoy the Rugby Aviva Premiership, UFC, NBA, Moto GP and much more. Sound good? Then let's check out the latest BT Sport packages.

How to get BT Sport deals direct from BT

BT Sport deals are available as an add-on to a BT TV package and also as an extra to BT broadband. Let's have have a look at all the options and how much they'll cost you each month. Prices direct from BT rather than going through third parties like Sky and Virgin Media are the cheapest options available.

BT Sport deals if you're not a BT customer yet

If you already get your TV or broadband from Sky or Virgin and your contract isn't up for a while, you can skip this section and scroll down to the heading 'How much is BT Sport on Sky?' or 'How to get BT Sport on Virgin Media.' 

I'm already an existing BT customer

If you already have BT broadband or a BT TV deal, good news. You can get BT Sport for less than anyone else on Sky or Virgin, maybe even for free. Take a look at the latest options for current BT customers below.

How much is BT Sport on Sky?

Rather than put up a wall between their customers, BT and Sky have reached an agreement allowing existing Sky customers access to BT Sport too. That means they'll have the most comprehensive sports coverage in the UK. Sky customers will have to set this up through BT though rather than Sky. 

The options are simple though and BT's website will walk you through the steps, We've included links below and we'll talk you through the various options and how much they cost too.

How to get BT Sport on Virgin Media

You don't have to go with BT broadband to get BT Sport. BT is keen to let its rivals pay them to let you in on the action too. New Virgin broadband customers can take advantage of Virgin's superfast fibre broadband and enjoy BT Sport.

There are a few Virgin broadband with BT Sport packages to choose from, sadly they don't include the cheapest Virgin deals. On the plus side you're getting the shiny HD versions of the BT Sports channels in all of them. There are three main deals to choose from, although as you're going through the transaction you might be offered extras or modest upgrades along the way.

The best PC World Black Friday deals 2017

With Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) now rapidly approaching, brace yourself for waves of keen shoppers on the hunt for the biggest discounts and best deals. If you're after a gadget or four yourself, this is the best place to get a head start, as we're featuring some of the biggest discounts available at Currys subsidiary PC World.

The usual Black Friday rules apply – top tech at low prices – and for PC World that means big savings on laptop computers, desktop computers, tablets, software, printers, computing accessories and more besides. Whatever part of your gadget life needs upgrading, you should be able to find something to suit at PC World over Black Friday.

PC World prices are usually some of the lowest around anyway so on Black Friday 2017 they represent even more of a bargain. Whether it's hefty discounts across a whole range of products or special, time-limited deals on certain bits of gear, we'll list all the important offers you need to know about on this page.

That's enough of an introduction – let the PC World Black Friday 2017 extravaganza commence!

Black Friday deals quick links

PC World Black Friday deals

As you may remember, Black Friday 2016 was a bumper one over at PC World – these were just some of the many excellent deals on offer over the last 12 months, and the signs are already looking good for 2017 as well.

Desktop Black Friday deals – for raw computing power and that big screen experience you still can't beat a desktop computer, even if they're not as fashionable any more, and PC World has had the HP 411-a005na desktop as low as £399.98, complete with monitor.

More recently one of the best deals we saw was £300 off the Dell Inspiron 5675 gaming PC in Recon Blue, down to just £599.99. There are bound to be plenty of similar discounts around for Black Friday 2017.

Laptop Black Friday deals – if you were after a cheap but capable laptop during Black Friday 2016 then you couldn't have done much better than the Lenovo IdeaPad 510, with an Intel Core i3 CPU and a 1TB HDD, available for just £299 from the PC World shelves.

Lately we've also seen £120.99 knocked off the HP Pavilion 14-bk069sa 14-inch laptop, now down to £379 with free delivery.

Convertible Black Friday deals – Microsoft's Surface Pro brings the best of both a tablet and a laptop into one sleek computing device, and last Black Friday you had the chance to pick up the 128GB Surface Pro 4 model, complete with Type Cover keyboard, for only £699.

Or what about the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 deal we saw lately? The 2-in-1 was priced at just £479, a saving of £239.98 on the original price.

Wearable Black Friday deals – maybe you're looking to get fit in time for Christmas, or at least by the start of the New Year, in which case a Fitbit can help: the large version of the Fitbit Blaze smartwatch was all the way down to £132.99 at PC World on Black Friday 2016.

Another deal we recently spotted was £20 off the excellent Garmin Forerunner smartwatch, down to just £139.99 at PC World.

Tablet Black Friday deals – the Samsung Galaxy Tab series of Android tablets continue to give the iPads from Apple a run for their money, and that's certain true in terms of sticker price at PC World, with the 32GB 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 available for £399.99.

In recent months, PC World has been knocking £30 off the cost of a 32GB, 10.1-inch Lenovo Yoga Tab 3, yours for just £199.99.

TV Black Friday deals – did you know PC World also does TVs? You do now. The store has had the rather impressive 49-inch LG 49UH850V Smart 3D LED TV set, complete with 4K Ultra HD and HDR capabilities, on sale for a mere £598.97 – that's more than £300 off.

Another deal we've seen at PC World more recently is £300 off the Samsung UE55MU6670, with the 55-inch curved 4K television set yours for just £799, HDR support and all. If you'd rather something smaller, the 49-inch Samsung UE49MU6670 was recently knocked down by £170 to £679.

Printer Black Friday deals – printers aren't the most exciting of gadgets but they're very handy to have around, and PC World has been offering the Epson Expression XP-345 – a quality all-in-one wireless inkjet print – for just £39.99, which is £40 off the regular price.

More recently we've seen £40 knocked off the price of the HP DeskJet 3730 all-in-one, taking it down to just £39.99.

PC World on Black Friday 2017: what you need to know

Both PC World and its parent Currys are regular Black Friday champions, so if you're on the look out for a computer, tablet or wearable then keep them near the top of your shopping list when the big day comes.

Don't forget there's free delivery available on all orders, or the option of free collection from over 800 stores if you want to pick up your shiny new gadget in person, so getting your discounted tech bargain couldn't be easier.

In addition, you've got a choice of finance plans to pick from if you would rather spread the cost over several months rather than paying for everything up front, and the store promises to match the prices of its competitors on all the goods it has in stock – you can find details here.

Whatever kind of gadget you're after this holiday season, with the discounts available at PC World and Currys, you should be able to stock up ready for 2018. Many Black Friday 2017 deals are set to go live from midnight, and the discounts carry on all through the weekend, so there's plenty of time to grab a bargain.

The top 5 PC World deals so far this year

1. HP 14-an062sa 14-inch laptop

If you want to get yourself a Windows 10 machine, then you couldn't do much better than this AMD-powered laptop from HP – it was more than £150 off for a retail price of £248.97.


How about more than £500 off your 4K television? If you've been paying attention to PC World this year then you might have grabbed the 55-inch LG OLED55C6V for just £1,489.

3. Asus Zen 21.5-inch all-in-one

All-in-ones give you the benefit of desktop power and screen size without the bulk, and PC World has had the Asus Zen 21.5-inch all-in-one on sale for £449.98, more than £100 off.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

PC World has been selling the excellent Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft for the knock-down price of £916.97, more than £160 off (that's for the 256GB Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM).

5. HP Stream x360

You can get the benefits of a tablet and a laptop with the Stream x360 from HP, with an 11.6-inch screen and Windows 10, which could've been yours for just £219.99 this year.

Samsung offers a free Gear VR or DeX Station with any Galaxy S8 or Note 8 purchase

If you plan to buy a high-end Samsung smartphone, there are plenty of offers that you can take advantage of, not to mention that you’ll most certainly be getting better deals on Black Friday if you wait until the end of the month.

Samsung is now running a promotion that would allow customers who purchase one of its 2017 flagships to get some free stuff in the process. The deal is only available in the United States via Samsung’s online store.

While the South Korean company does mention that this is a limited time offer, it doesn’t say when it will end. In …

HTC will go back to making dual camera phones in 2018

HTC was one of the first companies to start making phones with two rear cameras working in tandem to create a better image, but rather than expanding on that technology and making it better, it gave up on it.
The HTC One M8 had a dual camera system way back in 2014, with the second camera used for measuring depth and making it possible to create a depth effect, not unlike what we have on modern phones.
Well, it will go back to making dual-camera phones next year, in 2018. HTC will “definitely be releasing a dual-camera …

OnePlus 5’s new OxygenOS 4.5.14 update adds security patches, optimizations

Although everyone is talking about the upcoming OnePlus 5T, the Chinese company continues to work hard to improve the Android experience of its customers. The OnePlus 5 is the latest flagship of the smartphone brand, at least until the 5T gets released, and one that’s been more popular than OnePlus thought it would be.

That should be one of the reasons the OnePlus keeps delivering software updates that add new features, improve existing ones or simply fix some things that didn’t work as intended.

The latest OxygenOS 4.5.14 update has one important task: to …