New report highlights just how much Chinese consumers are ditching Apple

  • A new report highlights Apple’s shrinking smartphone market share in China.
  • Huawei, Xiaomi, and other Chinese manufacturers are growing, gobbling up Apple’s share of the world’s largest market.
  • Apple will need to release cheaper phones with more innovative features if it wants to earn its share back.

There have been plenty of reports over the past year about how Apple’s smartphone ambitions in China aren’t going so well. The Cupertino-based company faces stiff competition from Chinese manufacturers including Huawei and Xiaomi.

However, a new report from Reuters highlights just how much Chinese consumers are moving away from buying iPhones.

According to the report, Apple’s Chinese market share dropped from 81.2 percent to 54.6 percent over the past year in the $500 – $800 pricing category. Meanwhile, Huawei’s market share in that same category jumped from 8.8 percent to 26.6 percent, giving a clear indication of where Apple’s market share is going.

“Most Chinese smartphone buyers are not ready to shell out beyond $1,000 for a phone,” said Neil Shah, research director at Counterpoint, referring to the iPhone X line which starts at $1,000 and goes up from there. “This left a gap in the below-$800 segment which Chinese vendors grabbed with both hands.”

Editor’s Pick

It’s not just pricing, though (although even Apple admits that’s a part of it). According to members of the Chinese retail industry, iPhones don’t have the features Chinese consumers want, specifically when it comes to the camera. Even the highest-end iPhone only has two lenses on the rear, for example, and Chinese citizens are flocking to phones with three or more lenses, such as the Huawei P20 Pro and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

He Fan, CEO of Huishoubao, which buys and resells used phones, said, “Huawei’s cameras have become noticeably better than Apple’s in that they suit the tastes of Chinese consumers more.” Fan said that he has seen a shift in the retail market from Apple to Huawei over the past year.

With Apple’s iPhone sales dropping not just in China but worldwide, industry players are starting to feel the heat. A separate Reuters report highlights how Japan Display — one of the world’s top vendors of LCD displays — has factories running at half-capacity due to the low sales of LCD-powered iPhones, such as the iPhone XR.

In order to turn the tide, Apple will need to embrace the Chinese market’s two main focuses: aggressively-priced devices that offer new and innovative features, especially when related to the camera. Otherwise, Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers will eventually boot Apple out of the world’s largest smartphone market.

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The best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

Samsung Galaxy S10e hands on01206

Getting a Samsung Galaxy S10e, or already have one? Like all of today’s phones, it’s a beautiful device but a glass body is also a bit more fragile then legacy materials like plastic. Even though this is the smallest and least expensive member of the Galaxy S10 lineup, you will likely want to protect it from harm against scratches, falls and spills. Here’s a look at the best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases you can currently buy for the phone.

Editor’s note – We will update this post as more Samsung Galaxy S10e cases are released.

Official Leather Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Leather Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

The official leather Samsung Galaxy S10e  cases are not a joke; these are made of real leather and should give owners of the phones a good grip, while also offering a solid amount of protection. These Samsung Galaxy S10e cases come in black, red, gray, green, navy blue, white and yellow colors and cost $49.99 each.

Official Silicone Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Silicone Samsung Galaxy S10 cases

As the name suggests, the official silicone Samsung Galaxy S10e cases are made of a soft-touch silicone which offers good protection and grip features. These cases come in black, blue, navy blue, green, pink, white and yellow covers and cost $29.99 each.

Official Rugged Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

If you want something with a little more protection, the official rugged Samsung Galaxy S10e cases should do the trick. They offer military-grade protection against falls, and also have a built-in kickstand in the back for hands-free video viewing. It’s available in white and blue colors for $34.99.

Official LED and LED Wallet Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

LED Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

These Samsung Galaxy S10e cases let you see LED notifications, like incoming texts, calls, the time and more, on the back cover of your phone. You can even create your own LED notifications for the cases with the built-in icon editor. The LED Wallet cases throw in a slot on the inside front cover to hold a debut or credit cards. The standard LED cases come in white or black colors and are priced at $54.99 and the wallet cases, in black and white colors, are priced at $64.99.

Official S-View Flip Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

S-View Samsung Galaxy S0e cases

These Samsung Galaxy S10e cases let you see and respond to notifications like incoming phone calls, alarms and more even if the case covers the phone’s display, while also offering a solid amount of protection. It comes in black, white, yellow and green colors for $59.99.

Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy S10e

Spigen Neo- best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

Spigen is easily one of the best 3rd party case makers around. The newly redesigned Neo Hybrid takes things up a notch offering a unique waved texture and coming in four unique colors. At $14 it’s pretty affordable, certainly cheaper than what you’ll pay for any of Samsung’s official Galaxy S10e cases.

Buy on Amazon

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen - Best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is the perfect case for showing off your Samsung Galaxy S10e’s beauty. This clear case is designed from flexible TPU, has perfectly fitted cuts for all the ports, and features raised edges that help protect your screen as well. At $12, it’s also super affordable.



Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Unicorn - best samsung galaxy S10e cases

Looking for a case that can take a beating? The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro could be exactly what you’re looking for. With a rugged scratch-resistant plastic body that’s lined with shock-absording TPU, this case is made with durability in mind. There’s also a built-in screen protector, keeping the front safe too. Other extras include a built-in kickstand and a rotating belt clip holster. At $28, it’s not the cheapest case on this list but for a rugged case, it’s really reasonably priced.



Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

If you want to show off the back of your new phone, consider getting this Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e case. It’s made of a transparent flexible material that allows the back colors of the phone to be seen in full. However, the TPU case still offers a lot of protection against any drops, bumps, scrapes or scratches that might happen, and it also has an dot matrix pattern inside that’s made to help prevent water and bubble build up. You can get the Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e case from Amazon for $8.99.

HNHYGETE Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

HNHYGETE Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Here’s another single-layer Samsung Galaxy S10e case from HNHYGETE that has a rather interesting texture on the back. It looks like a couple of folded leather pieces like you might find on a wallet. It might look good next to your leather briefcase. However, this case is actually made of a soft plastic material, with the back texture mainly there for show. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S10e case from HNHYGETE in your choice of black or blue colors via Amazon for $7.81.

Olixar Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Olixar Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Here’s another Galaxy S10e case from Olixar, but this one is from its Armor line of more rugged case designs. It combines an inner flexible TPU material with an outer and harder PC layer that’s designed to help the phone withstand more abuse and higher falls. However, the case is designed to allow for the phone to use wireless charging pads. You can get the Olixar Armor  Galaxy S10e case in three colors (black, blue and gunmetal gray) on Amazon for $19.99.

Olixar Breathable Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Olixar Breathable Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Are you afraid that your phone might overheat if you put a case on it? Then check out yet another of the Samsung Galaxy S10e cases from Olixar, which is designed to be slim and lightweight. More importantly, the breathable mesh design on the back has been constructed so that the phone’s heat can dissipate quickly, so there should be no fear of overheating. You can get this Galaxy S10e case from Olixar in black, blue, red or rose gold colors on Amazon for $12.99.

Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e case

Galaxy S10e cases- Spigen Tough Armor

This is yet another Galaxy S10e case from Spigen, this time from its Tough Armor line. It has a pretty flexible, but still quite sturdy, material that is rated MIL-STD 810G-516.6 for military rugged standards, which means this case will keep the phone safe from drops and falls. However, it still allows wireless charging pads to work with the phone even when the case is still on. It also has a built-in kickstand in the back for hands-free video watching. The Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e case is available on Amazon for $15.99 in black and gunmetal (our favorite), and for $17.99 in graphite gray and rose gold color options.

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S10e case

Galaxy S10e cases - Otterbox

Otterbox is another well-known maker of rugged cases, and it has made a Galaxy 10e case as well in its Commuter series. The case itself has two layers, an internal slipcover and an exterior shell which should keep the phone quite safe in case it encounters any drops, bumps, or other accidents. The case comes in three color choices. The Otterbox Galaxy S10e case is available on Amazon for $39.

Anccer Samsung Galaxy S10e case

The Anccer Galaxy S10e case is a hard shell case that should protect the phone from getting scratched up in the back, but it’s also very slim and won’t cause a huge bulge when you put the phone in your pants pocket. Best of all, it comes in a large variety of colors; Gravel Black, Gravel Green, Smooth Black, Smooth Red, Smooth Blue and Smooth Rose Gold. The price for this case is $11.99; There is also a clear model of this case that sells for just $9.99.

Again, we will be updating this post as more Samsung Galaxy S10e cases are released. Which one of these cases is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10e from

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The best motion controller games on PlayStation VR

PlayStation Move-enabled games on PlayStation VR (PSVR) bring you into the heart of the game and add an extra layer of immersion. Most of the games on PSVR only require you to use a DualShock 4 controller. However, there are a fair few that are either enhanced by using PlayStation Move controllers or require them to play the game at all. Rather than taking away from the experience, Move controllers make playing in VR way more fun. That’s why we’ve collected the best PlayStation VR games that use PlayStation Move controllers for you to check out.

★ Featured favorite

Beat Saber

Our Favorite

Enjoy original songs on the Beat Saber soundtrack while you slice your way through the levels. You have to cut each block in half as they fly into you and the block has to be cut in the direction indicated on the sides. This is one surefire way to get yourself up and active without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can find Beat Saber on the PlayStation Store or, if you’re new to VR, you can buy this PSVR bundle on Amazon that includes two games!

$350 at Amazon

The Blockbuster game


Play with the concept of time and get an idea of what it feels like to be a superhero. In Superhot you have the ability to freeze and slow time so you can take out all of your enemies before their bullets reach you. Use the items around you to help in your endeavors and enjoy the rush of what The Flash must feel like when he’s fighting his own battles.

From $33 at Amazon

Have some fun with it

Job Simulator

This is a game of spectacular nonsense where you can either complete the tasks assigned to you or turn your office into utter chaos. Every aspect of Job Simulator is about exploring and looking for all things you can do… and break. The PlayStation Move controllers give you the ability to reach out and do the exploring with your own arms.

$20 at PlayStation Store

Slay the Dragons

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

It takes some getting used to, but Skyrim VR is one of the only open world games with VR support. It makes use of the PS4’s motion controllers to give you free range of motion in an epic adventure that has you adopting the power of dragons to save the world from certain doom.

$40 at Amazon

Gory and Brutal


DOOM VFR is the same bloody alien-shooting game you know, but with the VFR edition, you can do it from a whole new perspective. The game uses PlayStationVR’s motion controls to enable new strafing and teleportation techniques that make the game more immersive than it already was.

$30 at Amazon

The best flying simulator

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Make all of your dreams come true and experience flight in a VR headset. With graphics this good I’m sure you could forget that you’re in a game if you have a fan blowing on your face while you play. Here you’ll take over the cockpit of a number of planes, fly through the skies, and take out your enemies.

$60 at Amazon


Firewall Zero Hour

Strategic shooters are a bit of a dying breed, but Firewall Zero Hour attempts to bring the genre back with a new twist. With the PlayStation Move gun motion controller, it gives you a

$40 at Amazon

Get started with these amazing titles

There are plenty of games to enjoy playing with a DualShock 4 or an Aim Controller. Plenty of games that simulate shooting a bow and arrow or firing off a gun. If you’re looking for something a little more hands-on and engaging than these titles are perfect for you. That’s why Beat Saber is our featured favorite. It’s a game that allows you to be incredibly active while jamming out to a number of different original songs that will blow your mind. Not just that, but it’s also a game that you can keep coming back to over and over without getting bored.

Save $70 and strap the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch to your wrist

A computer for your wrist.

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Bluetooth smartwatch is $199.99 on Amazon thanks to a price drop down to around $229 and a $28.59 off on-page coupon. Without the coupon and the price drop, the watch has sold regularly for around $270 since last year. We did see the Frontier drop as low as $190 during the Black Friday sales, but this deal is only $10 off that and a unique price.

The Frontier is an upgrade over the Gear S3 Classic, and at this price it’s actually much cheaper. Compared to the Classic, the Frontier adds LTE connectivity and the ability to take voice calls with a built in speakerphone. It also has a different design with larger, textured buttons and a rubberized strap that better fits an active lifestyle. The Gear S3 series gets 4.2 stars based on 2,995 user reviews.

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PUBG Mobile celebrates its first birthday with anniversary rewards and more

pubg mobile android game moto g6

To celebrate PUBG Mobile’s first birthday, Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. today announced a new version of the game that includes several in-game goodies and enhancements.

On the sillier side, the 0.11.5 update lets players hold birthday parties with fireworks on Spawn Island. Players can also find randomly-spawned cakes while playing a match and open collected crates to collect anniversary rewards. Tencent didn’t say what the cakes contain, so you’ll have to play a match to find out.

The new PUBG Mobile update also includes Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus that replaces the Jeep, Dacia, and Mini Bus in Sanhok. Players can also get the G36C rifle, which is only available in Vikendi and replaces the SCAR-L.

Editor’s Pick

Elsewhere, subscription plans will be available starting early April. You have the choice of either a Prime or Prime Plus subscription, both of which include Royale Pass points, crate discounts, and more. Tencent hasn’t yet announced pricing for the Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions.

More significantly, the update slightly changes the Royale Pass. Now in Season 6, the Royale Pass offers more points for weekly challenges and lets you view past rankings of regions and friends.

Version 0.11.5 of PUBG Mobile is now available, though you might not see the update right away on the Play Store.

Become fluent in another language for just $20 with the help of uTalk

uTalk Language Education

It’s never too late to learn a new language. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a business guru, or just enjoy learning new things, uTalk Language Education can help.

Attempting to learn a new language through boring old textbooks isn’t just dull, it’s torture. The uTalk Language app, however, teaches you real, practical vocabulary in the language of your choice in an exciting way. You’ll learn through speaking games, quizzes, and you’ll get to practice your conversation skills.

Get started on your language-learning journey from wherever, whenever.

This program goes way beyond the basic phrases. Plus, rather than learning from robots, you’ll get to learn from native speakers who actually know what they’re talking about.

uTalk’s language programs are available on any browser and any device — from iOS and Android to PC and Kindle. Plus, you’ll get to choose one of over 130 different languages to learn. Get started on your language-learning journey from wherever, whenever.

Usually, a lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education costs $65, but you can get it now for just $20. Hit the button below to find the deal.

The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB.

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Apply now to go to the OnePlus OxygenOS Open Ears Forum in NYC

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

OnePlus regularly holds Open Ears Forums, which are events in which OnePlus fans can directly communicate with OnePlus staff regarding the company’s highly-regarded Android skin, OxygenOS. The next Open Ears Forum will happen in New York City on April 13, 2019.

If you’d like to attend the event, you’ll need to apply. There will only be up to 30 participants invited to the event, so competition is likely to be fierce.

Editor’s Pick

Although OnePlus doesn’t officially limit the applications as such, it does say in its announcement on the matter that it is specifically looking for people from the tri-state area surrounding New York. If you happen to live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or other neighboring states, your chances of acceptance go up.

However, OnePlus fans from anywhere in the United States are welcome to apply to attend the event.

Applying to attend is fairly simple:

  1. Submit your basic details on this five-question form:
  2. Comment on this thread on why you should be picked (you will need a OnePlus account). You can write out your pitch or submit a video if you feel comfortable with that.

OnePlus is accepting applications right now, but the cut-off time is 11:59 PM ET on March 24, 2019. Get your application in as soon as possible, as that cut-off date is this coming Sunday.

If you were able to attend this Open Ears Forum, what suggestions would you give to OnePlus when it comes to OxygenOS? Let us know in the c0mments.

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Best Fitbit trackers and smartwatches (March 2019)

Fitbit, currently one of the most well-known names in the fitness tracking world, has seven different trackers on sale right now. Which of them is the best Fitbit device for you? Should you pick up one of the fashion-forward devices like the Inspire HR or Charge 3, or should you consider a smartwatch device like the Versa or Ionic?


With devices ranging anywhere from $70-$270, there’s certainly a wide range of options from which to choose. So with that said, read on to find out which one is right for you.

UpdatesMarch 2019

This month we removed the Fitbit Alta HR, Flex 2, and Ace from our list to make room for the Fitbit Versa Lite, Inspire, Inspire HR, and Ace 2.

The best Fitbit smartwatch

Fitbit Versa

fitbit versa on hand

If you were underwhelmed by Fitbit’s first smartwatch offering, the Versa might be just the thing for you.

The Fitbit Versa is much better looking and more compact than the Ionic, and it doesn’t cost as much money. Now, that lower price tag will get you fewer features (no GPS, for instance), but that’s the whole point of this smartwatch — the Versa is a smartwatch for everyone.

Don’t miss: Fitbit Versa review | Fitbit Versa vs Ionic

With the addition of quick replies, you can now reply to just about every app notification you receive on your wrist. The Versa also recently received Fitbit’s female health tracking suite, making this a much more powerful health tracker for women.

The Versa also brings Fitbit OS 3.0, 24/7 heart rate tracking, on-screen workouts with Fitbit Coach, over 15 exercise modes, Connected GPS, and swim tracking thanks to its 5ATM rating. There’s also room to store your music, and if you spring for the Special Edition model you’ll have access to Fitbit Pay. It’s not as powerful than the Ionic due to the lack of a built-in GPS, but we think the design of the watch puts it ahead of the pack.

If the Versa is a bit out of your budget, we’d recommend checking out the Fitbit Versa Lite. It’s just about the same thing with no music storage and no altimeter, and with a lower $160 price tag.

Fitbit Ionic

best gps running watches

This is the best Fitbit you can buy if you need something with a GPS. It’s an incredible fitness and sleep tracker, comes with a built-in GPS, allows you to pay for things from your wrist, and it’s water resistant. If you don’t care about smartwatch features and are looking for a high-end Fitbit device, buy the Ionic.

More: Fitbit Ionic review | Best GPS running watches

Just like the Fitbit Versa, the Ionic now has support for quick replies for notifications and female health tracking features.

Software issues aside, the Ionic is one heck of a fitness watch. It’s available now on Amazon and for $269.95, and comes in three different color options.

Best Fitbit fitness trackers

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit’s Charge 3 is the best fitness tracker you can buy for under $150. Its classy, versatile design means it’ll look good in the office and at the gym. It’s also water resistant this time around, and has one of the more accurate wrist-based heart rate sensors we’ve tried on a wearable.

Don’t miss: Fitbit Charge 3 review | Where to buy the Fitbit Charge 3

Elsewhere, the Fitbit Charge 3 offers a great software experience, plenty of smartwatch features, and a battery that can last almost a week on a single charge.

If you don’t need GPS, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a great option.

Fitbit Inspire HR

fitbit inspire hr display brown leather strap on wrist

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a great fitness tracker, health tracker, and sleep tracker. It’s just $100, too!

It’s small and lightweight, supports interchangeable straps, and offers smartphone notifications on your wrist. It might be small, but it doesn’t skimp on the features. The Fitbit Inspire HR offers Connected GPS, a heart rate sensor, as well as five-day battery life.

Also read: Fitbit Inspire HR review: A good fitness tracker at a great price

Think of the Inspire HR as the “Fitbit Charge 3 Lite.” It removes a few notable features like notification history, an altimeter, and a bigger display in order to reach that $100 price point. If you don’t need those things though, the Inspire HR is a fantastic option.

Best budget Fitbit tracker

Fitbit Inspire

black fitbit inspire fitness tracker on wrist Fitbit

At $70, the Fitbit Inspire (non-HR variant) undercuts the Garmin Vivofit 4 by about $10. Aside from lacking a heart rate sensor and goal-based exercises, the Fitbit Inspire isn’t all that much different from the Inspire HR.

That means you get the same great fitness/sleep/health tracking as the pricier model, albeit with a slightly smaller feature set. Full disclosure, we have not reviewed the Fitbit Inspire, though it’s close enough to the Inspire HR that we just had to include it on our list.

What’s more, you can buy a clip accessory for the Inspire, which essentially turns it into a Fitbit Zip-type device. Nice!

Best Fitbit for kids

Fitbit Ace 2

fitbit ace 2 colors

Alongside the Versa Lite and Inspire line, Fitbit also announced the Fitbit Ace 2 — a kid-friendly version of the Inspire fitness trackers made for kids ages 6-14. While the original Fitbit Ace was more of a repackaged Alta HR, the Ace 2 sports a similar design to the Inspire but adds a durable silicone case for protection.

Read more: Best fitness trackers for kids

It has a monochrome display and clock faces with cute animations that help kids see their progress throughout the day. Specifically, it can keep track of steps taken, number of active minutes, sleep quality and duration, and periodic reminders that let kids know when to get up and get moving. It also has handy software features like bedtime reminders and alarms.

It’s swimproof, so kids don’t have to take it off before jumping in the pool, and will last approximately five days on a single charge.

Of course, all Fitbit Ace 2 devices can be managed by parents in the family account settings of the Fitbit app. Parents can also urge kids to participate in family challenges and goal-based achievements.

So there you have it — our guide to the best Fitbit devices! Are we missing something? Have you tried a Fitbit device in the past? If so, what are your experiences? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Oculus Rift S coming to PC this spring for $399

Oculus announced the Oculus Rift S earlier today during GDC 2019. The Rift S is the successor to the original Rift VR headset and joins the Oculus Go in the company’s product line-up.

Arguably the biggest upgrade with the Rift S is its five onboard cameras for inside-out camera tracking. The original Rift relies on an outside-in tracking system, which depends on external cameras to detect glowing lights on the headset and controllers.

The Rift’s tracking system has proven to be reliable, but you need to carefully position external sensors and make sure you have enough room to move around. The Rift S’s tracking system instead relies on computer algorithms, which use information from the cameras to determine the headset and controllers’ locations relative to each other.

Top camera of the Oculus Rift S

That means the Rift S should be easier to set-up relative to the original Rift. Whether the new tracking system means improved or worsened latency and accuracy is a different story, however.

Editor’s Pick

Elsewhere, the Rift S bumps the resolution for each eye from 1,080 x 1,200 to 1,280 x 1,440. The Rift S also switches from OLED to LCD, with the refresh rate dropping from 90hz on the Rift to 80hz.

Other changes include replacing the on-ear headphones of its predecessor with speakers positioned near your ear, a slightly larger field-of-view, no manual adjustment of distance between your eyes (IPD), a PlayStation VR-esque design instead of a flexible strap, and one display instead of two.

The Rift S will sell for $399 when it’s available sometime this spring. Even though PC specification requirements are largely the same as with the original Rift, you might need a faster CPU.

Save $30 on ViewSonic’s 32-inch 1080p monitor

Upgrade your display.

The ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32-inch 1080p frameless IPS monitor is down to $169.99 on Amazon. It sells for a street price of $200 and has only dropped this low once or twice before in its history.

The 32-inch monitor has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The premium IPS panel gives it 178-degree viewing angles. It has Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technology to protect your eyes from fatigue after a long time. The Screen Split function lets you take advantage of all that real estate by giving you multiple viewing windows. Connectivity includes HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA inputs. The monitor comes with a three-year warranty.

See on Amazon