Nokia Mobile Gaming Explained


If you’re not familiar with mobile games, you will be soon because this is the next big area of growth expected in the billion dollar gaming market. A mobile game is a computer software game played on a mobile phone. Mobile games are usually downloaded via the mobile operator’s network, but in some cases games are also loaded into the mobile handsets when purchased, or via infrared connection, Bluetooth or memory card. Mobile games are developed using technologies such as DoCoMo’s DoJa, Sun’s J2ME, Qualcomm’s BREW (Binary Runtime for Wireless) or Infusio’s ExEn (Execution Environment). Other platforms are also available, but not as common.

The different platforms

BREW is the more powerful technology, giving, as it does, complete control of the handset and complete access to its functionality. However this unchecked power could be dangerous, and for this reason BREW development process is tailored mainly towards recognised software vendors. While the BREW SDK (Software Development Kit) is freely available, running software on real mobile hardware (as opposed to the provided emulator) requires a digital signature which can only be generated with tools issued by a handful of parties, namely mobile content providers and Qualcomm themselves. Even then, the game will only work on test enabled devices. To be downloadable on regular phones the software must be checked, tested and given approval by Qualcomm via their TRUE BREW Testing programme.

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New Slim Nokia Models Introduced

nokia-phoneLooking back at the past, mobile phones have had a big development and improvement. Gone are the days when people used bulky and large mobile phone devices which in the contrary to its size, only incorporated the basic and simple features. With the technology and trend, mobile phones have become sleek, slim, fashionable and sophisticated.

Mobile phones used to be big and bulky. The functions were just for making and taking calls. Nowadays, you can find lighter mobile phones with multiple features not to mention that the prices are getting down giving the buyers greater deals with the number of uses incorporated on the phone.

One great wonder thin mobile phones have is that with its small and sleek size, the user can actually listen to music, record videos or take pictures. Mobile phones nowadays are more than just a communication device. It’s more of life and excitement.

Why is bulky out? There are a number of reasons for this.

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It’s Time To Upgrade To A New Nokia Phone

nokia-phoneEveryday, we are bombarded with advertisements that somehow seem to have a significant influence on our purchase decisions. I do not mean that they are purposely bad for you have to admit they do give valuable information to the consumers and they encourage healthy competition. It is just that sometimes advertising causes us to make purchases that may be unnecessary as of the moment. A perfect example would be buying a new cellular phone. You have to ponder upon if it is really time to replace your old reliable mobile unit. I know that there are so many new models with the latest features that you would want to have one yourself but you have to consider if you have a valid reason for buying a new model.

I believe that there are valid reasons when it comes to upgrading to a new phone. If your mobile phone cannot function anymore because it got destroyed and you badly need one, then buying a new phone would be a good option. I suggest that if you find your phone malfunctioning, have it checked by a technician to see if it can be fixed for quite often people just throw out good cellular phones when the problem could just easily be corrected. If you tried to have it fixed and it is beyond repair purchasing a new model is a very valid reason.

If you just want to be “in” by having the latest technological gadget it is still justifiable as long as you have the financial capability to support your luxury. The problem occurs when you buy a new mobile phone and you do not have the money for it. Sure, you can charge it to your credit card but if you will just be paying for the exorbitant interest charges without being able to pay for the amount just yet because you do not have the budget, then I suggest that you forego your plan of purchasing a new phone and stick to the old one you have if it is still usable.

I guess the important aspect that you have to consider is that you could still make and receive calls and keep in touch with people. You can do away for the mean time with camera phones or those with MP3 players or PDA features while you do not have the extra money to spend. Learn to be practical.

Electronic Tips Every Nokia User Should Know

nokia-phoneAs a cell phone user, you probably feel overwhelmed with all the changes that are coming about with cell phones. Cell phones are ever changing with new gadgets, services, and phones being released on a continual basis. Below we’ve put together some cell phone facts every user should know. Don’t get caught in a cell phone trap, but become educated before you make your next phone purchase.

Cell Phone Batteries

Every cell phone user occasionally experiences the “race against battery life” on their cell phone. You try to use up every ounce of power there is before recharging. Unfortunately, this can cause many problems with your battery later on. Primarily, it could shorten the life of your battery between charges to the point where you’re charging more than you’re talking!

There are several ways to prolong the life of your cell phone battery. Keep your backlight off unless you know for sure you’ll need it. This might be annoying at first, but it will save battery life. When traveling in areas where there is no coverage or there is only roaming coverage, turn off your cell phone completely. The cell phone uses a lot of battery power while trying to locate a network. In addition, try to limit your conversations on your cell phone. The longer you talk, the more battery power you will use. Also, limit your usage of cell phone games or Internet browsing. These use a lot of battery power even though you’re not actually talking.

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Download Music Onto Your Nokia Phone

nokia-phoneMobile phones have become  an essential gadget for all class of people in almost every region in today’s world. Now, mobile phones not only serve communication purpose, they also take care of entertainment features. Download Fun makes it possible for mobile phone users and other mobile devices to download ring tones, screensavers, and wallpapers over the net.

People want their favourite music on cell phones. So the latest and fastest growing feature available today is downloadable ring tones. There are other downloadable items available on the Internet like Java Games, wallpapers and screen savers but the most popular feature requested is downloadable ring tones. Downloadable ring tones were simply an Engineering student’s good idea.

Ring tone is the sound that a cell phone makes when it’s rings. There are many types of Ring tones available like Polyphonic ring tone, Monophonic ring tones, and the most popular MP3 format. However the new technologies like 3G also bring the music on your mobile cell phone.

Monophonic ring tones are basically one note ringer format which is  not so popular these days. Initially cell phones were only capable of playing monophonic ring tones. Almost all cell phones have their own ring tones. A recent study shows that about Ninety-two percent of cell phone users have downloaded an exclusive ring tone that did not come with their phone. Every person desires to have the latest music on their cell phones. The ring tone industry is growing rapidly.

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