AT&T reports $20 billion tax cuts profit windfall, record low subscriber churn

The $1.5 trillion tax cuts that the government passed last month is beginning to look great for companies like AT&T or Verizon, which had a bunch of deferred taxes on their books. After Verizon announced it can now tack $17 billion in extra profit to its quarterly results, thanks to the new tax law, AT&T came out swinging, and booked $20 billion in Q4.

That’s right, the carrier will be having a windfall, but mostly on paper, as due to the capital-intensive nature of the carrier business, those taxes could have been put off indefinitely anyway. Still, the move to bring …

Galaxy S8 beta testers to get Android Oreo a day earlier, Samsung “doing its best” to release official update

Have you taken part in the Android Oreo beta test program for the Galaxy S8/S8+? If so, Samsung has a little surprise for you. As a token of appreciation, the Korean tech giant will distribute the official Oreo update to beta users one day before the start of the general rollout.
The news comes from a “Beta Notices” notification that was recently sent out to participants. In it, Samsung doesn’t give information on when exactly we should see the Android 8-based Samsung Experience 9.0 land on the 2017 flagship pair. Still, the company says that …

Bandai Namco’s Tekken Mobile release date gets revealed: it’s soon

Bandai Namco has just shared more information about the upcoming release of Tekken Mobile, the iOS/Android version of the beloved fighting game franchise that will have players engage in multiplayer matches against one another in heated… card battles. Yes, you read that absolutely correctly – Bandai Namco has gone the CCG way in the vein of Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and multiple other card games that are popular right now.

The game will be officially launched on Android/iOS in the following locations at the following dates:

February 1st: …

Deal: HTC U11 is now $100 cheaper in the US

Update: The deal is now available throughout the US!
Starting tomorrow, February 1, HTC USA will slash $100 off the price of its U11 flagship smartphone, regardless of color and storage capacity. This means that you’ll be able to buy an HTC U11 64 GB for $549 (instead of $649), and an HTC U11 128 GB for $629 (instead of $729). The deal will be available until February 22, possibly only on HTC’s official website – accessible via the source link below.
Of course, the HTC U11 will soon be 1 year old, and interest for it has waned a bit. Still, …

Some T-Mobile users find their voicemail transcribed on Google’s Phone app

Some T-Mobile users are finding written transcriptions of their voicemail messages produced by Google. These are showing up in the Google Phone app in the visual voicemail tab. One T-Mobile subscriber received a message from Google in his visual voicemail tab. The message read, “See and listen to your messages, without having to call voicemail. Transcripts of your voicemail are provided by Google’s free transcription service.”

It does appear that this feature is just beginning to rollout to T-Mobile subscribers. A few customers of the nation’s third largest carrier who have received the …

Ulefone will show off the T2 Pro at MWC: all-screen front, Helio P70, dual camera

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Ulefone has been known to strive towards building good-looking handsets with respectable hardware specs, and its latest entry is no different. What’s even more exciting about the upcoming Ulefone T2 Pro is that it will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, giving enthusiasts a chance to learn more about it!

But what is the Ulefone T2 Pro …

Android updates to improve with “Google Unified Push”. Developers worried over Android 9 becoming a more restrictive OS

Android has always been synonymous with two things: a very open, highly customizable operating system, which often gets molded in whatever way device manufacturers or developers and users deem fit; and slow updates. Nowever, both of these things might shift a bit in the opposite direction — we might be getting a bit more of a locked-down OS and faster updates once Android 9 P rolls out. According to a couple of reports, at least.

Google Unified Push to improve updates
The first one comes from Android-centric tech blog GoAndroid. It talks of a so-called “Google …

Will you disable Apple’s power management if your older iPhone could shut down? (results)

We asked you last week whether you would take advantage of the new power management toggle Apple promised to introduce, that will let older iPhones perform at their peak, regardless of the shutdown risk, and most of our 1471 respondents said that they will either turn off CPU throttling, or pop up in an Apple store and swap their batteries for new ones at $29 a pop. Just 16% would prefer things as they are – with somewhat slower but more stable older iPhones’ performance, indicating that Apple may have underestimated their users’ need for stability/performance tradeoffs.

Apple …

Interest in Apple’s new iPhones near all-time lows at Verizon, AT&T and Sprint

Armed with quarterly customer survey reports it’s been doing since 2013, research firm Cowen sounds the alarm on iPhone sales going forward, based on its latest Q4 questionnaire. It probed Verizon, AT&T and Sprint customers, in the all-important postpaid cohort, and just 80.5% of iPhone owners there indicate that they will be getting another one when upgrade time comes.

While that kind of interest may sound high, it’s actually among the lowest numbers in the history of Cowen’s surveys, as, just for comparison, curiosity in upgrading to newer iPhones was 87.6% in the previous …

Samsung to Italy: we ‘did not slow down older models with software updates’

Samsung was forced to get into defensive mode again last week, when Italian authorities launched an investigation against it, as well as against Apple, for potentially slowing down older phones in order to force consumers into buying new ones, the so-called “planned obsolescence” in legalese. 

While Apple may have had a perfectly good reason to do it, given that iPhones with older, weaker batteries, may go into shutdown mode at certain peak power demand scenarios, it doesn’t really make sense in the case of Samsung, which sells many millions more of cheaper midrangers and …