Verizon’s 2017 unlimited plan disease goes into remission, as LTE speeds vs T-Mobile recover

Last year saw unlimited data plans become the norm, and, courtesy of the OpenSignal’s communal methodology, we now have a snapshot of their impact in terms of LTE speed, availability and 3G fallback, for the big four US networks during the whole of 2017.

As you can see in the chart above, there were some notable hiccups when unlimited plans took over, especially at Verizon, as the largest carrier with the most subscribers to weigh on its network. After it followed in T-Mobile’s footsteps, and introduced unlimited plans, the average data consumption immediately increased twofold. That put …

Siri hints that it could score a brand new voice at Apple WWDC ’18

A new rumor claims that Apple’s Siri is about to score a new voice at the upcoming WWDC developer summit in less than two weeks’ time. The origin of this rumor is… none other than Siri herself.

When asked about the anticipated WWDC, Siri drops the rather nonchalant “La la la, Siri is getting a brand new voice!”. The most logical thing to assume here is that Apple could be closely following Google’s footsteps and further broaden the amount of available voices for its smart assistant. Currently, Siri boasts a modest selection of voices and accents – you can have the assistant speak …

LG K30 now available at Amazon as Prime Exclusive at a much lower price

The affordable LG K30 made its debut in the United States early this month at US retailer T-Mobile, but Amazon offers a much better deal if you absolutely want to own this smartphone. Unlike T-Mobile, which sells the smartphone for $225 outright, Amazon offers the LG K30 for just $140.

The fact that it’s available as a Prime Exclusive smartphone is probably the main reason the device is so much cheaper than T-Mobile’s version. It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon is selling the 16GB model, whereas T-Mobile’s model comes with 32GB storage inside.

Also, the LG K30 usually costs $180, …

HTC U12+ briefly shows up on official website, specs and price revealed

If you’ve been wondering what will be the name of HTC’s next flagship smartphone, we’re happy to confirm the top-tier device expected to be introduced very soon is HTC U12+. The handset was recently spotted on the company’s official website, but only briefly as HTC realized it made a blunder and decided to take it down.

But not before the media copy/pasted all the information about its specs and price. Firstly, the HTC U12+ will be available for purchase in China for the equivalent of $920, which is quite a lot considering we’re talking about the Chinese market where smartphones are usually …

Google Photos update adds option to bookmark favorite photos

Google has been working to bring a lot of new features and improvements to the Google Photos app, but there is still a lot that hasn’t even been mentioned by the search giant (bring Folders please).

The last new feature recently introduced by developers is the option to mark photos as favorites by tapping the star-shaped icon that appears above every photo in Google Photos. Then, if you head to the Albums tab, you can view all your favorite photos in just one place.

The new feature is pretty neat and useful, but there are other improvements that Google must definitely add to …

Moto Z3 Play specs and Moto Mods bundles to go with it leaked out

The Moto Z3 Play is one of the smartphones that Motorola hasn’t yet revealed. Despite the fact that we had our fair share of leaks related to the upcoming devices, little is known about the accessories that will be available with the Moto Z3 Play.

Yes, Motorola has decided that the Moto Z3 Play will be fully compatible with the so-called Moto Mods, so we expect the smartphone to be offered in various bundles:

Moto Z “Power” Edition: Bundled Battery Moto Mod;Moto Z “Style” Edition: Bundled Style Shell;Moto Z “Gamepad” Edition: Bundled Gamepad Mod;Moto Z “Projection” Edition: Bundled …

Pre-order Sony’s 10.3-inch Digital Paper e-ink tablet now for $599.99; device launches June 21st

The Sony DPT-CP1 is a 10.3-inch Digital Paper e-ink tablet. With the included stylus (and various stylus tips), you’ll feel like you’re writing on paper. The device has a touchscreen, 16GB of internal storage (11GB available to users) and connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

As you might imagine, battery life is sensational, with a single charge lasting up to one week with Wi-Fi enabled, or as long as three weeks with Wi-Fi disabled. And with the Digital Paper app for iOS and Android, documents and files can be wirelessly transferred between the Digital Paper tablet and a …

NAD recommends that T-Mobile stop calling itself “Best Unlimited Network” in ads

Back in February, we told you that AT&T had filed a complaint against fellow carrier T-Mobile with the National Advertising Division (NAD). The latter is administrated by the Better Business Bureau and is “an investigative unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation.” AT&T was unhappy with some claims that T-Mobile made in some of its advertisements, and today the NAD recommended that T-Mobile stop calling itself the “Best Unlimited Network.”

The NAD checked out claims made by T-Mobile in its ads including “T-Mobile is America’s Best Unlimited …

USB-C to Lightning cable price cut to $19 hints at a change inside the 2018 Apple iPhone box

Apple cut the price of its 1m USB-C to Lightning cable by 24% today. The new price of $19 is a $6 savings from the previous cost of the accessory. The cable allows certain iPhone and iPad units to engage in fast charging. Perhaps it was by design that the new $19 price of the cable matches the price of the USB-A to Lightning cord that is packed inside the boxes containing a brand new iPhone or iPad.
That’s because there is talk that with the new 2018 iPhone models, Apple will replace the current cable that is included in the box to a USB-C to Lightning one. This …

Why Tenchu leaving the shadows will be the best E3 surprise ever

I’ll always remember the design on my Mum’s face on xmas morning, 1998. The turkey was cooking, the current unwrapped, and my brother and I also had just popped Tenchu: Stealth Assassins into our initial PlayStation system.

Then came the bloodstream. Gallons and gallons of polygonal blood. The 18 certificate needs been a giveaway, but in some way the fact of ninja assassinations should have been lost on my Mum as she approached the till at our regional games emporium, rather picturing just how the woman sons’ glowing, cherubim faces would weep with joy upon getting their most-wanted of presents.

Nevertheless when the ninjas leapt through the rooftops, splitting lowly guards in two like meaty Kit-Kats making use of their katanas, Mum must have wondered if it was quite in identical spirit of Christmas since the wintry saccharine cards and carols surrounding us.

From bloodstream spills to Bloodborne

The Tenchu show, first developed by studio Acquire and later by Dark Souls and Bloodborne legends FromSoftware turns twenty this year. Nonetheless it’s been nine years since we’ve seen an entry in to the ninja-stealth-and-slash-em-up show, and that was the risible Shadow Assassins for the Wii.

It’s difficult to put in context precisely how amazing Tenchu appeared to a 10 yr old me dozens of years ago and, up to a somewhat reduced extent, toward industry as a whole. Right here had been a 3D game that put the emphasis on sneaking and tactical preparation (some months ahead of the seminal Metal Gear Solid, it should be noted), all covered up because coolest & most mystical of historic killers, the ninja.

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Occur Feudal-era Japan, the show focussed around ninjas Rikimaru and Ayame, people of this Azuma Ninja clan and servants toward smart Lord Ghoda. You’d travel the land, stamping out corruption, whether that was sliding a blade involving the ribs of a lecherous vendor, or going head to head with a fallen ninja and demonic warriors.

Rikimaru and Ayame possessed a wide array of techniques and tools at their disposal. Rikimaru, the stockier, older, stoic ninja, would use their longer single blade to dice foes to pieces, while slight-but-speedy Ayame would use twin blades to pepper baddies with holes. Each would likewise have access to a growing variety of ninja gadgetry – just like a 16th century James Bond, you’d be rewarded for doing an amount without having to be spotted and using only the gore-tastic stealth kills by getting new stuff like poisoned rice balls, smoke bombs and caltrops.  

While’d certain need them – the Tenchu show ended up being famed because of its brutal trouble amounts, a thing that will be adopted by From computer software for the subsequent Souls titles.

Rushing in to a battle was a sure-fire method to get changed into tooled-up kebab, and having killed meant starting each level from scratch, losing your limited supply of gadgets in the process. The main focus then became on truly knowing enemy patrol routes and, in many cases, avoiding them completely to reach your target.

Striking from shadows yet again?

The Tenchu show would top on the PS2 with 2003’s Wrath of Heaven, before unfortunately slipping into obscurity following a string of so-so sequels and spin offs. It had been in many ways a casino game before its time – 1st name remembered here so fondly also predated the development of analogue sticks with all the original DualShock controller. Therefore it supports badly today, with reasonably clunky motion and dire digital camera swings.

But its impact may be thought anywhere that open degree design, shadows, gadgets and swordplay bond, be it in the Assassin’s Creed series, Hitman or Dishonored.

Therefore Tenchu makes this present year’s E3 2018 video gaming extravaganza therefore potentially exciting. Two decades following the launch for the initial name in series, could we come across Rikimaru and Ayame return?

It’s quite possible – a revival of show is touted for some years now, but a cryptic teaser trailer from FromSoftware eventually year’s Game Awards set tongues wagging.

With concealed tools, gallons of blood and a ye-olde feel toward trailer, some speculated that the trailer, having tagline (or name) or ‘Shadows Die Twice’ could have been the long-awaited Bloodborne 2. 

But this seems not likely – would Sony, the internet protocol address owner for Bloodborne, really allow FromSoftware expose certainly one of its crowning jewels from among its own PlayStation showcases? Unlikely.

Dig just a little deeper, as Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers did, and the proof of a Tenchu revival actions out from the shadows. From the usage of old-fashioned Japanese instruments within the trailer to your existence of a ninja scroll and famed ninja weapon the kunai, it’s all there. Even the Shadows Die Twice line evokes the sneaky nature of those early games.

It’s speculation at this time definitely, and any such thing can occur at E3. But right here’s hoping for the surprise appearance of Tenchu only at that year’s E3 – I’d love to see what Mum would label of those executions in spruced up 4K.

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