Huawei guns to beat Samsung for ‘the world’s first foldable phone’ title in November

While Samsung is twiddling its thumbs, trying to perfect what might be the most challenging development in the smartphone world for the past few years – a foldable handset – Huawei is pressing ahead with a bendy screen sourced by archrival LG, and plans to unveil it in November. This way, the world’s third-largest cell phone maker may beat Samsung to the punch, and earn the “world’s first” title, as Samsung is said to have scheduled its own foldable device announcement for early next year.

Needless to say, an announcement doesn’t mean that the phone will be released soon …

Sprint rushing to a T-Mobile merger may have to do with a Democratic White House 2020

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint fell apart just a few short months ago, but rumors are swirling that they are at it again, this time determined to iron out the controlling stake differences, and really push for this thing to work. Why again and why now, you ask? Well, it turns out that debt-laden parent company of debt-laden Sprint sees only a limited window of opportunity to do it before the next, possibly Democratic White House kicks in when 2020 Presidential elections come.

A merger effort was once blocked by President Obama’s White House on the premise of limiting competition, …

Top Chinese phone manufacturers are keeping their chip suppliers busy

Asian based chip makers, like MediaTek, are benefiting from a surge in demand for mobile chipsets by Chinese smartphone manufacturers. MediaTek’s revenues for March rose 58.2% from February to NT$20.11 billion ($688.1 million USD). Industry sources say that handset producers like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have increased the size of their chip orders as they stock up prior to the production and release of new models.

The market share of the four aforementioned Chinese phone manufacturers combine to top 70% in their home country. Toss in the overseas presence that all four are trying to …

LG’s Software Upgrade Center hopes to speed up Android updates

At its R&D campus in South Korea, LG has opened today the Software Upgrade Center which was built so that the manufacturer can start “providing customers worldwide with faster, timelier, smartphone operating system and software updates.” Android users have had to cope with a system that tries to deal with so many different manufacturers and models, that as of February (the last data available), Android 8.0 and 8.1 together could be found on just .11% of active Android handsets.

The first update to be handled by the Software Upgrade Center will result in Android Oreo being pushed out …

No Echo here: Apple reportedly cut orders for its HomePod smart speaker last month

Not every product Apple rolls out is a big winner. Whether it is the price or the fact that Apple came to the category late, the company’s HomePod smart speaker is not selling like Apple thought it would. According to someone familiar with the matter, in late March Apple cut its forecast of HomePod sales for the year, and reduced its orders for the device from contract manufacturer Inventec. Keep in mind that this took place less than two months after Apple finally started shipping the device. Originally expected to launch in December, Apple pushed back the release to February of this year.

During …

WhatsApp assures users their data is safe.

As we have reported previously, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Apparently WhatsApp has posted a new FAQ section that reassures users that their data and communications are private. It may come as no surprise that the company has slipped this on to the site, considering the public uproar over the Facebook controversy. what is especially interesting is that this addition to the FAQ has come not long after the founder of WhatsApp recommended users delete Facebook via his Twitter account. It is possible that the company worried that the founder’s tweet may link the app to the controversy and therefore …

Alleged Nokia 9 specs sheet leaks: Xenon flash and triple cameras in tow?

Ever since the Nokia brand made its return to the smartphone world, fans have been waiting for a true flagship by HMD – a phone that can go head to head with the Galaxies and iPhones of the world. And it seems like the upcoming Nokia 9 may fit that description. Or, at least, it would fit the description based on the latest leaks.

A list of Nokia 9 features has surfaced online, suggesting some mighty interesting stuff for the upcoming Nokia flagship. But is is too good to be true? Perhaps, but it’s still worth a look nonetheless.
First …

Amazon Echo Spot Review

As it has been doing lately, Amazon has beat top tech manufacturers to the punch on yet another device evolution – a smart assistant with an interactive screen. First introduced in the form of the Echo Show, the Alexa-powered, touchscreen-toting Echo device has taken another form in the more compact Echo Spot. With a built-in camera, a 2.5-inch circular, alarm-clock-esque touchscreen display, and a $129.99 price tag, the Amazon Echo Spot puts a small, interactive face on the company’s well-known Alexa assistant and retains all the skills and functionalities consumers have come to love about …

Here’s all you need to learn about Bing’s plans for India

Google finally prepared to dive into the Indian market having formal strategy in place to manage the competition. In the one hand, they’ll be entering Amazon’s domain with Alphabet, Google’s parent business, launching their smart speakers alongside smart house automation products. Whereas, having said that, their customer items can include a mid-range smartphone that will pit them against Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. 

The Bing Residence and Bing Residence Mini may roll out once end-of-April coming in at around Rs 9,999 and Rs 4,999, respectively. Its products beneath the Nest brand name consist of devices including doorbells, digital cameras, alarm systems and smoke detector. 

The smartphone, made maintaining price-sensitive areas in mind, is speculated in the future into the market around July or August. Presently, Google has 2 smartphones available in the market. The Pixel 2, which costs Rs 40,000 as well as the Pixel, which costs Rs 70,999.

Pixel 2

Based on reports by ETtech, Alphabet is even likely to be dipping its toes within the laptop computer market with plans of introducing the Pixelbook.

Besides the customer market, the organization has plans of expanding their circulation into general trade by spending big on advertising like Apple and Samsung, in accordance with a senior industry professional. Google’s expansion is attributed to the fact research discovered that offline phone shops account for 36 percent of Pixel sales in India, though 38 % of sales still come through ecommerce. Additionally, 26 % of their smartphone product sales in India come via large retail chains. 

Google’s streaming products, Chromecast and Chromecast sound, are usually in the country. Therefore could be the Bing Daydream View, their digital truth (VR) unit.

They sent the invite early in the day today, with all the illustration of half of a donut, hinting at launch of the Bing Residence and Bing Residence Mini on April 10 in Asia.

Etisalat lowers GCC wandering costs

If you're utilizing Etisalat as your mobile company and happen to be other GCC nations frequently, you'll notice a bit of a plunge in your regular debts. The telco has paid down it's wandering prices for calling, texting and utilizing information from the 1st of April for both prepaid and post-paid customers. 

Brand new vs old

The following are this new rates by Etisalat that went into impact the 1st of April:

Outgoing calls to UAE & other GCC
Old: 2.277 AED/min, New: 2.203 AED/min

Outgoing Local phone calls
Old: 0.918 AED/min, New: 0.881 AED/min

Outgoing SMS
Old: 0.257 AED/SMS, New: 0.22 AED/SMS

Incoming Calls
Old: 1.028 AED/min, Brand New: 0.808 AED/min

Old: 3.122 AED/MB, New: 2.203 AED/MB

While these prices make calling when traveling with Etisalat a bit more affordable, we suggest purchasing data packages to help keep important computer data expenses in check. These packages provide you with a lot more information for the lot less as they are available on both du and Etisalat companies.

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