The most effective mobile broadband deals for September 2017

Despite the ubiquity of Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile broadband is continuing to grow in appeal fuelled by the increase of remote working and commuting.

Tablets, 2-in-1 laptops and on occasion even linked portable gaming systems have made a dedicated mobile broadband membership an absolute must have for a number of families and businesses. 

Totally free Wi-Fi hotspots might be present almost everywhere in which there’s hefty footfall but the quality of solution combined with protection concerns cause them to a less attractive for some users. 

On this web page, you’ll find links toward most useful mobile broadband deals currently available in the UK; the market happens to be extremely competitive with a few astonishing names showing up. In the interests of clarity, we are including tethering being an choice. 

Tethering lets you make use of your smartphone as a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot; you might also be considering having a classic or low priced smartphone as being a hotspot as well as work with a dual-SIM smartphone such as the OnePlus 3. keep in mind that costs usually increase each year good RPI (Retail Price Index).

The very best mobile broadband deals of this month

They’re the discounts we suggest many highly. We attempt to select a deal for all, whether you are following the cheapest possible option and/or best balance between allowance and price over 30 days and 12/24-months discounts.

For light users and European travellers

Three | 12GB | No contract | £24.95
We might recommend going the PAYG route if you are a light user for three reasons. 
Firstly, it provides you the flexibility to utilize pretty much data monthly, next, you’re not tied into any agreements and thirdly, PAYG beats any entry-level broadband-only SIM provides.
We recommend the 3 3G/4G PAYG Trio information SIM preloaded with 12GB of data plus in concept, can also be utilized abroad within the popular Feel in the home scheme.
It allows one to get on the web abroad at no extra expense in 42 destinations worldwide with new nations being added regularly. Check the conditions and terms with Three as these modification usually.
It is £5 cheaper to buy it from Mymemory than buying it directly from Three.

For medium users
Three | 20GB each month | 12-month contract | £15 monthly
Likely to burn up to 20GB of data a month? Then pay month-to-month is the better choice; otherwise, adhere to the 12GB offer above. 
This deal means you can get 20GB for the cost of 10GB per month and it is the ideal data tariff. Remember it is a 12 month deal. You may get the SIM delivered within three business days. 

  For heavy users
If you’d like even more than 30GB of information 30 days, then Vodafone provides 50GB of data allowance each month for only £25, that is only £0.83 per GB. 
You’re just linked with the offer for 1 month, generally thereis no long year-long deal either. 
All Vodafone 4G Data SIMs have Vodafone Global Roaming, giving you the freedom to utilize your UK data in 110 destinations global. 

For an additional £5 on a daily basis, you can use your UK data allowance inside our 60 Roam-further destinations – and you’ll be charged only in the times you employ your device.

For international travellers

If you usually travel internationally and desire to easily make an online search and never have to think about expenses, then it is difficult, if you don’t impossible, to beat Knowroaming’s offering. 

It really is supplying a global SIM card for less than $9.99 (about £8) by having an limitless information package costing just $7.99 (about £6.50) a day much more than 90 nations. We attempted it during a current visit to Japan and it worked flawlessly. 

The SIM comes with a free US and British quantity with the substitute for buy additional foreign numbers. There’s an app to track your real-time use and also as an additional benefit, you can use WhatsApp at no cost all over the world (which includes calls, picture and movie texting).

Now thatis a deal we can not state no to.

Samsung Galaxy J7+ goes official with dual-camera setup, solid aluminum body

Samsung has just officialized its second smartphone to feature dual-camera setup on the back side, the Galaxy J7+. The device leaked for the first time a few days after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8, its flagship smartphone meant to hit the shelves on September 15.

Over the weekend, the Galaxy J7+ popped up on Samsung Thailand website, along with information about price and availability. The bad new is the phone won’t come cheap, as Samsung announced the Galaxy J7+ costs about $390 outright.

On the flip side, those who pre-order the smartphone will receive …

Sixth-generation Apple iPod nano is no longer supported by Apple

On August 30th, Apple officially placed the sixth-generation Apple iPod nano on its internal list of “vintage and obsolete products.” In other words, the aforementioned device is no longer supported by Apple. A written memo to this effect has been sent to Apple Stores and authorized service centers. Apple released the product in September 2010 and stopped selling it two-years later. Typically Apple supports a discontinued item for an additional five years after it no longer is available, and that brings us to September 2017.

With its square design and small size, the sixth-generation iPod …

Download of the day – Celestia

We might not be ready to set foot on Mars (even if we can grow potatoes), but that doesn't mean you can't have an amazing time coasting through the vacuum of space. Celestia is a free simulator that lets you explore the furthest reaches of the Milky Way, without the perils of rapid decompression, starvation and extreme solar radiation. Always an advantage.

Celestia is a full 3D rendering of our galaxy, including planets, stars, satellites and other celestial bodies. There are even models of man-made structures like the International Space Station, which you can track as it orbits the Earth.

Ground control to Major Tom

Clicking on a celestial object will send the camera swinging, then propel you towards it. From there, you can rotate the star, planet, satellite or comet, see its orbit, and even adjust the date and time. Speeding up the clock and watching a solar eclipse cross the face of the Earth is particularly satisfying – particularly if you tap Alt+Enter for full-screen mode.

If you tire of planet-hopping, you can also learn about stars, planets and other objects by right-clicking them and selecting 'Info'. The amount of detail will vary greatly, depending on how close the body is to Earth, but can be fascinating.

Download here: Celestia

Download of the Day is our pick of the best free software around – whether it's useful, fun, or just plain silly. If you have any recommendations, please send them to

Moto X4 launch date, news and rumors

Modify: The Moto X4 was listed with a United States regulatory agency, suggesting that it is not only real but not far off, additionally the listing included measurements, so we now have a good idea of how large the phone is.

After some duration ago the Moto X range ended up being Motorola’s flagship line, and while it unexpectedly stopped to create space the Moto Z range it seems the X is not dead, utilizing the Moto X 2017 now the main topic of regular leaks and rumors.

Though it might have a brand new name, as based on well-known tipster Evan Blass, the unit is likely to be called the Moto X4, which can make it better to differentiate from previous years at the least.

Nonetheless it seems that is no longer a flagship, aided by the upcoming Moto X 2017 set to slot in below the Moto Z and Moto Z2 Force.

It could nevertheless be well worth getting excited about however, as there’s talk of the dual-lens digital camera and solid specs, most likely along with a realistic price label. Here’s every thing we understand in regards to the Moto X 2017 thus far.

Cut to the chase

  • The facts? Another entry in Motorola’s inactive X range
  • When could it be away? Most likely late 2017
  • Just what will it price? It’s likely to have mid-range cost

Moto X4 release date

Truly the only release date rumor up to now arises from a supply whom evidently has familiarity with Motorola’s plans. They say the Moto X4 will secure in quarter 4, in time for getaway shopping.

Motorola has also confirmed your X range is “alive and well”, while leaked images reveal a device that looks nearly completed, and a phone thought to be the Moto X4 has even passed away through FCC (Federal Communications Commission) so we would never be waiting very long.

Moto X4 display screen

Hottest leakages:

  • A 5.2-inch display screen
  • A 1080p quality

The latest leaks point to a 5.2-inch 1080p screen on Moto X4, and that lines up with images we have seen. Actually, Motorola’s official Iranian supplier has also revealed your phone includes a 5.2-inch 1080 x 1920 screen having pixel density of 424 pixels per inch.

A few leaked images have finally shown what’s believed to be the Moto X 2017 in someone’s hand, and from that it’s clear this is not a massive phone, not a small one either.

Image 1 of 3

Credit: Jerry Yin

Image 2 of 3

Credit: Jerry Yin

Image 3 of 3

Credit: Weibo/@23Nori

It’s hard to be too exact, but we’d guess from all of these your display screen is within the array of 5.2-5.5 ins – most likely the low end of that range, considering that somewhere else we’ve heard it’s 5.2 inches. 

it is also most likely planning to have a 1080 x 1920 quality, considering the fact that even the lower-end Moto G5 does which the next thing up (QHD) is still the protect of flagship phones.

TechRadar’s simply take: A 5.2-inch 1080 x 1920 screen is looking likely at this time.

Moto X4 design

Hottest leakages:

  • A cup or metal shell
  • A 3.5mm headphone slot
  • Water opposition

We have now seen an very nearly official image of Moto X4, as Motorola’s formal Iranian distributor has shared two pictures of this phone, showing a shiny black colored straight back and dual-lens camera jutting away.

Image 1 of 2

An image of straight back of Motorola Moto X4, provided by an formal distributor

Image 2 of 2

Another significantly official image of this Moto X4 from back, showing off its shiny black finish

The shots are similar to other recent leaked images, which this time around additionally show leading of this phone, exposing a shiny straight back, which appears to be cup but might be polished metal, a dual-lens digital camera and large bezels above and underneath the display.

Image 1 of 2

Leaked Moto X4 pictures show a shiny, likely cup back and a dual-lens digital camera

Image 2 of 2

Leading regarding the Moto X4 has a house switch underneath the screen, most likely housing a fingerprint scanner

But they are at odds with earlier in the day leaked images (below), from which it looks like the Moto X 2017 is probably produced from metal, though they look suspiciously like now-announced Moto G5S.

The back is simple, with antenna bands nearby the top and base plus Motorola logo design into the center, although the bottom edge possesses presenter grille and also the top side possesses 3.5mm headphone port, which will be well worth mentioning, because the Moto Z doesn’t have one.

Shown down in a leak from 9to5Google, the latest Moto X appears to include glass into the mix, too. “3D” glass, to be particular. It appears to offer off a curved appearance, just like the LG G6. 

Then up, it’ll apparently be waterproof having score of IP68, which can be constantly a welcomed function in a smartphone.

Image 1 of 3

Credit: Jerry Yin

Image 2 of 3

Credit: Weibo/@23Nori

Image 3 of 3

Credit: Weibo/@23Nori

You may nearly find out a home switch under the screen, which likely also houses a fingerprint scanner. It’s a familiar design, but one that’s nearer to the lower-end G range compared to high-end Z range.

So we’ve heard similar things from a supply who claims the Moto X4 could have an aluminum build, a front-facing fingerprint scanner and IP68 official certification.

And because of an FCC listing the X4 found by The Leaker, we know that it may have proportions of 148 x 73mm. That would ensure it is ever so slightly smaller than the 150 x 73.5mm Moto G5S.

TechRadar’s simply take: The latest leaked pictures showing a shiny finish look convincing, especially as a few of them come from a reasonably official supply.

Moto X4 digital camera and battery

Hottest leakages:

  • A dual-lens digital camera
  • A front-facing flash

All leaked pictures we’ve seen to date show a dual-lens digital camera in the Moto X 2017, but even though many reveal the dual-LED flash module below the lens, evidently it will actually be above according to dependable tipster @evleaks, as seen in the image below.

A supply claims it will likely be a 12MP and 8MP pairing, helping to make feeling, because the single-lens Moto G5 Plus possesses 12MP one as well as the Moto Z features a 13MP one.

Then again, a fairly more official leak from Motorola’s Iranian supplier points to dual 12MP digital cameras, plus a 16MP one on the front side.

However, there isn’t any news yet on what the dual-lenses will be effective at – including whether they permit lossless zoom, wide-angle shots or something like that else completely.

But we could look to the Moto Z2 Force for the clue, as that phone is here by having a dual-lens digital camera of its very own, in which one lens is monochrome, enabling true black and white shots with out a filter. It’s also with the capacity of making a bokeh effect – in which the history is blurred.

The same source as above claims your Moto X4 need a 16MP front-facing digital camera, and in line with the leaked pictures the front camera appears to have a flash, just like regarding Moto Z and Moto Z Play.

As for the battery, one drip points to a 3,800mAh one, but more recently we’ve heard more often than once so it will you need to be 3,000mAh. The latter appears more likely, but Motorola has loaded big batteries into its phones before, so we mightn’t totally count out of the former.

TechRadar’s take: all evidence tips to a dual-lens camera, whilst the battery pack will probably be around 3,000mAh.

Moto X4 OS and power

Hottest leakages:

  • 3 or 4GB of RAM
  • Snapdragon 630 chipset

One leaked image supposedly showing the Moto X 2017 lists it as having 3GB of RAM, while an even more present Weibo drip shows 4GB, therefore it’s confusing whether one of these brilliant is incorrect or or perhaps a phone will soon be launched in numerous configurations.

Image 1 of 2

Credit: Jerry Yin

Image 2 of 2

Credit: Weibo/@23Nori

However, while both pictures list a mid-range Snapdragon 625 chipset, we have recently discovered that, in reality, it could be stocked because of the recently-debuted Snapdragon 660. In that case, the latest X is a league over the G show that released in the past month or two.

We have additionally seen that listed, along side 3GB of RAM, in a Geekbench benchmark.

But another leak points to an octa-core Snapdragon 630 chipset with all eight cores clocked at 2.2GHz. This would evidently be combined with 4GB of RAM.

Exactly the same source claims the Moto X4 could have 64GB of storage space and a microSD card slot.

Mention of a 2.2GHz octa-core chipset and 3GB or 4GB of RAM has additionally been spotted in a photograph, shared by Motorola’s formal Iranian distributor.

When it comes to os, the Moto X 2017 will run Android 7 Nougat (more specifically Android 7.1 based on one source), unless Android O is out by then, which we doubt it is. Whatever version it runs is going to be just about stock, as is often just how with Motorola phones.

TechRadar’s simply take: A Snapdragon 630 and 3GB or 4GB of RAM is searching most likely. If only one type of the Moto X 2017 is launched we’d anticipate it will have 4GB of RAM, as otherwise its specifications would be almost identical to those of the Moto G5 Plus.

Moto X4 price

The only real price rumor up to now puts the Moto X4 at roughly $400 (around £305/AU$500) which is reasonable, as based on the leaked specifications we imagine the Moto X 2017 will slot in only above the Moto G5 Plus – but well underneath the Moto Z and Moto Z2. It’ll most likely also either be lower-end than or based on the Moto Z Play.

The Moto G5 Plus begins at $229/£249 (around AU$300), therefore expect a somewhat greater price than that, possibly approximately $300/£300/AU$350. Though if it replaces the Moto Z Enjoy in Motorola’s line-up it could price more like $449/£369 (around AU$625).

Samsung’s DJ Koh: here’s why the Note 8 has a smaller battery

Samsung Mobile’s boss Koh Dong-jin sat down or an interview after the Note 8 preorders began yesterday, and answered some pressing tech journalist questions about the new phablet that has a lot riding on its success to erase the negative impression left by its explosive predecessor the Note 7. In-between mentions of the rigorous investigative work that went into determining the exact cause of the Note 7’s battery mishaps, he explained why Samsung took the decision to equip the Note 8 with a smaller battery than its predecessor.

There are some reasons why we can reduce the battery capacity. One of them is the 10-nanometer processor that has enhanced the phone’s power efficiency by 30 percent. Users are also allowed to adjust their battery use based on their smartphone use patterns, which increases battery efficiency overall. Now I can guarantee battery safety. The phone will maintain more than 95 percent of battery capacity even after two years of use.

Color us unconvinced, given the official battery life numbers that Samsung gives for the Note 8 fall a bit short of those it gave for the Note 7 in the video playback (16 hours vs 18 hours) and LTE browsing categories (13 hours vs 14 hours), but we’ll have to put the new Note through our battery benchmark grind to pronounce a final endurance verdict. Other than that, DJ Koh said that they expect the Note 8 to sell more than the 11 million units that the Note 5 racked up, and famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo concurs with his prediction for 11-14 million Note 8 units shipped this year alone.

Half-Life 3’s potential plot posted on line by longtime series journalist Marc Laidlaw

By this time, many people have actually abadndoned the idea we’ll ever see Half-Life 3, the long awaited followup to 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2, however a new plot posted online by longtime show journalist has offered united states a tantalising glimpse of what its tale may have been. 

Composing on Twitter, Marc Laidlaw described the plot outline as “a genderswapped snapshot of a fantasy I’d several years ago” and lots of details of the plot happen changed.

For instance, Gordon Freeman is known as “Gertrude Fremont”, Alyx Vance is named “Alex Vaunt” and the woman dad, “Elly Vaunt”. Even the name for the plot (or ‘fanfic’ as Laidlaw refers to it as) is changed from ‘Episode 3’ to ‘Epistle 3’. 

Just what could have been

The plot summary is worth reading in its entirety, and its own a tantalising glimpse in to the way the game might have taken. 

Unfortunately, it increasingly looks like we may never get to see a third entry in Half-Life saga. A GameInformer investigation posted at the start of 2017 described the difficulties to getting tasks from the ground at Valve, which with the objectives for Half-Life 3 having reached stratospheric levels has meant that tries to work on the game have actually quickly fizzled out. 

It is pity, particularly when Half-Life 2 is widely considered to be one of the best games available, a followup is not likely to ever appear. We are going to only have to be content to dream about exactly what has been. 

Pixel 2 XL to have tiny bezels all around, while Pixel 2 said to stick with older design

Google is rumored to unveil its second generation Pixel phones on October 5th, exactly one year after the launch of the original Pixel, and we already know that the phones will be powered by the yet unannounced Snapdragon 836 system chip, a slightly faster chip than the 835 that is currently found on most Android flagships.

A bezel-less screen expected for the Pixel 2 XL

Interestingly, we now learn that the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL might be very different phones in one important aspect: while leaked pictures of the smaller Pixel 2 show that it will have a large bezel at the top and bottom, the Pixel 2 XL is expected to feature much smaller bezels all-around. Last year, Google partnered with HTC to make both its Pixel and Pixel XL, but what explains this year’s expected difference between the Pixel 2 and the 2 XL is that HTC is said to be making the smaller phone, while LG is allegedly tasked with making the bigger Pixel.

The Pixel 2 XL is said to feature a 5.99-inch 1440p OLED display with a taller, bezel-less screen, while the Pixel 2 is said to have a 4.97-inch 1080p OLED screen with bigger bezels.

Interestingly, the audio jack that Google emphasized so much in marketing for the original Pixel seems to be gone on both phones.

Other key features include dual front speakers on both phones, squeezable displays similar to what we have on the HTC U11, and an always-on display mode.

iPhone 7s Plus bare logic board poses for the camera, A11 chip and Intel modem markings observed

The announcement of the new iPhone models is just around the corner. Despite Apple’s secretive ways, more and more information about the devices is starting to leak out as we draw closer to September. 

An interesting photo was recently uploaded by Benjamin Geskin on Twitter. A quartet of bare logic boards, allegedly made for the iPhone 7s Plus, can be seen on the image shared by the popular concept creator. 
When compared to the logic board of an iPhone 7 Plus (see top image), it is clear that they are more or less the same. The board’s measurements and screw hole placements seem to be identical to the larger 2016 model, which excludes the possibility of it being intended for the smaller 7s. Meanwhile, the alleged premium anniversary iPhone will supposedly have a design that supports an L-shaped two-cell battery pack. 

But how do we know that this isn’t, in fact, a 7 Plus PCB? Well, there’s a “3217” timestamp on the board. This means that it was made in the 32nd week of 2017 or less than a month ago. 

Sadly, the actual chipset and modem aren’t present on the PCB, but these empty pads will likely be occupied by an Apple A11 chip and a Qualcomm or Intel modem. The current assumption is that the A11 processor will be built by TSMC on a 10-nanometer FinFET manufacturing process, which should make it more powerful and less energy consuming than the A10 found on the 2016 iPhones.

Samsung’s heir Lee Jae-yong sentenced to 5 years in prison for bribery and corruption

Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung and would-be heir of the tech empire, was earlier today found guilty of bribery and embezzlement, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Lee was accused of wiring the equivalent of almost $40 million from Samsung subsidiaries to two foundations set up by a confidante of impeached president of South Korea Park Geun-hye.

Previous reports alleged that the money was paid out to win favor from the country’s state pension fund, which supported a merger between two Samsung affiliates in 2015. This was reportedly done in a bid to secure regulatory approval for the merger of two Samsung affiliates in 2015, despite the majority of shareholders in the conglomerate being opposed to the $8 billion merger.

A lawyer for the 49-year old, de-facto heir of the Samsung empire said earlier today that they will appeal against the court’s decision, expressing confidence that the ruling will be overturned.

Lee’s conviction is a blow to the Korean tech empire, whose shares saw a 1 percent drop after the court’s ruling.

source: Reuters