Exactly what it’s prefer to be an indie game at the world’s biggest game convention

It’s very easy to feel overrun walking around the E3 2017 show flooring. You’re literally surrounded by millions of dollars in advertising. But not as much as one block far from the show flooring is the Devolver good deal – a parking lot that the indie publisher has chosen to create store. 

In, you’ll find free beers plus meals truck portion sausages to industry insiders and game journalists interested in seeing what’s decreasing the pipeline in indie games. There’s additionally a game that’s played using silicone sex toys where in fact the objective is always to collide with other players and violently copulate, but that’s a tale for the next time. 

Naturally, it’s pretty low-budget and about since indie as it gets. 

This is certainly additionally the spot that I found Nidhogg 2, an 8-bit design competitive game produced by a group of just a couple people where your objective should stop your opponent from reaching your side associated with the display, concealed consecutively of kiosks. 

Fatigued through the stresses of since the occasion, it had been the reprieve from the overstimulating, ostentatious show floor that we desperately required.

Nidhogg 2. Trust me, the screenshot does not do the game justice.

Keeping it simple

There was clearly a period whenever video gaming had beenn’t complex. Games most of us played growing up  – specifically for those created significantly more than 2 full decades ago – were simplistic affairs, many of which needing only some buttons. 

Nidhogg, and its own upcoming sequel Nidhogg 2, are really a throwback to those days. They don’t need a comprehensive familiarity with the controller, but rather reward fast reactions and ingenuity. Your sole goal inside game is run past your opponent – often a buddy sitting alongside you on the settee. The catch is the fact that they’ve a blade, or a bow, or even a knife. 

Reach the alternative end regarding the screen four times and you’ll be the champion more than a really upset closest friend. And, while Nidhogg encourages unsportsmanlike conduct both inside and outside the game, it did something which no game regarding show flooring was capable of: Nidhogg 2 made me feel truly connected to the person I happened to be playing it with.

Ruiner was one of the games shown off at Devolver’s mock press meeting

Counterculture: the story of indie games at E3

We picked Nidhogg 2 to create about since it’s the game that brought the largest look to my face, plus it actively encourages linking with other players. 

I could’ve in the same way effortlessly chosen the other games into the Devolver Lot. Each brought one thing unique up to a show frequently about all-too-similar searching games.

One dev we talked to wasn’t ashamed to be across the street from show – it is simply different. He told me that, like procedure for making an indie game, getting news attention during a press at a show how big is E3 is a challenge but Devolver is assisting do just that. 

Being outside in trailer ended up beingn’t Plan B. It was a better Plan A.

Sure, some games work closely with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony allow it to be in the show floor, nevertheless the great majority of indie devs are either relegated to small kiosks well off the beaten path, Devolver’s parking lot or nowhere at all. 

But, in accordance with him, possibly being externally is not so very bad. 

For one, it saves lots of money. 

Leasing a booth inside l . a . Convention Center isn’t low priced. At $10,000 for a small booth, you can make a complete indie game. For another, holding demos having beer in one hand allows you to become more open of a game – one thing sorely missing from hyper-controlled demos regarding show flooring. 

Being outside in the trailer wasn’t Arrange B. It was a better Plan A.

E3 could discover a concept from PAX

To its credit, Devolver is the antithesis of everything E3 is all about. The show has long lines, short demos and ostentatious set pieces every where you appear. This parking great deal had white tarp tents and trailers where game developers had been holding impromptu press demos. 

In the place of crowding around kiosks to relax and play a brief single-player demo, we must all go across the street to play some Nidhogg 2.

Nidhogg 2 had been found on an unassuming dining table in one particular nondescript white tents. You’dn’t be able to think it is even when we provided you explicit directions on how to make it. But that’s exactly what life is similar to for the indie game on world’s biggest video gaming meeting. 

On some degree, this makes sense. How will you put Nidhogg 2, a sequel up to a somewhat niche indie game, close to Call of Duty WWII? You can’t. 

Although i am aware the argument that E3’s coveted meeting hallway space should be reserved the games with mass appeal, it relegated some really outstanding – but really low-budget – games up to a parking lot down the street. 

So, what’s a gamer to do? In place of crowding around kiosks to play a brief single-player demo, we should all go across the street to relax and play some Nidhogg 2.

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Need a new feature phone? Verizon’s LG Exalt LTE might be for you

Verizon Wireless this week started selling a feature phone (i.e. not a smartphone) made by LG: the LG Exalt LTE.

Presented as the carrier’s “first 4G LTE basic phone,” the new LG Exalt doesn’t feature CDMA connectivity at all, and seems to be Verizon’s first handset to do so. Of course, Verizon’s LTE network is currently covering most of the US, and the carrier plans to phase out CDMA services in December 2019, so we could say that the LG Exalt LTE kind of represents the future – a weird thing to say about a feature phone, we know.

The LG Exalt LTE sports a 3-inch internal display with 240 x 400 pixels, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.1 GHz (likely a Snapdragon 21x model). In addition to LTE, the handset features Wi-Fi, support for HD voice, Bluetooth 4.1, an integrated text-to-speech function, and a 5 MP camera with 720p video recording. Moreover, users will find a 1,470 mAh battery on board, as well as 8 GB of internal memory, plus a microSD card slot (for cards up to 32 GB).

Verizon is selling the LG Exalt LTE for $7.00 per month for 24 months, or $168 outright. If you really want an LTE-capable flip phone, perhaps you’ll think this is a fair price. If not, you may want to get an affordable smartphone instead – Verizon has a few decent smartphones that cost less than $200, including the Android Nougat-based LG K20 V.

sources: Verizon Wireless, LG

E3 2017: most of the notices from video gaming’s biggest show

E3 2017, perhaps the largest event within the gaming industry calendar, is formally over (unfortunate face).

This season’s show, which welcomed a whopping 68,400 attendees, saw a large console unveil in Microsoft’s Xbox One X. The equipment formerly referred to as venture Scorpio is 4K-ready and insanely effective. It Is Possible To pick one up as soon as the Xbox One X goes on purchase November 7 the price of $499 (£449 / AU$649). 

If you missed this present year’s show, take a look at our picture tour of E3. Ideally these pictures give anyone who couldn’t allow it to be a sense of being here (and possibly motivation to go to the following year). 

If you’ve missed a video game trailer reveal from E3, cannot fret! We’ve collected up top E3 2017 trailers in a single destination for your watching satisfaction. 

In addition, rather than sending you all around us, we’ve collected all the biggest announcements, rumors and speculation out of this year’s show on this page, therefore keep reading for the constantly updated guide on E3 2017. 

Cut towards chase

  • What is it? The world’s biggest annual gaming expo in la
  • Whenever is it? Official E3 dates are June 13 – 15

Here is what Nintendo announced at E3 2017

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Super Mario Odyssey

Image 2 of 11

Super Mario Odyssey

Image 3 of 11

Super Mario Odyssey

Image 4 of 11

Metroid Prime 4

Image 5 of 11

Metroid: Samus Returns

Image 6 of 11

Metroid: Samus Returns

Image 7 of 11

Metroid: Samus Returns

Image 8 of 11

Legend of Zelda: breathing of the crazy DLC

(Image: © Nintendo)

Image 9 of 11


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Image 11 of 11


Nintendo place much concentrate on games during its E3 2017 showcase, teasing numerous games for Nintendo change and a couple of games we will not see until next year. Yes, we have to wait, but that hold off may be well worth it. 

First up is Metroid Prime 4, which can be coming to change at an undetermined date. It was a real tease as details on just about everything related to the game were missing from the presentation, but Metroid fans tend chomping during the bit getting this within their Joy-Con-holding fingers. 

Nintendo don’t stop there because just as the showcase was overall it announced a brand new unique version Metroid game, this time around headed to 3DS. While details are light, Metroid: Samus Returns appears to come back to your franchise’s classic 2D origins. Catch this new Metroid game on September 15.

The teases kept coming as mystical brand new mainline Pokemon for Nintendo change ended up being verified. This really is no sideline sequel, but alternatively a real core name that shuns its predecessors’ past and brings complete fat Pokemon to Switch. The overall game may be the very rumored Pokemon Stars given it will not release for over year. Fingers crossed.

Also served up had been a new Super Mario Odyssey trailer and (drum roll, please) a launch date of October 27. If you are looking towards Odyssey, you aren’t alone: Senior entertainment Editor Nick Pino says this is actually the game that’ll convince him to purchase a Switch.

We additionally discovered Rocket League is headed to Switch through the holidays.

Last but most certainly not least, The Legend of Zelda: breathing regarding the crazy gets its first big DLC since launch because of the Master Trials expansion, which arrives June 30. The 2nd piece of the wildly popular game’s $19.99 Expansion Pass, The Champions’ Ballad, comes later on this season.

Observers will note a couple regarding the games Nintendo discussed at E3 are in reality releasing in 2017, with most teased for 2018 or beyond. Senior Editor Joe Osborne, an early on Switch adopter, expounds on sentiment Nintendo’s E3 presentation don’t live up to its pre-show payment.

Here is what Sony announced at E3 2017

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Jesus of War

Image 2 of 32

Image 3 of 32

Jesus of War

Image 4 of 32

Jesus of War

Image 5 of 32

Destiny 2

Image 6 of 32

Image 7 of 32

Destiny 2

Image 8 of 32

Image 9 of 32


Image 10 of 32


Image 11 of 32


Image 12 of 32

Image 13 of 32


Image 14 of 32

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Image 15 of 32

Image 16 of 32

Detroit: Get Human

Image 17 of 32

Detroit: Get Human

Image 18 of 32

Call of Duty WWII

Image 19 of 32

The Inpatient

Image 20 of 32

The Inpatient

Image 21 of 32

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for PSVR

Image 22 of 32

Elder Scrolls VR Skyrim for PSVR

Image 23 of 32

Elder Scrolls VR Skyrim for PSVR

Image 24 of 32

Shadow of Colossus

Image 25 of 32

Shadow associated with the Colossus

Image 26 of 32

Image 27 of 32

Times Gone

Image 28 of 32

Days Gone

Image 29 of 32

Times Gone

Image 30 of 32

Horizon Zero Dawn

Image 31 of 32

Horizon Zero Dawn

Image 32 of 32

Celebrity Child for PSVR

We are going to cut to the chase: Sony didn’t reveal any brand new hardware or PS4 price falls, but the technology powerhouse truly packed its pouches with games for E3. 

Brief on time? Then check out the 10 many exciting games Sony showed down at E3 2017 and five reasons to purchase a PlayStation VR headset.

Still with us? Good. Certainly one of Sony’s more impressive trailers ended up being for God of War. Inside, we see Kratos go on a journey along with his son. Yes, there is certainly nevertheless bone-crushing violence, but this God of War possesses softer side, too. The overall game additionally got a fuzzy release date of very early 2018.

Are your Spidey senses tingling? That’s most likely because there exists a new game play trailer for Spider-Man for PS4. This provided us a great examine our hero in action, slinging webs and acrobatically using down baddies. You’ll have all new york as your open-world play ground whenever Spider-Man arrives in 2018.

Call of Duty WWII saw a new multiplayer gameplay trailer make its first on stage, although it was revealed Destiny 2 on Sony systems will include exclusive hit, ship, gun and PVP maps.  

Shadow associated with the Colossus (you keep in mind the original, right?) is on the road to PS4, and there’s a new trailer that provides you a glimpse of what to expect if the game releases in 2018.

As well as in situation you forgot about PSVR, exactly what with all the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets of the world, Sony hopes you keep in mind having a host of games for the virtual truth headset. Leading the fee is Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and it is accompanied by Star Child, The Inpatient and Bravo Team, and others. 

Sony PlayLink is just a new assortment of smartphone-controlled games designed to entertain everyone, including those that may well not frequently play games. Titles include That’s You!, Hidden Agenda, Frantics, Knowledge is Power and SingStar Celebration.

While many trailers were certainly attractive, Staff Writer Emma Boyle aptly notes Sony’s presentation relied too heavily on cinematic spectacles, lots of games we have seen before, and didn’t offer enough substance. We’ll likely really need to get our fill during its PSX event later this year.

Here’s what Ubisoft announced at E3 2017

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Miyamoto helps unveil Mario + Rabbids Kingom Battle

Image 2 of 11

Mario + Rabbids Kingom Battle

Image 3 of 11

Mario + Rabbids Kingom Battle

Image 4 of 11

Mario + Rabbids Kingom Battle

Image 5 of 11

Skull & Bones

Image 6 of 11

Far Cry 5

Image 7 of 11

Far Cry 5

Image 8 of 11

Image 9 of 11

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Image 10 of 11

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Image 11 of 11

Beyond Good and Evil 2

We don’t think anybody was ready for just exactly how impressive Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference ended up.

Yes, there is another simply Dance, but we also got two killer (pun intended) new talks about Far Cry 5. We also traveled to Hope County, Montana ourselves in our practical time utilizing the name.

Skull & Bones had been additionally introduced due to the fact game manufacturer’s ‘ultimate pirate experience’ and now we discovered Assassin’s Creed Origins is releasing on October 27.

But these were not even the biggest surprises. Kicking from the show had been an entrance by the one and only veteran Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto and news that Mario is coming to Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The Nintendo Switch exclusive looks strange, but we a lot like it. Look the crossover on August 29.

The big event covered having an a great deal larger announcement: Beyond Good and Evil 2 is finally occurring, almost 15 years following the initial release. There exists a new cinematic trailer the cult classic, therefore appears awesome. Whenever this title, not any longer stuck in development hell, releases is anyone’s guess, but when it will, we are yes long-suffering fans will gobble it up.

Here is what was announced on PC Gaming Show 2017

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Chronilogical age of Empires

Image 2 of 11

Forza 7 is visiting PC

Image 3 of 11

Total Warhammer 2

Image 4 of 11


Image 5 of 11

The Final Night

Image 6 of 11


Image 7 of 11


Image 8 of 11

Echo Arena/Lone Echo

Image 9 of 11

Grift Lands

Image 10 of 11


Image 11 of 11


This year’s Computer Gaming Show, wear by our buddies at PC Gamer, was the function’s biggest yet.

Here we got word the initial Age of Empires is visiting modern-day PCs. This isn’t only a slot, but rather a religious revival complete with all-new visuals. Will this mix of old and brand new satiate fans of this original RTS? We’ll learn whenever game lands come early july. 

Also on tap for PC gamers is Forza Motorsport 7. you can actually play the racer at 60fps in HDR Ultra 4K including on an ultra-wide 21:9 monitor. Yes, you are able to pick your jaw off the flooring now. 

Fans of Cliff Bleszinski take notice since the Gears of War creator is releasing a brand-new arena shooter called LawBreakers that’ll break through on August 8. 

As well as for more PC games headed the right path quickly, consider our round up regarding the 10 most exciting games spotted during the the PC Gaming Show. Game on!

Here is what Bethesda announced at E3 2017

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Fallout 4 VR

Image 2 of 20

Fallout 4 VR

Image 3 of 20

Fallout 4 VR

Image 4 of 20


Image 5 of 20


Image 6 of 20


Image 7 of 20

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

Image 8 of 20

Skyrim on Nintendo Change

Image 9 of 20

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

Image 10 of 20

Quake Champions

Image 11 of 20

Quake Champions

Image 12 of 20

The Evil Within 2

Image 13 of 20

The Evil Within 2

Image 14 of 20

The Evil Within 2

Image 15 of 20

The Evil Within 2

Image 16 of 20

Wolfenstein II

Image 17 of 20

Wolfenstein II

Image 18 of 20

Wolfenstein II

Image 19 of 20

Wolfenstein II

Image 20 of 20

Wolfenstein II

Bethesda don’t visited E3 2017 empty-handed, that is without a doubt. The gaming household brought a couple of exciting brand new titles – and help for the first time ever of the Nintendo system – to Los Angeles. 

Let’s begin with the latter: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is arriving at Nintendo change. This isn’t only a right slot, or so it could appear, with Bethesda and Nintendo seemingly working together for a unique title. In a demo, it absolutely was shown what sort of individual could use Joy-Con and Amiibo to control Link in a game. We don’t get full details or even a release date, but this glimpse is enticing. 

Another big hitter had been Wolfenstein II. Occur a US where in fact the Nazi regime has brought over, you perform a character leading a rising opposition. It is eerie, surreal and likely not just a game to miss.

Fans of Fallout 4 and DOOM will soon have a completely brand new solution to have fun with the games because of virtual truth. Both Fallout 4 VR and DOOM VFR are set to produce this year. The titles brings you close up and individual with your demons (and mutants) once they arrive on HTC Vive.

Bethesda’s production Club ended up being revealed as a service that offers ‘premium’ mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. There is a fair number of negativity among users as some state this creates a two-tier system, forcing them to fund mods that have been when free. 

Finally, and a brand new character for Quake Champions, we also got a frightening first glance at the Evil Within 2. Set release a on October 13 (naturally), the overall game’s first trailer will provide you with chills. 

Here is what Microsoft announced at E3 2017

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Xbox One X

Image 2 of 31

Xbox One X

Image 3 of 31

Xbox One X

Image 4 of 31

Forza 7

Image 5 of 31

Forza 7

Image 6 of 31

Forza 7

Image 7 of 31

Forza 7

Image 8 of 31


Image 9 of 31


Image 10 of 31


Image 11 of 31


Image 12 of 31


Image 13 of 31


Image 14 of 31


Image 15 of 31

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Image 16 of 31

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Image 17 of 31

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Image 18 of 31


Image 19 of 31

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Image 20 of 31

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Image 21 of 31

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Image 22 of 31

State of Decay 2

Image 23 of 31

State of Decay 2

Image 24 of 31

Crackdown 3

Image 25 of 31

Crackdown 3

Image 26 of 31

Water of Thieves

Image 27 of 31

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Image 28 of 31

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Image 29 of 31

Ori together with Will of the Wisps

Image 30 of 31

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Image 31 of 31

Metro Exodus

Phew! Microsoft’s E3 press seminar had been a jam-packed occasion once the industry giant showed off 42 games as a whole regarding keynote stage, 22 of these Xbox exclusives. 

Nevertheless the biggest show stopper of them all ended up being this: Xbox One X had been revealed while the formal name of venture Scorpio. The 4K-ready console launches on November 7 and certainly will cost $499.

With a few truly remarkable specifications – such as for instance a 6 TFlop GPU, 12GB GDDR5 memory, and 326GB/s memory bandwidth – plus help for original Xbox games as a result of backwards compatibility, the Xbox One X will be one of many vacation’s many sought-after gifts. 

We got an opportunity to start to see the Xbox One X for action ourselves, and you can read our very early practical impressions the following.

Of course, there has to be games to go with all that processing power, and Microsoft did not disappoint on that front side, either. The business offered us a heart-racing very first look at Forza 7 in 4K and revealed ancient Egypt as the environment for the (very released) Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The 4K enjoyable did not stop here as Sea of Thieves got the full high-resolution game play walkthrough, and Crackdown 3, out November 7, showed its material in a action-packed official 4K trailer.

Microsoft offered united states a much more step-by-step consider Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Anthem, one of the biggest surprises of E3 thus far. It also revealed Cuphead is finally releasing on September 29, and Minecraft gets a totally free 4K upgrade later in 2010 (you understand, being a nod towards the Xbox One X).

We Have also curved up the 10 many exciting Xbox One game announcements of E3 and 40 games that’ll cause you to want to buy an Xbox One X, so be sure to check them away! 

Some tips about what EA announced at E3 2017

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Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2

Image 2 of 19

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Image 3 of 19

Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2

Image 4 of 19

Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2

Image 5 of 19

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Image 6 of 19

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Image 7 of 19

Need for Speed Payback

Image 8 of 19

Importance of Speed Payback

Image 9 of 19

Need for Speed Payback

Image 10 of 19


Image 11 of 19


Image 12 of 19

Image 13 of 19


Image 14 of 19


Image 15 of 19


Image 16 of 19

Image 17 of 19

Madden 18

Image 18 of 19

Madden 18

Image 19 of 19

Madden 18

EA kicked things off using its EA Play event on Saturday, June 10, and, child, ended up being it filled with great game play footage. We Had Been treated to tantalizing discusses FIFA 18 and Significance Of Speed Payback with wicked game play trailers, and got a large dosage of multiplayer action in Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2. 

We additionally learned Madden 18 is shaking up the franchise with its first-ever playable tale mode. You play a possibility as he struggles to make it to the NFL. Called Longshot, the mode’s trailer will give you goosebumps.

Finally, a fresh IP called Anthem was revealed, though we had to wait until Microsoft’s big press meeting to learn more about any of it (Microsoft couldn’t disappoint).

…and the remainder 

Image 1 of 23

Intel’s Wigig, a wireless solution for VR

Image 2 of 23

This may be just what Wigig’s last form looks like

Image 3 of 23

Area Junkies

Image 4 of 23

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Image 5 of 23

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Image 6 of 23

Call of Duty WWII

Image 7 of 23

A Way Out

Image 8 of 23

Xbox Design Lab customization

Image 9 of 23

Seagate’s 8TB Game Drive Hub

Image 10 of 23

Intel Core i9

Image 11 of 23

Logitech G703 and G903

Image 12 of 23

Strange Brigade

Image 13 of 23

Alienware 51 Computer

Image 14 of 23

Alienware 25 Video Gaming Monitor

Image 15 of 23

Atari is taking care of a new console called Ataribox

Image 16 of 23

Original ‘Duke’ Xbox controller design is returning

(Image: © Hyperkin)

Image 17 of 23

Image 18 of 23

Intel, Oculus and ESL are forming the VR Challenger League

Image 19 of 23

Seagate’s 2TB Game Drive for PS4

(Image: © Seagate)

Image 20 of 23

Razer Blade Stealth

Image 21 of 23

The hiking Dead is arriving at VR

Image 22 of 23

Dobly Access application is arriving at Xbox One X

(Image: © Dolby)

Image 23 of 23

Southern Park Mobile Destroyer

Needless to say, there is substantially more news and game impressions coming out of E3 2017. Here’s the latest:


Xbox owners in the united kingdom might be happy to learn the customize-your-controller Xbox Design Lab happens to be available in the region plus France and Germany. More nations in Europe will soon be added later on in summer, and many more customization options ‘re going international.

Seagate is releasing an 8TB Game Drive Hub hard disk that gives room enough for almost every Xbox game you’ve ever owned. Plus, one accessory manufacturer is bringing back once again the design regarding the original ‘Duke’ Xbox controller… for better or even worse.

Storage space is good, but so is sound, and also to that end it was revealed the Dolby Access application will deliver affordable 360-degree surround sound to your Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Windows 10 devices. This joins an early on announcement that Gears of War 4 and Crackdown 3 will be the first Xbox games to have Dolby Atmos noise technology.

We have had time think about the Xbox One X, and yes, offering viewpoints. TechRadar international Editor-in-Chief Patrick Goss notes that as a lapsed Computer gamer, the newest console is genuinely exciting. 

But for Computing Editor Matt Hanson, a Computer gamer, the Xbox One X is lacking an X factor. Contributor Dom Reseigh-Lincoln also writes the Xbox One X could be its own worst enemy in the coming console war.

Opinions are certainly split, which can just mean the rest of 2017 is supposed to be an appealing one for the gaming globe.


Seagate is releasing an inferior 2TB Game Drive for PS4. The smaller size should nevertheless be a lot to support your digital game collection, plus it comes at a cost of $89.99 (about £70 / AU$120) set alongside the 8TB drive’s $199.99 (about £160 / AU$265) price tag. 

Razer is serving up super razor-sharp sound the PS4 also Xbox One X and Xbox Onewith the Thresher Ultimate wireless headset. Promising to provide Dolby 7.1 surround noise, the headset comes at a high price of $249 (about £200, AU$330) and is available for pre-order now.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive possesses peaceful yet notable presence only at that year’s E3 in the shape of brand new games now, brand new equipment. As A Result Of Intel, HTC Vive features a wireless solution in works that cuts the cables and enables you to wander free in VR. 

Based on Intel’s DisplayLink XR technology, the idea is have the small pack render games without stutter or lag. 

Only a prototype associated with tech, called Wigig, will be shown at E3, so we got a chance to investigate for yourself for ourselves. This isn’t the refined item shown in renders – there is nevertheless electric tape keeping it together – together with finished type and price haven’t been finalized. 

Most importantly, but Wigig did its task rendering a casino game without delays or stuttering, sans wires. Big concerns remain, including whether HTC Vive are rebranded totally, but Wigig is really a promising indication for the life of VR without messy wires. 


Intel also touted news its high-core count Core X-series processors increase for pre-order on June 19. These Kaby Lake Core X-series are severe Central Processing Unit improvements, though we do not know how much they cost as of this time.

The computing powerhouse normally engaging in eSports because of the development of a brand new league called VR Challenger League. Because you can have guessed, this may consider VR eSports, and it is a collaborative work with eSports giant ESL and Oculus. 1st tourney gets under way the following month.


Atari has every person guessing with its mysterious Ataribox. While we’re fairly confident this can be a system from retro gaming company, we’re unsure as soon as the Ataribox will discover the light of time. With E3 almost over, it’s not likely to debut recently.

Logitech and Alienware

Logitech announced two brand-new gaming mice, the Logitech G703 and G903, and the first-ever wireless charging mouse pad, the Powerplay. 

Alienware joined the enjoyable along with its new Alienware 51 video gaming Computer, featuring an otherworldly 16-core AMD Central Processing Unit, as well as the company’s first monitor, one that’s perfect for video gaming.


The Razer Blade Stealth simply got a substantial update, changing our favorite 12.5-inch Ultrabook right into a 13.3-inch laptop computer. Which Means a jump in display, a small tick up in fat, plus beginning cost of $1,399 (about £1,100, AU$1,860). You can purchase one from company’s online store including Best purchase, Amazon while the Microsoft Store starting June 14.

Games, games and more games

Are all new pirate games created equal? Our Emma Boyle and Jon Porter went practical with E3’s big new swashbucklers, Skull and Bones vs water of Thieves. While you will find similarities involving the two titles, they left experiencing there’s many room in the great outdoors ocean for both games to flourish. 

One of the stand-out games of E3 was EA’s A Way Out. Our impressions are your co-op only game, built by a little independent team and keeping true up to a 1970s prison-break aesthetic, can be one of the primary surprises and a lot of exciting games of this show, period. 

We’ve additionally had a possiblity to get practical with Assassin’s Creed Origins (regarding Xbox One X, no less) and we’ve picked out six brand new features inside game you might have missed. Cannot miss this tale (sorry).

Another surprise was a prequel towards Life is Strange franchise called Life is Strange: ahead of the Storm. Staff Writer Emma Boyle chatted utilizing the game’s lead journalist and got the within story of how a initial developers played – and provided their blessing – to the prequel. 

Boyle also played Call of Duty WWII and spoke with a few users for the development team about the challenge of conveying the horrors of war via a medium that’s fundamentally a kind of activity. She writes: 

“As much as [Call of Duty WWII’s] emotional story and complementary new squad mechanics make an effort to forge an emotional connection between your players plus the game, its traditional run-and-gun game play finally prevents it from relaying the real psychological turmoil of war.”

Residence Technology Writer Jon Porter went face-to-face with the zombies, mummies along with other supernatural bad guys of Strange Brigade.

The name from the tiny English studio behind the Sniper Elite show has all trappings of the 1930s pulp adventure, and while it took him a little while to heat up to it, Porter left impressed and experiencing Strange Brigade will come alive in co-op mode when it releases on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Think E3 is about system games? Senior mobile phone Editor Matt Swider begs to differ as he talks about the brand new games arriving at your iPhone, iPad and Android products. These include Southern Park Phone Destroyer, Grid Autosport and Alto’s Odyssey.

We’ve additionally gathered up the most effective VR games on display at E3 2017, including Space Junkies, Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR, Echo Arena and a couple of creepy titles. These games could help digital reality finish 2017 by having a flourish when they prove enticing sufficient to new and experienced VR gamers alike.

Last but not least, if strategy games are your cup tea, have a look at five you cannot miss straight from the show halls. 

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Facebook is checking out ‘hard questions’, and it is asking for your input

Facebook has faced increased scrutiny this past year over exactly how it handles problems such user privacy, violent content and terrorist propaganda. 

With all the scrutiny has arrived questions regarding the role Facebook plays in society, the obligations this has, and what modifications it can make to be a safer room for users.

To give you more transparency about why Facebook makes the options it does concerning some of the toughest challenges of our time, the social networking, which is shutting in on two billion users global, has launched a new effort called intense Questions. 

Vice President for Public Policy and Communications Elliot Schrage writes in a article that included in the effort, Facebook will open up of a number of “complex topics”. This means describing its decision-making in these areas as well as checking out the questions they stir up. 

Types of the kinds of questions Facebook will deal with consist of exactly how on line platforms should prevent terrorists from spreading propaganda online, just what should happen to an individual’s on line identity when they die, who chooses what is controversial content or what’s deemed fake news, and how users of ages can participate in social media in a safe means. 

They’re, certainly, difficult questions, and Facebook says “often we get it wrong” in alternatives it makes. 

The aim using the tough Questions initiative would be to at the very least give users a better knowledge of just how Facebook found its decisions, and show it’s taking these issues seriously. 

Facebook is inviting users to submit a few ideas on topics to talk about, and suggested statements on what it could enhance upon. For those who have ideas or suggestions, deliver them to hardquestions@fb.com.

Countering terrorism with technology and AI

Facebook’s first intense Questions post went up right after its statement and discusses how the company counters terrorism on line. 

Recent terrorist attacks have led some to call for tech companies, including Twitter, Google and Twitter, to do more to aid prevent terrorists from distributing propaganda through their channels. 

“Our stance is straightforward: There’s no place on Facebook for terrorism,” state Monika Bickert, manager of international policy administration, and Brian Fishman, counterterrorism policy supervisor, in the current post. 

Facebook runs on the amount of strategies to determine, remove and report terrorists and terrorist posts, they explain, including synthetic intelligence. 

Some of the “cutting edge techniques” Facebook uses consist of image matching, language understanding, identifying terrorist groups, detecting new fake reports created by perform offenders, and more closely sharing data between Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to quickly and effortlessly act against terrorists and terrorist articles. 

Facebook can be using other businesses, including Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, to identify content that’s generated by or supports terrorist organizations. 

Humans perform an important role in Facebook’s countertop terrorism efforts, Bickert and Fishman write. An employee that’ll grow by 3,000 over the next year works night and day to examine user-reported content, and Twitter employs significantly more than 150 people from a wide range of appropriate professional backgrounds who work solely or primarily on fighting terrorism.

They’re a few of the efforts Facebook has undertaken to fight terrorism, therefore the tools and strategies the company uses are just prone to improve over time. 

“we’re absolutely committed to maintaining terrorism off our platform,” compose Bickert and Fishman, “and we’ll consistently share more about it are it develops in the foreseeable future.”

Amazon Dash Wand is a handy method to use Alexa, no Echo required

Alexa might be fabled for powering Amazon Echo smart speakers, nevertheless the digital associate is not any complete stranger to many other products.

In reality, the following doodad to have the Alexa therapy is the Amazon Dash Wand, that will be making a comeback since its 2014 first alongside a particular promotion for Amazon Prime members that really makes it a no-brainer.

Having an connected club code scanner, the wireless Wand immediately adds items to your Amazon shopping cart software, making restocking the pantry as simple as zapping a utilized package before tossing it out.

(Image: © Amazon)

The Dash Wand can also support Alexa vocals commands for additional of good use functions like house automation, finding out about meals, measurement conversions, and purchasing last minute items. 

What Alexa cannot do on the Dash Wand, this indicates, is perform your music, video, or apps — something to consider.

The Amazon Dash Wand will come in the US for an also $20 for Amazon Prime members, who is able to save more as a result of an ongoing $20 credit promotion and free 90-day test of its AmazonFresh grocery distribution solution only for registering a brand new device.

Thinking about the advertising makes the Amazon Dash Wand practically gratis, now could be the time for you try trips to market on line, particularly if you’d instead not drop the $179 (£150, around AU$230) on an Amazon Echo for a little help around the kitchen.

The 29 most useful indie games on PC and consoles

Enhance: as you wait for the next 2D Metroid game in the future out, Thunder Lotus Games features a title under its gear which will satisfy your craving for Nintendo’s side-scrolling action-adventure show by having a Dark Souls-flavored twist. Keep reading to another location slide to learn why Sundered may be the next indie game on our radar!

In case Microsoft’s conference at E3 2017 ended up beingn’t enough of an indication, indie games are really a bigger deal than ever before. No longer being overshadowed by the Halo’s and Gears of War’s worldwide, it had been neat seeing tasks just like the Artful Escape and Super Lucky’s Tale used to push the limitations of brand new Xbox One X just like prominently.

That’s due to the fact, these days, a game title doesn’t need to originate from a multibillion buck conglomerate become compelling both aesthetically and in game play. But rather than bearing a 1:1 resemblance to true to life, many of the most readily useful indie games are greatly stylized and simplistic inside their mechanics, frankly a pleasant modification of speed from their high-budget counterparts.

The trickiest part about indie games is when anybody can make a game, countless shovelware enters the mix. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and filtered out all of the trash – sifting through piles regarding the top indie games available to uncover just the many noteworthy gems. From motivated Braid to the competitive Nidhogg, they’re best wishes indie games you can purchase.

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HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift: which VR headset is way better?

There’s no denying that, in 2017, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have made a dent within the VR revolution, made better by the constant introduction of the latest peripherals and games making it also tougher to determine between your two.

Presuming you can’t justify purchasing both, issue stays: which can be better, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift? Because it turns out, that’s a loaded concern. The answer fundamentally depends on a variety of different facets – from the kinds of immersive experiences you’re seeking on amount of cash you’re prepared to drop.

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

Tattooed guy with Oculus Rift

Though it started as an ordinary Kickstarter task, Oculus Rift now has Facebook backing it among storied game makers, particularly renowned game programmer (and co-creator of Doom) John Carmack.

HTC Vive, alternatively, arises from the minds of two notable tech businesses, one known because of its hardware plus the other for software. HTC has established several of the most critically and commercially successful smartphones and tablets, while Valve is just a long-time ally of Computer gaming fans with Steam, a PC gaming customer nicely packed with the Vive in the form of Steam VR.

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

Your dramatically less tattooed author putting on HTC Vive

Even when both get cheaper with a new model, both headsets are certain to be a lot of dough, which means you’re likely only going to be capable manage one. So who wins the battle of HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift? Let’s find out.


Both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift successfully provide expansive video game worlds and out-of-body experiences inside your family room, and that is since the technology backing them up is comparable in countless cases.

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

It’s this that the thing is, every which way you turn

The all-important shows are everything your mom warned you about when she said not to sit too near the TV. That’s right, your eyes are just ins from two OLED panels boasting a combined 2,160 x 1,200 quality. As a result, each eye gets a unique 1,080 x 1,200 resolution display to mindlessly gaze at.

By having a 90Hz refresh price on both headsets and asynchronous spacewarp regarding Rift for 90 fps VR, this implies you can find 233 million pixels traveling at your face every 2nd, making for grown-up VR experience versus the 60Hz Samsung Gear VR.

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift also have a wider 110-degree field of view (measured diagonally). This causes the digital reality world to feel like it undoubtedly wraps around your head. 

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

Here, put this on. It’ll improve your world

You aren’t likely to be in a position to escape the required computer, though, as both headsets have to be tethered up to a powerful Windows machine having a quantity of cables to be able to function. That is, if you do not opt for a wireless workaround like Intel’s DisplayLink XR.

Using WiGig in line with the 802.11ad standard, Intel guarantees a solution that reduces latency down to not as much as 7ms over a 60Hz band at any given time. Shown at E3 2017, the DisplayLink XR joins TPCast and Quark VR in eliminating the hindrance of cables during HTC Vive use, whether or not the end result only lasts two hours over battery power.

Nonetheless, aside from the 37 sensors in Vive headset offering fluid, seamless motion, gleam front-facing digital camera that may produce a virtual world of huge difference. 

HTC’s digital camera allows for a Chaperone security system, casting a blue outline on walls and things established by the Lighthouse sensors when you have too close. You can also turn it in for Matrix-like view everything at the same time.

(Chaperone is a mind-blowing back-up that serves to foster room-scale VR in the 15 x 15 foot tracking room allowed by Vive’s two “lighthouse” base stations. They appear like little speakers, but give off invisible lasers – lasers!)

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

The HTC Vive camera has incredible potential

Simultaneously, third events like Intel are designing additional digital camera add-ons the Vive that allow for improved hand-tracking and real-time environment scanning to prevent walking into hurdles. And, with Valve having made its tracking technology royalty-free, more developers should be able to create comparable accessories the Vive.

Oculus Rift doesn’t always have a digital camera on the front of its headset for augmented truth eyesight, you could purchase a $79 (about £63, AU$104) sensor that enables room-scale VR much like that of the HTC Vive. Until recently, that option was at beta, nevertheless now Oculus completely supports sitting, standing and room-scale VR.

With accessories prepared (excluding the now-released Deluxe Audio Strap), this implies the Vive compatible a cost tag of around $880 (roughly £697, AU$1,160).

Design and convenience

Your gateway with other globes is through a VR headset strapped to your noggin via adjustable velcro. It’s the ski mask of a dystopian future with no clear visor, although you can observe so much more. 

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive contrast

The Oculus Rift is just a a bit more lightweight

This is how the Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive differ probably the most, actually. While both are comfortable sufficient with face cushioning and they are lightweight, there’s absolutely more heft towards Vive.

Oculus Rift is a little more refined hunting with a compact design that amounts to a big, black colored brick sitting against the face. There are lightweight headphones that are thankfully removable, though these can be swapped out for $49 couple of earphones that “sound like they cost $900,” based on Oculus.

HTC Vive is bespeckled with 37 noticeable sensors, and even though it’s otherwise black like Oculus, it’s significantly larger. It appears nearly like the Oculus headset has already established a puffy allergic reaction.

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

HTC Vive is significantly bigger, but it is in contrast to you’re seeing it from outside

And though we stated Vive is lightweight, it is theoretically more substantial at around 555g without headphones included. Oculus is 470g in contrast and throws in headphones.

That larger size and weight has benefits: a lens distance knob moves the Vive contacts further and nearer to the face. This is often a helpful additional for people who wear glasses. Oculus Rift supports glasses, too, nevertheless the headsets does not have this handy adjustment knob once and for all measure.

Neither VR headset requires a phone, like Samsung Gear VR, but HTC Vive does hook up to your phone via Bluetooth for responding to calls and messages. You can actually put it on all the time, but we don’t recommend it.


Stepping into digital reality is surreal sufficient, but it really turns into a concrete globe when you are able reach out and apparently have the VR environment with controllers. 

Wielding the Vive wands sets our hands to the game virtually, and we’ve demoed the exact same utilizing the Oculus Touch, that is bettered only by its numerous catalog of 53 launch games and then some.

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

This will be 1 of 2 Oculus Touch controllers – but it’s perhaps not out yet

That deeper experience wasn’t prepared for March’s Oculus Rift launch, nevertheless the Oculus Touch controllers having hand-confirming, half-moon shape finally found its way to December 2016 the conscious price tag of $199 or £189 (about AU$265).

“Oh, i am never gonna obtain the hang of the” was our response whenever briefed regarding controls for Bullet Train. Seconds later, we were striking switches and picking right up guns, then throwing them at enemies once they had been invested.

Now that the Oculus Touch controllers are at your fingertips, Oculus poses a critical challenge towards the HTC Vive in manners it never did prior to. Though it nevertheless ships by having a normal Xbox One gamepad in place of the HTC Vive’s unique pair of waggle wands, the optional addition associated with Touch controllers gives Oculus the advantage of client option.

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive comparison

The HTC Vive controllers look odd, but actually put your hands within the game… today

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The last thing VR needs is endless triple-A ports

When Microsoft’s E3 2017 rounded down, all puffed up and proud of the Xbox One X reveal and its beefy hardware specs (well, beefy in the context of consoles, at least), whispers had been abound that VR would definitely go just how of rhythm action games and/or unloved stepchild that was PS Vita – loads of launch fanfare followed closely by an agonizing descent into obscurity.

Fortunately, the keynotes that followed within the next day or two settled those worries and proved both designers and publishers have lots of faith inside platform. Sony noticeably invested a far smaller amount of its keynote showcasing its PlayStation VR games, however the pc software it did show seemed great. So possibly we’ll chalk that around the firm’s machine weapon approach to trailer reveals.

Everywhere else VR ended up being as big company as ever. Sure, the vacation period is well and truly over but we’re seeing virtual reality support across the board for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR. The issue is, now that VR has settled into the landscape associated with the industry, it’s just starting to absorb a number of the less savoury realities of contemporary video gaming.

Same old, same old

So let’s about Bethesda. The incredibly talented studio-cum-publisher showed off some undoubtedly amazing projects at its bespoke E3 2017 show. Bethesdaland had Wolftenstein 2: The New Colossus dispatching alt-history Nazis with aplomb and Dishonored 2’s brand new story DLC bringing back once again fan favourites to the fold.

However it had those VR contributions.

Bethesda, the publisher that gave us Dishonored, Wolfenstein and Prey, went all in with VR and it’s big! It’s huge! It’s… Fallout, Doom and Skyrim on VR.


I could appreciate the sheer technical accomplishment of getting one thing because complicated as Fallout 4 or Skyrim running through the prism of VR, but isn’t porting these more successful (and in some cases, quite a bit old games) just like sluggish as publishers re-releasing almost all their greatest hits on another brand new or successive platform?

Skyrim is five and a half yrs . old. There’s no taking away the fact it’s one of the greatest games ever made – and maybe the best action-RPG that isn’t called The Witcher 3 – but have actuallyn’t we had sufficient Skyrim at this point? We curently have a Nintendo Switch variation on route, we don’t require another on VR.

I understand the motive. The game’s build and assets currently occur – Bethesda ‘only’ had to fund a group to transform and test a variation running on VR. It’s a pretty wise solution from a company standpoint, nonetheless it delivers a really dangerous signal on remaining portion of the industry. One which reads: “Hey, you understand those games that have already sold effectively? Port it to VR while making some more cash!”

How long until we have Activision deploying contemporary Warfare Remastered onto VR? Then every single other CoD until VR becomes awash with every game you already own, simply with an inflated price tag and a sheer insufficient imagination? It’s definitely not outstanding trend in an attempt to risk throwing off.

Echo chamber 

But there’s hope elsewhere. Sony, Ubisoft and The PC Gaming Show proved there’s nevertheless innovation and imagination to be found inside the confines of the headset. Just take a glance at exactly what Ready At Dawn does featuring its double task Lone Echo/Echo Arena.

One one hand you’ve got an action thriller set for a space station mostly inhabited by androids. On the other, you’ve got the first real make an effort to marry VR aided by the competitive world of eSports. It’s a risky combination, nonetheless it’s nonetheless a bold the one that’s driven by the desire to take action new having platform that provides a great deal space to innovate.

And how about Transference? The new Elijah Wood-backed psychological horror from Ubisoft. We don’t even know just what the overall game seems like yet, but its Ebony Mirror-style trippiness and self-aware aspire to turn VR itself in to a unit for suspense fills united states having a palpable excitement money for hard times of interactive horror.

Ultimately, there’s ample room for known properties and IP to arrive and flourish on VR, nonetheless they must be as experiences tailor-made for the platform. Until Dawn, that interactive horror film from 2015 had been a surprise hit when it hit PS4, however the variation retooled for PSVR simply didn’t work. It had been an endeavor to shoehorn current assets right into a VR experience, plus it stood out such as for instance a sore thumb.

Therefore now Supermassive is returning to the planet of Until Dawn, utilizing the Inpatient. A title-built through the ground up with VR in mind, it is set 60 years ahead of the activities of the initial game and looks set to frighten the living daylights from us in a way that’s VR up to a tee. No matter if the overall game turns out to be a train wreck, the mindset and intention is precisely where it ought to be.

Doomed or perhaps not?

Bethesda isn’t the villain right here, but wouldn’t we instead see tasks greenlit just like the Inpatient? Then have new game set in the timeline of Fallout 4? one which’s built specifically for VR, taking into consideration the limits of the platform and fleshing out a thing that multiplies all of the areas for possible. A companion piece that’s both an immersive VR experience and an enrichment of a currently beloved franchise.

There’s at the very least some hope with Doom VFR. While its resemblance to the Doom that shotgunned its way onto consoles and PC in 2016 is marginal at most useful, Bethesda has about rebuilt the campaign to match VR, integrating slow puzzle solving between stretches of teleporting gunplay. It’s one base in the right way about.

Let’s not treat VR like we did PS4 and Xbox One inside their first couple of years, pumping them high in HD remakes until the remasters outnumbered the original titles. Let’s have actually VR continue to be the place where innovation and imagination rule first and foremost, in the place of destroying it with the same mistakes we’ve made for generations elsewhere.

  • E3 could be the planet’s largest exhibition for the games industry, stuffed packed with the newest and greatest games, consoles, and video gaming hardware. TechRadar is reporting live from l . a . all week to bring you the very latest from the show floor. Head to our committed E3 2017 hub to see most of the brand new releases, along with TechRadar’s world-class analysis and buying advice about the next year in gaming.

The 25 most readily useful VR games for PC, consoles and mobile

Change: VR was overflowing with support at E3 2017 this year, and among the main contributors ended up being Bethesda. It should come as not surprising then that we’re keeping an eye down for Doom VFR. Keep reading to another location fall to find out why this gore-packed first-person shooter has become on our radar!

When Doom, Fallout 4 additionally the hiking Dead are being adapted for the technology, you know digital reality, or VR, is in a healthy and balanced spot. There’s a prequel to Until Dawn in works, gives united states hope that VR isn’t simply for stripped-down ports and mini games.

Don’t get united states wrong, VR remains niche – just one million devices of the very affordable video gaming headset, PlayStation VR, have been offered currently. But, designer curiosity about the latest technology is virtually unprecedented, using the top VR games opening the floodgates for commercial success.

Through also VR’s earliest stages, we’re which makes it our duty to emphasize all of the best VR games you should buy right now, with 25 of them making our ratings up to now. Through the team-based Star Trek: Bridge Crew towards the action-packed Raw data, right here they have been.

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Twitter updates its look — here’s what’s new

Twitter is freshening up its appearance, announcing a new interface at this time rolling down to iOS, Android and internet users associated with the social media platform.

The revision, that is mostly aesthetic, streamlines the Twitter timeline by switching square profile pictures into groups and lowering the toolbar regarding bottom to four easy icons. 

The profile tab, at the same time, has become relegated to a sidebar which is often accessed within an Android-style “hamburger” menu which will be a primary for iOS Twitter users.

As noticed by yours truly along with other Twitter-ers, the new appearance is strikingly much like Instagram’s big black-and-white enhance from last year, cutting out a amount of Twitter’s trademark blue-and-white design for something more monochromatic and icon-centric.

(Image: © Twitter)

Additionally, the upgrade changes the appearance of discussion buttons on tweets — even swapping the ‘reply’ arrow for the message bubble, as Twitter claims some newcomers previously confused the arrow for backspace or delete function.

The brand new design additionally also updates the ‘like’, ‘reply’, and ‘retweet’ counts of each and every post instantly for mobile apps, enabling you to view those numbers rise appropriate before your eyes the next time you tweet out a genuine zinger.

Tweet it or leave it

Though some enjoy Twitter’s rounded brand new profile icons and trendier layout, others took to your #NewTwitter hashtag to alternatively express their distaste the new-look timeline.

Some simply take umbrage with all the looks, claiming the circular icons are aesthetically unappealing for a schedule, in addition to restrictive for profiles that utilize text, logos, or QR codes for the avatar. 

A Twitter representative informs TechRadar that the modification would be to help to make the site simpler to understand. Formerly, the picture of the individual posting a picture while the image it self had been rectangular, leading Twitter to improve the profile pictures circular to aid distinguish them on a individuals feed.

Other riled-up users appear to care less about circles versus squares, but instead criticize Twitter for maybe not emphasizing technical complaints lobbed up against the solution, including problems loading up .GIF and videos on some devices, better tools for combating harassment and spam, plus the insufficient an editing function for misspelled or inaccurate tweets.

In accordance with Twitter’s Dan Jackson, the changes to the solution’s layout had been led by both research and direct feedback from users. Jackson noted the solution remains exploring new ways to improve. As Twitter continues its present brand refresh, we imagine much more modifications are yet in the future.